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 Work with Suzanne 

Job position general description:

  • Office manager doing computer work such as handling orders and emails
  • Work is part-time from home using your own PC
  • Flexible hours
  • Pay depends on experience
  • Bonus may include Distance Healings by Suzanne

Basic skills needed:

  • Good with details, organizing and following checklists
  • Process new orders according to checklist 
  • Proficient in using Word and emailing with Outlook
  • Proficient in English and writing with proper grammar

Familiarity with these additional skills are a plus and we can provide some training: 

  • Outlook: search, create and edit emails and drafts
  • Word: edit text, track changes, add comments, mail merge 
  • Excel: sort, alphabetize, move and delete fields
  • Google Calendar: add, delete and edit events, including recurring
  • One Drive: add, move and search folders and Word documents
  • Shopify: search, add and edit customer records and pages

If interested in working with Suzanne, please fill out this contact form and include details of your experience with the above mentioned skills.