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Phone Session Expedited After Hours

Phone Session Expedited After Hours

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Your private session with Suzanne is spontaneously customized for what is best for you at that time and can include powerful healings, karmic transformations and coaching. You don't need to decide in advance but here are some of the things that can be included in your session:

Transformations and insights
Unfold innate wisdom of body, mind and heart

Karmic transformations
Transform negativity and obstacles

Ideal habits and routine
Freedom from fear
Harmonious behavior and relationships
True destiny

Cultivate intuition
Flow with the power of nature
Make right choices
Save time, money and energy

Optional: To make your session more efficient, you can specify any information you think would be helpful for Suzanne in "Add a note to your order" in the checkout process.
By selecting this service, you agree that it should not be relied upon as, nor is it a substitute for medical, psychological, legal, relationship, business or career advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind or nature whatsoever.