Suzanne B. Stryker, founder of Reveal Wisdom

"Suzanne is a catalyst. She is having a positive influence on others and their experiences. Suzanne will cognize the missing roots of the Age of Enlightenment. She should write a book of her experiences. It should be for the whole world."

Great Seer, 1976


Suzanne Stryker background

  • At age nine Suzanne's intuition saved her life and she had her first experience of healing others.
  • In 1969 her clairvoyant and clairaudient experiences were verified.
  • Since 1971 she has regularly experienced unbounded transcendental pure awareness during sleeping, dreaming, and waking states of consciousness. 
  • Since 1972 she has experienced divine perceptions and insights from the level of oneness, unity with all.
  • Since 1973 she has experienced the central switchboard of all possibilities, the home of all the impulses of creative intelligence, pure knowledge. She does not claim to be enlightened or all-knowing, but rather a continual blissful work in progress.
  • For 46 years she has enjoyed doing meditation and yoga every morning and evening, typically for one or two hours. For 11 years she did six and a half hours daily of advanced meditation practices.

Suzanne Stryker having EEG brain waves done

Suzanne with 32 sensors measuring different parts of her brain during an EEG

Since 1972 Suzanne has been the subject of numerous scientific studies

  • Auditory tests showed she detected sounds 1/80 fainter than normal.
  • Suzanne is included in research published in Dr. Farwell's book How Consciousness Commands Matter: The New Scientific Revolution and the Evidence that Anything Is Possible. It shows the direct effect of human consciousness on matter at the quantum mechanical level, previously thought to be impossible.
  •  An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test used to evaluate the electrical activity in the brain. Brain cells communicate with each other through electrical impulses. An EEG tracks and records brain wave patterns. Researchers have been studying Suzanne's brain since 1976. Her EEGs show a high degree of brain wave orderliness, with various types of coherence not usually seen.
  • Researchers were surprised to see high coherence, powerful and harmonious functioning of different parts of the brain, not only when she's meditating but also at all other times as well. They found high coherence not only when she's sitting with her eyes closed but also with her eyes open, standing, doing a variety of complex mental tasks, practicing her self-healing method and even during sleep. 
  • Her brain waves during sleep were hailed as the "EEG of Unity" and published in Sleep, the premier journal of sleep.

    Below are a few graphs of Suzanne's brain waves during different activities. More research and explanations will be posted soon.





    Watch Suzanne's brain waves during different activities