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One Distance Healing for an Urgent or Special Occasion


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    Example: Ideal health for my friend, Wanda Wonder.

    Do not worry if you forget something or do not include every detail. Even if you do not specify anything, the Distance Healing will automatically address what needs to be covered and provide what is best at that time.

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One Distance Healing for an Urgent or Special Occasion

  • Offers potent and concentrated support for urgent or important situations.
  • Is an ideal gift to give to yourself, loved ones, enemies, coworkers or pets. Even if you do not inform others of your gift, the benefit will be there.
  •  Can focus on any area of concern, such as a crisis at home or at work.
  • Adds support for surgery or other sudden health, relationship or legal challenges.
  • Can focus on a disaster area, place of conflict or war zone. 
  • Is a great boost for a special occasion, such as a birthday, wedding, graduation, memorial or anniversary.
  • Sets a positive tone for a new beginning, such as a new job, school, business or relationship.
  • Helps with transitions. It can be done for departed people to resolve unfinished business, bless them in their transition and receive blessings and support from them.

When Suzanne Does Your Distance Healing

On the specific date that you chose, Suzanne will personally do your Distance Healing periodically during that day and night for maximum benefit. It does not take any of your time.

Overview of Distance Healings

  • Suzanne's healing and other abilities began in 1962. She has been the subject of brainwave research and other scientific studies since the 1970s. Although people have reported hundreds of benefits from her Distance Healing, she says, “I can’t take credit for anything.”
  • Every Distance Healing includes Karmic Transformations. Karma is one of the main reasons why we experience suffering, addiction and chronic difficulties. Throughout our lives, karma is constantly unfurling. Suzanne's unique Karmic Transformations magnify positive karma. Also, they help neutralize and transform negative karma.
  • On a daily basis we may be exposed to stressful situations and impurities in our environment. The powerful Distance Healings help you maintain balance in a somewhat chaotic and toxic world. Because karma keeps unfolding and we live in stressful times, the ideal situation is to have additional support with ongoing Recurring Distance Healings.
  • Please be aware that you will not receive a report about your specific situation. If you want to talk with Suzanne and get input and individualized recommendations, then you may want to get on the waiting list for a Phone Session.
  • Since each person is different, your experience with Distance Healings will be unique. You may or may not notice anything in particular. Your Distance Healings may come exactly as you wish, or they may come in a different form. Know that universal intelligence knows what is best and automatically does it.

Inner Circle Multimedia Library

If you sign up for Distance Healings by the first of the month, you automatically become part of Suzanne's Inner Circle. During the month of your Distance Healings, you have free access to her Inner Circle Multimedia Library. It has over 50 recordings and writings by Suzanne, and she keeps adding more. The subjects range from kundalini to ancestral karma. Many of Suzanne's talks include powerful healings and activations for different areas of life, such as ideal health, prosperity and inner wisdom. They include Enlivenments for the support of nature, universal intelligence/God and all God's Helpers for greater success and fulfillment. People report they enjoy hearing Suzanne talk about her years with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his comments on her insights and personal experiences of God, pure knowledge and oneness. In some of her talks and writings, Suzanne provides practical tips how to improve sleep, digestion, communication skills and relationships.



"Thank you so much for this gift of love, wisdom, and healing. I had first requested a Distance Healing a couple of months ago for some emotional issues that my son had been struggling with. He has experienced some relief and has begun reaching out for help on his own. Since that time, I have felt that we are connected. Sometimes thoughts of you come to me and I feel your energy and I notice that is one of your scheduled Distance Healing times; there is trust. During those times I just relax and allow the sensation of shifting and radiating energy, as it occurs. I feel I have an active role in my own healing and the healing of all beings, the planet, and beyond. Please know, this message comes unassumingly with all humility to The Divine, from The Divine, Herself."
Diane Adele


 Mitchell Price

 "My health was deteriorating rapidly and Suzanne helped turn that around. I think she saved my life."
Mitchell Price

Jean Tremblay

"For 25 years I ate uncontrollably and I gained 100 pounds, which caused me great misery. I went to eating disorder clinics and support groups and did all the work suggested to no avail. After Suzanne put her attention on this, I haven't had any episodes of binge eating and it's been four months. It's a miracle!"
Jean Tremblay


"I am writing to thank Suzanne for the Distance Healing sessions. Previously, I had pains in my lower stomach/uterus area which have now ceased."
Miah Harris


Catharine Titus 
"Each person has an inherent gift to heal herself and the world. Suzanne Stryker’s gift is to help us see this in ourselves and guide us to self-healing."
Catharine Titus

"Thank you for the Recurring Distance Healings. I feel that I am back on track again. I am doing a better job of accepting people as they are and being compassionate rather than getting upset at them. I also feel like I am more aware of habits that are not serving me and am letting them go for other more balanced, healthy ways of being."
Robert Colangeli 

"Please pass my heartfelt thanks to Suzanne and to all of you on her team. As a family, it has been wonderful to receive Suzanne’s attention. My shoulder mobility has effortlessly improved in this last week, and my son’s Distance Healing just happened to be scheduled for his 16th birthday! We are a pretty harmonious little unit, but asking for and opening to receive Suzanne’s assistance for whatever is needed seems to have given us all a nudge toward a new, even more positive phase. May these benefits become limitless and heal all beings, causing all suffering to cease."

"I have noticed a distinct lifting of my spirits, an enlivening of my life force. I have felt increased optimism and a tangible sense of connection to others. Less 'I, me, mine' and more 'we, us, ours.'  Most notable is an intense deepening of silence during [meditation] program. These experiences have all resulted in a feeling of increased hopefulness. Of course, all of these noticings are very subtle and feel very intimate to me. However, as I have been out for my daily walks, people have been smiling at me and saying hello. As I was walking to meet my daughter for a beautiful spring walk on Sunday, a woman called to me from her second-floor balcony. She said, 'I saw you coming from two blocks away and I had to say hello!' It was so heart-warming, such a joy! It must be the Light! All of these experiences have contributed to a feeling of the lifting of a weight that I had seemed to be carrying when I requested the Distance Healings. I am so grateful for these results, and I look forward to regular healings over the next few months and years."
Suzanne Hooper

"The doctors were very surprised at how quickly my mother's kidneys recovered for a 95-year-old. Her nausea is gone, she's eating well and she's walking well with her walker. She even beat me at Scrabble! I'm very grateful and lucky to know Suzanne."
June Oliver 


"I have no words but thank you from my heart for the Urgent Distance Healing. I feel the light of hope and life again. I was in a dire place. Things didn’t work out as expected, and insomnia was breaking me. Now, to feel peace and hope again is everything. I am very grateful."
Maaike Aarts


"With Suzanne, little by little the miracle happened. I had an inner transformation, thanks to her. Now I know what it means to be calm and optimistic. I have the feeling that whatever happens, even if it is bad, I have that inner strength to face it, that I am never alone. During the sessions with Suzanne, I had profound experiences of emerging into Universal and Infinite love, into Pure Consciousness. And if in some way you have known Suzanne, I can only say one thing. Nature has decided to help you through her."
Dr. Rodica Mardari


"Suzanne is blessed with a rare gift. She is able to perceive creation at its finest level, where she can direct her attention to help with the mitigation of karma."
Bob and Kathy Butler


Donald Sosin Testimonial
"A close relationship of mine that has been filled with grief and shame for several decades has been greatly softened. I feel that the enormous changes that have taken place are a direct result of Suzanne's attention since no other elements have been introduced to my life that would have caused this. Her extraordinary sensitivity to the deepest, subtlest levels of our lives places her among the rarest of healers and caregivers. I am so grateful!"
Donald Sosin


 "Driving 15 mph along a one-lane country road, I spied an orange cone to my right and edged a little to the left onto the rain-softened grass. Suddenly, my car was sliding slowly, inexorably down a steep cliff into a horse pasture. A case of jam sat on the seat beside me, and jars started flying around the car. Clearly, I was about to flip over, or at least get hit by a jar of jam. I screamed twice to mark the occasion. But the car stopped stock still at an 80-degree tilt. I pushed at the passenger door overhead and was able to climb out, completely unharmed. I found that a boulder had caught (and crushed) the driver-side back door (not the driver’s door!) and held the car firmly in place, so it would not roll over. Another boulder at the front wheel kept it from rolling forward. These rocks were like two hands of an angel—or were used by angels as hands. The neighbors gathering to survey the wreckage were amazed that I was alive, not to mention completely unharmed. I believe that it’s thanks to all of Suzanne’s Distance Healings that I’ve been gifting every month to friends and family, that I survived my car karma and rated a natural miracle."
Anne Melfi


"We asked Suzanne to help with a very severe issue that Stella experienced with her kidneys, and we believe that involving Suzanne helped her immensely with that battle. Also, recently, Stella needed emergency surgery to address an ischemic bowel. She was in intense pain, and it could have become life threatening if not fixed quickly. Stella had a very successful surgery. She is healing well in the days after, and we expect her great progress to continue. She was fortunate to have the help of Suzanne and her loved ones."
Vin & Stella C.

Annie Fouilhac
"I appreciate Suzanne's care very much. My pain has eased in my left leg and lower back. I feel much more lightness and gentleness in my life, and I am learning to regulate my activity. Thank you very much."
Annie Fouilhac

"I don't think my life has ever been better. I started getting help from Suzanne almost five years ago for health reasons. I now have regular check-ups a couple times a year. One was just yesterday, and they are all good. I feel a really solid sense of well-being. But my life has improved on so many other levels, especially in the ways that are most important to me. This last year has been very easy for me. Because we couldn't travel, I was able to have a garden for the first time last summer. What a thrill! I am feeling much more inwardly connected to Nature these days and to all the layers of life from the most Divine to the most physical. You know, I kind of feel like a plant in Suzanne's garden! A delightful place to be. So thank you! Thank you, thank you!"
June Oliver

 "Whenever I receive Distance Healings from Suzanne, circumstances come together to support needed growth or bring unexpected improvements in my life. These transformations are a tremendous catalyst to help me create the life I desire."
Michael Koren

"Suzanne gave me several Distance Healings for specified areas of physical discomfort and emotional depression. The immediate benefit was a very noticeable release of stress that left soft ease and comfort in the areas where anxiety and strong tension had been a constant visitor for months on and off before."
Jessica Lahr

"When I decided to come onboard for a few Distance Healing sessions, I was not sure what to expect since I would not be interacting with Suzanne directly. What would be the benefits? Having listened to her Buddha at the Gas Pump interview a few times, I decided it was well worth a try. I felt the benefits of the Distance Healings already after the first session. As I was going about my day, I felt like a perfectly well-oiled machine, as if my engine was “firing on all cylinders.” There was deep peace and silence inside and outside myself. Everything was as it was before (people walking about, activities to take care of at work, etc.) but now was infused with a sense of everything was just where/how it is supposed to be. My usual environment was somehow brighter, as if someone (finally!) figured out that the lights were dimmed all along. I hope many will come across Suzanne's work, the world needs more peaceful people."
Vincent Randy


"I'm writing this note to express my sincere gratitude for what you've done for me. I know you'd say it wasn't you but what comes through you. :)  A couple of weeks ago, I reached out in desperation for a Distance Healing. Michael Speight, my TM mentor, suggested I reach out to you after I told him that I had been hospitalized with acute hepatitis after having contracted COVID. My situation was dire. I think the doctors were puzzled and didn't know what to do. Honestly, I think they thought that I might be dying. I know that I did. 
 "I had my first healing from you the Monday after being discharged. I think I felt it. I had a strange kundalini type experience that night when I went to bed.  The next day, Will, from your staff, emailed me that you'd be giving me consecutive healings on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. By Friday, I was already beginning to feel better. By Sunday, I felt surprisingly better. I saw a GI Specialist on Monday. He remarked that he was surprised at how quickly I turned the corner. I saw my chiropractor/functional doctor on Wednesday. He was floored when he saw me. My skin tone went from highlighter yellow the previous week to almost normal. He shared with me that he thought that I was really close to dying. 
 "Yesterday, I had some repeat blood work done, and it has improved significantly. I'm astonished, really. I feel great. I even have been able to do some light exercise to rebuild the 13 pounds of muscle that I lost.   
"I am beyond grateful to you and the other amazing practitioners and people in my life. With sincere gratitude and love."
Michael Winiarz

"My brother Tony told me that his recent visit to the doctor revealed that his blood sugar level is at peak performance. For years he's had to carefully monitor it to try to keep it steady. And while he's come close at times to a good level, the current report is stellar. He also said he feels especially great, mentally, emotionally and physically, really at the top of his game—strong, energetic, clear and positive. I can't chalk it up to coincidence that this comes after Suzanne's Distance Healings." 
Anne Melfi

"Dear Suzanne, you are a blessing to this world, and I feel honored to have been able to see what is possible—miracles! I am beyond joyful and grateful that Lana is doing really well! She is eating her normal food again since two weeks and also regaining her active personality. She still needs some encouragement with eating, but I see her digestion is coming back online in a good way! It has been a bumpy road for both of us these past few months, after the passing of my beloved father, and I am so grateful to have been feeling the support and the bedrock of your healings. My two fur babies are so loved and very lucky that you have given your loving attention and healing to them. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Maaike Aarts

"I'd like to express my gratitude for your help and loving support on my journey. I recently ordered 40 Distance Healings over three months and then ordered 24 Recurring Distance Healings, and I can certainly say that, since then, things have turned in a much more positive and constructive direction in my life overall."
Erik Visser

"Since my first healing, I have noticed that nature support seems to be stronger in my life. The whole overall arc of my life has taken a turn for the better. For example, I recently landed a job which seems tailor-made for my particular personality and qualities. The whole thing just felt effortless and easy, like they were waiting for me and recognized me when I arrived."
Hamish Davidson

"My mother was feeling very sick with Covid  and has improved significantly! It's a huge relief. Her splitting headache went away, so she slept well last night. She was very worried about getting a stroke. Her fever is also gone! She will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow! We are feeling great reverence and awe because we have no doubt that Suzanne's healing has made a huge difference in my mother's condition, which otherwise might have resulted in a very different situation. Thank you, Suzanne, for your ongoing healing support, for being with us and caring. We appreciate everything you do. We love you so much."
Wenjing Dong

"My mental clarity and access to word retrieval improved markedly with our recent Distance Healing sessions. My husband, whose confusion and inability to access words is pronounced, definitely noticed improvements in his mental clarity, word retrieval and cognitive functioning. On the day he was being treated, he was able to coordinate the various physical, mental and neurological abilities needed to play a chord by himself on his new baritone ukelele for the first time—quite an accomplishment for someone with 20 years of Parkinson’s disease. Mind and body connection! Hurrah! Thank you, Suzanne!"
Bob and Kathy Butler

"Last week we had to put a beautiful cat, Pebbles, up for adoption. We couldn’t keep her, so it was agreed that we would place her in an animal adoption shelter. Later we found out that they sometimes will kill cats which they can’t place. I was worried and asked Suzanne to help. Within a couple of days after Suzanne was on the job, Pebbles was adopted! I appreciate all of the work Suzanne did and was thankful she was there to help." 
Sofia Waters
 "My son was originally scheduled to stay in the hospital for a week after his six-hour surgery but was released yesterday, after only three days. The surgical team remarked that he was recovering amazingly fast. On his release, his surgeon said that this is the fastest release he’s seen from that kind of surgery. My son said that after the operation, he didn’t watch TV or use his computer. Insteadhe focused silently on his body, learning how it works, feeling what needed to be healed and then working on that. He said he learned a lot about himself in the process. Thank you for your healing work. It’s a sweet blessing." 
Jack Redding

  "Dear beloved Suzanne, I had recently requested Distance Healings for my younger sister, as she was suffering from paranoia stemming from PTSD. On the last day of her healings, my father received an unexpected message from her in which she named all three of her siblings and remarked how beautiful we are. until that time, the messages she sent used to be belligerent. It was like a door had opened to her from the inside, and she was able to clear something out of her system. I just want to say that, despite my initial skepticism, my intuition was proven right about the healings you bestow. Thank you from the bottom of my heart with humble pranams and warm gratitude. I will soon be signing up the rest of my family as to enable them to bring their divine potential from behind the illusory veil."
Kay Koshi

 "Thank you, Suzanne, for your healings for the past few years. I feel that my health is better than it was when I was much younger! I asked you to transfer my healings to my brother, Bill, who had lost his son to Parkinson's disease. It's been a month, and I feel like it helped him. I would like for you to use my healings for him for the rest of the year. Thank you for all you are doing to lessen suffering for so many people!"
Martha Craig

"I just arrived in Austin to visit with Michael, my son. He is doing better. He said he started feeling better three days ago, the day you started the healing. He is trying to figure out what brought about the change. I have no doubt it was your healing. The timing was no coincidence. In any case, thank you for your gift. It has worked wonders."
Joshua Matheson

"I bought 13 Distance Healing sessions for my son, who, after years of struggling with his mental health, recently discovered he has ADHD. A month ago, he fell apart, and after receiving , he has found the help he needs and is slowly but surely learning to manage himself. He is calmer and is for the first time talking about self-forgiveness, which is amazing. had seemed impossible a month ago, so I simply wanted to say thank you."
Zeena Shirra

"I have noticed some easing of my life since I signed up for your monthly healings, a subtle sense of greater flow or ease where before the feeling was sort of blocked, without much hope, stuck in the mud. I have made progress on outer levels too, like less compulsive eating. I have noticed more information coming my way about nutrition and have listened to it and then acted on it. I have been losing some weight and looking a little healthier. I continue to desire to eat sugar and carbs, but am trying to take things one day at a time and be conscious and intentional."
Gregg Taylor

"I was in a state of emergency on Saturday evening. My white blood cell count was high, and the doctors couldn't seem to find the source of the infection. I felt much better on Sunday with your Distance Healing. My white blood cell count is normal today. I can’t express how grateful I am for your kindness. Thank you so very much!"
Sandra Griffin

"Suzanne, thank you for your help over the years. Most recently, my friend was struggling with difficult life choices amplified by depression and an over-reliance on questionable online information. She was antagonizing people around her and feeling overwhelmed by work and school. This had been happening for months until I set up your monthly Distance Healings for her. Over the next four months , she became calmer, happier, and more focused, able to complete her work and to make some positive progress in her life. You have wonderful gifts,  and we all benefit from your sharing them."
Lucy Carter

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