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Suzanne B. Stryker, Founder of Reveal Wisdom


Suzanne B. Stryker photo


Suzanne devotes her life to helping all people, no matter their ideology, religion or culture. She does not take credit for the benefits people receive from her services, but at best serves as a catalyst for enlivening their own innate healing abilities and inner wisdom for the good of all. She gives credit to her teachers and family for all they have given her.

In her new blog, Suzanne will gradually start posting specific experiences never before shared with the general public. In the meantime, the timeline below provides a general overview of her spiritual journey.


  • In 1962 Suzanne's intuition saved her life and she had her first experience of healing others.
  • In 1969 her clairvoyant and clairaudient experiences were verified.
  • Since 1971 she has enjoyed practicing meditation and yoga every morning and evening, typically for one or two hours. For 11 years she spent six and a half hours daily doing advanced meditation practices. 
  • Since 1971 she has regularly experienced unbounded transcendental pure awareness during sleeping, dreaming and waking states of consciousness. 
  • Since 1972 she has experienced divine perceptions and insights from the level of oneness, unity with all.
  • Since 1973 she has experienced the central switchboard of all possibilities, the home of all the impulses of creative intelligence, pure knowledge, Veda. She does not claim to have reached the pinnacle of evolution. She feels she is a continual blissful work in progress. 
  • Since 1974 she has been helping people tap into the vast power, creativity and wisdom of universal intelligence.
  • In 1976 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said, "Suzanne is having a positive influence on other people and their experiences, a catalytic effect. She will cognize the missing roots of the Age of Enlightenment."
  • In 1977 Maharishi said, "Suzanne should write a book of her experiences. it should be for the whole world."
  • In 2006 Maharishi referred to her as a master and said, "… risen to that level of owning the reality on the level of being the reality. Not only owning on the intellectual level but being on the ego level, totality, Brahman." Even so, Suzanne feels that she is an eternal student and that there is no end to learning and improving herself.


Due to her academic achievements, Tulane University supported Suzanne in designing her own unique major program called Interdepartmental Studies in Art and Physics with specialization in studio art and laser holography. She received her BSCI and MSCI with honors from MERU in Switzerland. She was awarded a PhD from MERU after doing postgraduate work in France, Italy, Switzerland, India, and Thailand. She studied art with Emmy award winner Ning Yeh.


Suzanne B. Stryker EEG photo

Suzanne during EEG experiment


Since 1972 Suzanne has been the subject of numerous scientific studies which have been published in premier journals. Research shows she has a direct effect at the quantum mechanical level and is able to influence matter by mere intention. Extensive EEG studies reveal her brain functions in an orderly, powerful and harmonious manner. Researchers conjecture this may explain her phenomenal healing and intuitive capabilities. More.


Celebrity Walter Day created a trading card to honor Suzanne's contributions to humanity.

Suzanne Stryker Walter Day Trading Card

Suzanne has won 19 awards for her art. She has exhibited in national and international shows. Her artwork was included in the collectible hardcover Richeson International Landscapes, a showcase for the best landscape paintings from around the world. Read about extensive media coverage, achievements and view original paintings for sale on her art website PaintYoga.com. Some prints of her artwork are available here.

Besides painting, teaching and writing, Suzanne also loves to swim. She has won 125 awards in regional and international swimming competitions, including the Junior Olympics.


Enjoy hearing about Suzanne's journey, healing work and some of her unusual experiences.

Suzanne has a beautiful rapport with nature. The above video is an example. She asked nature for a sign if she should do an interview and a surprise visitor appears. She captured the unusual footage on an old iPod and edited the entire video on that as well.