Phone/Zoom/Skype Session Expedited After Hours*

Phone/Zoom/Skype Session Expedited After Hours*

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*You may need to repeatedly advance the calendar to the next month. If you can't find a suitable time or need technical assistance, please contact us
Your private consultation with Suzanne is spontaneously customized for what is best for you at that time. It can include powerful healings, coaching and her unique Karmic Transformations. Your session can address issues ranging from addiction to dharma. You don't need to decide in advance, but here are some of the things that can be included in your session:

Reveal Wisdom
Unfold innate wisdom of body, mind and heart

Transform bad karma, negativity and obstacles

Ideal habits and routine
Freedom from fear
Harmonious behavior and relationships

Spiritual Coaching
Dharma, true calling
Cosmic power tools
The truth about awakening
Kundalini, crisis management and spiritual growth

Cultivate Intuition
Flow with the power of nature
Make right choices
Save time, money and energy
Unfold your inner guru for inner reliance and guidance

Read what your friends say about the Distance Healings:  


"Thank you so much for all you do, not only for me and my family but everyone you help. You are a true blessing. Our discussions are such a joy for me. I appreciate every morsel of knowledge and grace that you bestow. As I move through the days a little something here and there reminds me of what we discussed and it proves helpful."
Jim Rocca



"Zap! Whatever Suzanne did, something big is going on. I experienced lots of happiness and even work was phenomenally fun. Later I was listening to the radio and every syllable was a wave of bliss. It didn't matter what they were saying. Also I love the personal suggestions she gave me. I have deep admiration for what she is doing in the world and for all the light that is showering me and everyone now. Something verrrrrrrrrrrrry good is happening."
Donald Sosin



"I found Suzanne to be profoundly sensitive, aware and yes, gifted. She's intuitive, insightful and unselfish in the way she deals with those who consult her. I'm delighted that she spent time with me, and I certainly did feel her subtle, healing, loving vibration.""
John Roberts



"Suzanne is very sweet and helpful. I felt my mind moving, wrinkling and purifying several times while we were talking. I'm certain it was due to her Pure Self spontaneously working on me. Keep it up! I really want/need to be perfected more and more. I'm spiritually growing leaps and bounds since she started the Distance Healings and the growth continues with the Distance Healing that she is doing for my family and friends!"
Don Harkey



"After our Phone Session and completing my painting assignment, I am ready to tackle life again. I started out in despair and after an hour I was feeling joy again. She is the real deal. She holds the space with such incredible understanding. And she gave me the tools I need to take my next step. Make an appointment, there will be no disappointment!" 
Donna Catalfomo Howe



"Suzanne was right on the button about me! It felt freeing. I felt myself genuine, real and strong. I have taken her words of wisdom to heart and have felt a weight lifted from me."
Judith Hans-Price



"As Suzanne started speaking, I felt love fill me and the entire room and everywhere else. Her soft words dissipated the pessimism and cynicism that I have been feeling lately. She gave me exactly what I needed. I'm feeling transformed. Thank you!"
Rich Sims



 "I found the session to be very validating and empowering. I have been feeling more confident about moving forward in a new direction."
Kim Lavoie



"Suzanne faithfully supported us during Bob’s healing process with Parkinson’s disease. Suzanne is blessed with a rare gift. She is able to perceive creation at its finest level, where she can direct her attention to help with the mitigation of karma."
Kathy Butler



"I felt like Suzanne has truly seen the real me, which feeds my confidence in my hopes and dreams. I also felt the breaking open of resistance to intimacy, of loving and being loved."
Sallie Morgan



"My session was a great blessing. I felt a bubble of protection around me as I faced the possible death of my daughter. Remaining peaceful inside contributed to a positive outcome. Suzanne's powerful but tender loving care nourished me at just the right moment. Suzanne is a gift to mankind. Many thanks to this sweet lady."
Cindy Burks