Overview of Three Distance Healing Options

Suzanne B. Stryker stands out because of the documented benefits of her services, her extraordinary experiences and the abundant scientific research on her since the 1970s.

Suzanne's Distance Healings provide powerful healings and transformations of negative energies and karma. They help you maintain balance in a toxic world filled with mental, emotional and environmental pollution.

The Distance Healings automatically address whatever needs to be covered for the person who placed the order, unless someone else is specified. It is not necessary, but you may indicate an area of life that needs attention such as health, relationships, career or finances.

By ordering Distance Healings, you automatically become part of Suzanne's Inner Circle. You will have special access to her experiences and reflections, as well as helpful tips and insights. Please be aware that you will not receive a report about your specific situation. If you want to talk with Suzanne and get input and individualized recommendations then make an appointment for a Phone Session

Three options

One Distance Healing for an Urgent or Special Occasion

This extra powerful healing offers the most support for urgent situations, surgeries, new beginnings, special occasions and celebrations.

The other 2 options have the following in common:

  • Distance Healing Packages and Recurring Distance Healing Subscriptions are offered in packages containing several healings. You can split the package anyway you like. Some healings can be for yourself and some can be for your loved ones. You can change who or what the healings are for any time you like. 
  • Because Suzanne's Distance Healings include karmic transformations they help with karma, which is continually unfolding. One of the main reasons why a chronic situation may not resolve itself is because of karma. The ideal situation is to have more continuous support.

Distance Healing Packages 

Compared to One Distance Healing for an Urgent or Special Occasion, the Distance Healing Packages offer substantial savings and flexibility. You can choose from a package of 3, 6, 12, 24 or 48 healings. 

Recurring Distance Healing Subscriptions 

Recurring Distance Healing Subscriptions provide the greatest savings per healing. You can choose from a package of 4, 8, 14 or 24 healings per month. The healings are regularly and automatically done for you so they provide ongoing support. The subscription feature is convenient because it saves you time and effort. You can cancel your subscription yourself at any time or we can cancel it for you.