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Phone/Zoom Session

 If you would like to be put on a waiting list for a one-hour Phone Session with Suzanne, please send a request and include your email, country and phone number. The cost is $295 to $349. If her schedule opens up, we will contact you.

The main benefit of the sessions is the healing work, which you can receive with Suzanne's Distance Healings. Order a Distance Healing by the first of the month and get access to over 50 of her recordings and writings in the Inner Circle Multimedia Library.

The Distance Healings are less expensive and usually can be scheduled in one to three days.
































Suzanne B. Stryker has been the subject of brainwave research and other scientific studies since the 1970s. Her healing and other abilities began in 1961. Although people have reported hundreds of benefits from her Distance Healing and Phone Sessions, she says, “I can’t take credit for anything.”

If you are in a hurry to have a session, or need one on a Sunday, choose Phone/Zoom/Skype Session Expedited After Hours. Otherwise, you will save if you choose Phone/Zoom/Skype Session Regular Hours.

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