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Fine Art Prints of Original Artwork by Suzanne



At the end of this page, you will find a selection of fine art prints of a limited number of Suzanne's original paintings. Each fine art giclée is produced using archival grade materials and scrutinized by a team of printmakers for quality and color correctness. Please note the following:

  • Colors may appear different on your monitor.
  • Mats and frames are not included.
  • Sizes are approximate.
  • Suzanne imbues each print with healing energy customized for you. 
  • If you live outside the US, please contact us before purchasing a print so that we can determine in advance the most economical and expedient shipping method.
  • For your security, PayPal is used as the merchant for processing debit/credit card payments. Note that it is not necessary to have an account with PayPal.

      Original Artwork and Media Coverage

      Suzanne has won 19 awards for her artwork.  Her vintage art website is PaintYoga.com (links below). The e-commerce platform was discontinued, so the website cannot be updated. Consequently, it is best viewed on a personal computer rather than a cell phone. On it, you can read more about Suzanne's background and extensive media coverage she has received:

      Also, Suzanne's PaintYoga.com website shows a large collection of Suzanne's original paintings in a variety of styles and mediums: 

      Contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of her artwork.


      Lee Nelson, who has purchased several prints and original paintings by Suzanne for his luxury resorts in New Zealand, said, "These paintings transmit exactly the essence of Love, Bliss and Shakti. I have shared them with two women in God Consciousness and they concur. The prints are particularly stunning and high quality."

      "Suzanne's paintings are Medicine.  They are masterful and magical." - Anne Melfi

      “I'm really enjoying the first print. Framed up with a simple, but elegant gold frame and an off-white mat, it looks beautiful. Thank you for filling my life with beauty and tranquility!” -P.E.

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