If you want to make masks for yourself and others here is a link from the Center for Disease Control.



If you live in Jefferson County and can help cut material, sew masks or donate money, please contact:
Diane Rosenberg


FAIRFIELDERS: per Diane Rosenberg regarding gowns:
JCHC has also requested gowns be sewn so they can reserve their precious supplies of PPE’s in case they have to care for COVID-19 patients. We have been asked to help with this project, too. Masks still remain very important and we definitely need to keep that up. But if there are people who would like to switch for a bit and try sewing some gowns, please contact Barbie Harshberger at 270-706-1111 or email We have packages of precut gowns, 5 to a package, with detailed instructions that can be delivered to you. If we can get a few of our sewers switching to gowns, that would help meet both needs and will be much, much appreciated by JCHC. It’s been estimated that it takes about an hour to make a gown but that will also depend on the speed of each sewer.



If someone wants to contribute, the simplest thing may be to just send me a check and I will put the checks, uncashed, in an envelope until we know what we need. Then we can start using that money to purchase additional supplies once that need arises, likely to occur sooner than later. I will create a spreadsheet that will track this financial information so I know what we have. If we run out of this money, then I’ll let everyone know and put out a widespread plea in the community to fundraise for more. We can reimburse our pick up and delivery people for gas money, too, since they will be driving all over the place. Whatever is not used will be returned. 

If that sounds acceptable to you, please write a check payable to Diane Rosenberg and send to 302 West Adams Avenue, Fairfield, IA 52556. 


There is a good Facebook page set up by Lisa Mack Cohen where people are connecting about supplies, what they are doing, etc. I strongly recommend you joining that group here: