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Suzanne is devoted to helping all people, no matter their ideology, religion or culture. She does not take credit for the benefits people receive from her services, but merely serves as a catalyst for enlivening their own innate healing abilities and inner wisdom. Since each person is different, results may vary. Your experiences will be unique and may depend on various factors such as your nature and lifestyle.


What your friends are saying

Lynda Ruth
 "The only thing I’ve done differently for my cancer is regular treatments from Suzanne. Over the months, my test results gradually improved to normal. It’s been two years now and I am still cancer-free."
Lynda Ruth

Mitchell Price
 "My health was deteriorating rapidly and Suzanne helped turn that around. I think she saved my life."
Mitchell Price

"I have no words but thank you from my heart for the urgent distance healing. I feel the light of hope and life again. I was in a dire place. Things didn’t work out as expected and insomnia was breaking me. Now, to feel peace and hope again is everything. I am very grateful."
Maaike Aarts

Lina Leimonte
"So grateful to Suzanne for rewiring me, helping me to see karmic blind spots and giving such great support and tips. Her insights prompted me to start really taking care of myself and asking for help from people around me as well as the Divine, my parents and ancestors, celestial beings, and guides."
Lina Leimonte

"I am so grateful for the help with my mother! Anyone who receives Suzanne's attention benefits greatly. If she puts her attention on a rock, she could make it hop!"
Pat Hardigree

Annie Fouilhac
"I appreciate Suzanne's care very much. My pain has eased in my left leg and lower back. I feel much more lightness and gentleness in my life and I am learning to regulate my activity. Thank you very much."
Annie Fouilhac

"My experience during and after the webinar has been outstanding. My energy has been super activated. I shifted into a stronger core. I received valuable insights and was able to transform energy around several things. One of them was my relationship with money. Another was I learned how to improve my relationship with three members of my household. Sleep has been great which is a nice bonus! I continue to enjoy an experience of lightness, watchfulness and non-attachment to all I see. It’s a delightful way of being that allows me to move beyond the small stuff. Deep gratitude to Suzanne for sharing her considerable gift as a facilitator and healer." 
Gail Evans 


"I tried calling my sister Kate a few days after she had Suzanne's Distance Healings, and for the first time in perhaps a year or so, she was able to have a long conversation and her voice was clear and vibrant. Before that, she could barely croak out a short conversation, as she lacked energy and voice for reasons no one could pinpoint. While she has a galaxy of stressors on the body, the enduring loss of voice puzzled the doctors. I believe that Suzanne's Distance Healings played a key role in the relief she found." 
Anne Melfi

 Rochette Gilles
"During the two weeks of Distance Healings, I felt as if a powerful yagya [sacred ceremony] was performed for me."
Rochette Gilles

"I have noticed a distinct lifting of my spirits, an enlivening of my life force. I have felt increased optimism and a tangible sense of connection to others. Less 'I, me, mine' and more 'we, us, ours.'  Most notable is an intense deepening of silence during [meditation] program. These experiences have all resulted in a feeling of increased hopefulness. Of course, all of these noticings are very subtle and feel very intimate to me. However, as I have been out for my daily walks, people have been smiling at me and saying hello. As I was walking to meet my daughter for a beautiful spring walk on Sunday, a woman called to me from her second-floor balcony. She said, 'I saw you coming from two blocks away and I had to say hello!' It was so heart-warming, such a joy! It must be the Light! All of these experiences have contributed to a feeling of the lifting of a weight that I had seemed to be carrying when I requested the Distance Healings. I am so grateful for these results and I look forward to regular healings over the next few months and years."
Suzanne Hooper

"I’m very touched by the attention and concern from Suzanne. I talk to her inside when I feel her presence and she gives me happiness."
Marie France-Graude


"The basal cell carcinoma on my right temple seems to be resolving! I'm doing nothing besides your Distance Healings. It's not completely gone yet, but it is well on its way if the current trend continues." [Note that Suzanne's services are not a replacement for medical treatment. Lee reports that because he's a doctor he can closely monitor his condition.]
Lee Nelson

“I am writing to thank Suzanne for the Distance Healing sessions. Previously, I had pains in my lower stomach/uterus area which have now ceased."
Miah Harris

"There was definitely an energetic shift with Jameella over the last days. She gained some strength and her consciousness is very clear. Thank you for your compassion and care!" 
Werner Pfleger 

“Danni, my pet, had a very swift recovery. When I contacted Suzanne on Sunday for an emergency Distance Healing, her platelet count was zero. Thursday, tests revealed a 381,000 platelet count! Danni is more spritely. Thank you so much for your Divine healing."
Colette Usher

"Suzanne's Distance Healings have been a miracle for Michael. He has been responding very well. He wasn't even able to lift himself up and now he can. This helps me, because I have a bad back. So my back is starting to heal! His pain level has gone from 10 to 5/6. His mind is a bit clearer too, so he can be more engaged in life. We are looking forward to more miracles! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Evelyn Perricone


"I ordered my mother a series of three healings. She didn’t know about it, but when I talked to her she said she felt more energetic and uplifted but didn’t know why."
Sam Campbell

"Two months ago, I ordered a Distance Healing from Suzanne because I was feeling very weak. Now I feel so much stronger and of course I am very happy about that. Something else has been noticed very clearly--great support of nature. Whenever I need something, someone gives it to me before I ask. Problems that arise are being solved almost by themselves. I feel I am constantly being led by an unseen hand. My long-time dream has come true this month, which is another great support of nature. My book is being published! The title is 'Unlimited Possibilities' and of course it has to do with Maharishi and TM."
Birgitta Larsson

"Thanks to Suzanne for all she does, not only for me and my family but everyone she helps. She is a true blessing. Our discussions are such a joy for me. I appreciate every morsel of knowledge and grace that she bestows. As I move through the days a little something here and there reminds me of what we discussed and it proves helpful."
Jim Rocca

"We want to thank Suzanne for her precious help throughout last year. We are all doing well. Thank you deeply."
Lisette Gohier

"I wanted to let you know that yesterday evening late, after several rounds around the neighborhood and it was already getting dark, I found Ramo, sitting in front of the house on the street. I was in tears of relief and gratitude. I am still in awe that he appeared at the house again about half an hour after I got your message that Suzanne had started the Urgent Distance Healing. I want to thank you again from my heart and soul for the healing and support you gave him."
Maaike Aarts

"Zap! Whatever Suzanne did, something big is going on. I experienced lots of happiness and even work was phenomenally fun. Later I was listening to the radio and every syllable was a wave of bliss. It didn't matter what they were saying. Also I love the personal suggestions she gave me. I have deep admiration for what she is doing in the world and for all the light that is showering me and everyone now. Something verrrrrrrrrrrrry good is happening."
Donald Sosin


"I can feel the healings and they are truly amazing! I will look into getting a Recurring Distance Healing Subscription."
Djamila Kika


"I found Suzanne to be profoundly sensitive, aware and yes, gifted. She's intuitive, insightful and unselfish in the way she deals with those who consult her. I'm delighted that she spent time with me, and I certainly did feel her subtle, healing, loving vibration."
John Roberts

"Suzanne is very good at holding space for healing to occur. I felt her calming energy. She is the ONLY one to confirm my feeling of what has been happening to me for a couple of years."
Walt Ingvoldstad

"I highly recommend Suzanne for any kind of healing. It was very relaxing, purifying and uplifting. Opened up my heart." 
Tom Kroupa


“I'm recovering from knee replacement and Suzanne's Distance Healings have helped me for sure. Now I can walk every day for 30 to 40 minutes with my dog, Sally. By the way, I enjoy reading every word in Suzanne's blog posts.”  
Lisette Gohier

"With Suzanne, little by little the miracle happened. I had an inner transformation, thanks to her. Now I know what it means to be calm and optimistic. I have the feeling that whatever happens, even if it is bad, I have that inner strength to face it, that I am never alone. During the sessions with Suzanne, I had profound experiences of emerging into Universal and Infinite love, into Pure Consciousness. And if in some way you have known Suzanne, I can only say one thing. Nature has decided to help you through her.
Rodica Mardari


"Thank you for the beautiful and heartfelt recording. I will practice this as it brings joy to others and myself." 
Paul Chandler

"Suzanne's attention has been so vital for me. I feel cured, I feel Myself, in contentment."
Marie France-Graude

"I received your newsletter today. Thank you so much for all these treasures!! They could not be more timely." 
Suzanne Hooper


"I must express how interesting a month it has been, and I do not believe it is a coincidence that Suzanne’s Distance Healings have also happened this month. In the past, I have often witnessed profound synchronicities between my interests/desires and their manifestation in this world. This past month has presented more profound manifestations than ever before, and they've come with the greatest of ease. I feel that I've made great spiritual strides this month and I am more connected to my Self than I ever have been before. It is also a wonder how I have easily shed poor habits which I knew were holding me back. I have found myself deeply drawn to Vedic literature this month as well, and I have come to finally begin to understand it. I know that I must attribute this personal growth to God, but Suzanne's Distance Healings have happened to coincide with the transition into the greatest I've ever felt. Thank you, from my heart." 
Stephen Siemens

"My granddaughter is 12 days old and just a beauty. She has a smooth countenance and is already alert, watching us and being fascinated with swaying trees. She's so, so happy! Thank you! Suzanne's Distance Healings are not distant. They are quite near and helpful." 
Don Harkey


Jean Tremblay
"For 25 years I ate uncontrollably, and I gained 100 pounds, which caused me great misery. I went to eating disorder clinics and support groups and did all the work suggested to no avail. After Suzanne put her attention on this, I haven't had any episodes of binge eating and it's been four months. It's a miracle!"
Jean Tremblay


"My brother, Tony told me that his recent visit to the doctor revealed that his blood sugar level is at peak performance. For years he's had to carefully monitor it to try to keep it steady. And while he's come close at times to a good level, the current report is stellar. He also said he feels especially great, mentally, emotionally, and physically, really at the top of his game--strong, energetic, clear, and positive. I can't chalk it up to coincidence that this comes after Suzanne's Distance Healings."
Anne Melfi


"This last healing you did yesterday felt like it allowed me to re-cog-nize my own divinity. First by seeing it then by stepping into it and being it. Secondly, that divine experience spontaneously radiated in all directions for everyone and everything. I am the overflowing cup. Radiating divinity to all. I find myself simply resting in that state."
Jim Rocca


"I found the session to be very validating and empowering. I have been feeling more confident about moving forward in a new direction."
Kim Lavoie


"Suzanne faithfully supported us during Bob’s healing process with Parkinson’s disease. Suzanne is blessed with a rare gift. She is able to perceive creation at its finest level, where she can direct her attention to help with the mitigation of karma."
Kathy Butler

After receiving Suzanne’s monthly newsletter: “Wow! What a beautiful experience, Suzanne! Just reading it I can feel the love and consciousness and it uplifts me. I had pain in the right ankle for the last two days. I could hardly walk. Your beautiful experience may explain why that pain disappeared today and also why I had that subtle happiness (bliss) the whole day.”
Gilles Rochette


"Suzanne's presence during my eye surgery was so precious. Several times during the surgery and afterwards I saw a delicate pink and purple light, which will be forever with me. After three days of healing, I suddenly began to SEE like it was the first time! I was watching the “Krishna” of Ramanand Sagar and suddenly Krishna turned to me face to face and began to talk to me, "Cease to be heroic, confronting obstacles in the field of action, just surrender to me!" I was profoundly touched by Krishna’s words melting in my heart. The space around him expanded and the screen became iridescent, the colors exalted. It was so magical.  I turned my head to the right and my eyes fell on a painting of Claude Monet behind a golden lamp. There was a three-dimensional perspective to the landscape and my eyes perceived infinity. I was invited to enter that world and enjoy the beautiful and so soft pink and purple light of the snow around a church. The expansion of my sight was a spatial expression of the expansion of my heart, due to the words of Krishna. The space became filled with tangible pink and purple iridescent light, and I could see the transparency and the purity of open space. I continued to feel the softness and while lying in bed I thought, "that’s peace, infinite peace. "The morning afterwards in the bathroom the sink and the bath were shining with the soft pink-purple iridescent color, and in the kitchen the fire was gorgeous.  Each eye was seeing a different color, keeping its integrity. It's like I’m in a Walt Disney movie with colored glasses, which are my own eyes, fully equipped for the new Age of Enlightenment. The marvel of it all is that the magic is now very normal, and I have forgotten how it was before. I am feeling a vast ocean of contentment and calmness. My desires are subdued. Between my surgeon and Suzanne, I wonder how I will be able to thank them both enough. I’m so grateful to my two angels; one on the physical ground, the other one on the level of divine light."
Marie-France Graude 


"The pain level for Michael's clavicle has decreased significantly. The general infection in his lower legs seems to be reduced, and the infection in his lungs seems to be gone, as he is not coughing anymore. Well done and thank you!"
Evelyn Perricone


"I felt like Suzanne has truly seen the real me, which feeds my confidence in my hopes and dreams. I also felt the breaking open of resistance to intimacy, of loving and being loved."
Sallie Morgan  


  Catharine Titus
"Each person has an inherent gift to heal herself and the world. Suzanne Stryker’s gift is to help us see this in ourselves and guide us to self-healing."
Catharine Titus  


Barry McNickle
“Thank you for the last Distance Healing. It was very encouraging. I have already lost 10 pounds."
Barry McMickle


Alexandra Rodrigues 
"When I purchased Distance Healings from Suzanne it was during a difficult time in my inner journey where I was encountering intense fear of death. I had incessant thoughts of my own death and about worst-case scenarios that could happen with my health. After about the second Distance Healing, I began to notice deep resolution of this issue occurring in my dreams. One night I dreamt that a friend had died, but then she woke up out of her casket and said, “Just kidding!” I woke up laughing and felt deeply healed on this issue. I felt that fear had been transmuted into lighthearted remembrance of my eternal nature. This was just the first of several of these types of "resolution” dreams. My intrusive thoughts stopped and I felt balanced and reconnected with my sense of well-being. I am so grateful to Suzanne for her work and to universal intelligence for helping me find her. "
Alexandra Rodrigues


Cindy Burks
"My session was a great blessing. I felt a bubble of protection around me as I faced the possible death of my daughter. Remaining peaceful inside contributed to a positive outcome. Suzanne's powerful but tender loving care nourished me at just the right moment. Suzanne is a gift to mankind. Many thanks to this sweet lady."
Cindy Burks  


"With Suzanne's suggested ways of doing healing work, I'm able to do so much more in the healing of self and others. I honestly cannot say enough about her assistance. She is a true messenger of the divine."
Jim Rocca


Donald Sosin Testimonial
"A close relationship of mine that has been filled with grief and shame for several decades has been greatly softened. I feel that the enormous changes that have taken place are a direct result of Suzanne's attention since no other elements have been introduced to my life that would have caused this. Her extraordinary sensitivity to the deepest, subtlest levels of our lives places her among the rarest of healers and caregivers. I am so grateful!"
Donald Sosin

"Thank you for my son Christopher. He is recovering from the physical fatigue and pain and he appreciates the intense silence of his program during the two days under your care."
Marie-France Graude


 "Whenever I receive Distance Healings from Suzanne, circumstances come together to support needed growth or bring unexpected improvements in my life. These transformations are a tremendous catalyst to help me create the life I desire."
Michael Koren


"Suzanne is very sweet and helpful. I felt my mind moving, wrinkling and purifying several times while we were talking. I'm certain it was due to her Pure Self spontaneously working on me. Keep it up! I really want/need to be perfected more and more. I'm spiritually growing leaps and bounds since she started the Distance Healings and the growth continues with the Distance Healing that she is doing for my family and friends!"
Don Harkey


"After our Phone Session and completing my painting assignment, I am ready to tackle life again. I started out in despair and after an hour I was feeling joy again. She is the real deal. She holds the space with such incredible understanding. And she gave me the tools I need to take my next step. Make an appointment, there will be no disappointment!"
Donna Catalfomo Howe


"Thank you so much for this gift of love, wisdom, and healing. I had first requested a Distance Healing a couple of months ago for some emotional issues that my son had been struggling with. He has experienced some relief and has begun reaching out for help on his own. Since that time, I have felt that we are connected. Sometimes thoughts of Suzanne come to me and I feel her energy and I notice that is one of her scheduled Distance Healing times; there is trust. During those times I just relax and allow the sensation of shifting and radiating energy, as it occurs. I feel I have an active role in my own healing and the healing of all beings, the planet, and beyond. Please know, this message comes unassumingly with all humility to The Divine, from The Divine, Herself."
Diane Adele

"We have been uncommonly happy these past months, so I’ll credit your attention for that!"
Donald Sosin

"Those special times of the Distance Healings are not a luxury. We can't envision leaving Suzanne's presence and Divine grace."
Marie-France Graude

Janet Evertson

"Thanks. It was a great Distance Healing. I was blown away by the energy. Wow!"
Janet Evertson


"I just talked to my sister Betty, who had Distance Healings from Suzanne. She has long been suffering from lack of energy and multiple allergies due to decades of Lyme disease. After the Distance Healings, she jumped out of bed with great energy, which is very unusual for her. She also received a referral from her doctor to get ozone treatments. Betty tends to resist advice, but now she's following up on it!"
Anne Melfi


Judith Hans-Price Testimonial
"Suzanne was right on the button about me! It felt freeing. I felt myself genuine, real and strong. I have taken her words of wisdom to heart and have felt a weight lifted from me."
Judith Hans-Price

"I don't think my life has ever been better. I started getting help from Suzanne almost five years ago for health reasons. I now have regular check-ups a couple times a year. One was just yesterday, and they are all good. I feel a really solid sense of well-being. But my life has improved on so many other levels, especially in the ways that are most important to me. This last year has been very easy for me. Because we couldn't travel, I was able to have a garden for the first time last summer. What a thrill! I am feeling much more inwardly connected to Nature these days and to all the layers of life from the most Divine to the most physical. You know, I kind of feel like a plant in Suzanne's garden! A delightful place to be. So thank you! Thank you, thank you!"
June Oliver

"Layer upon layer of unfoldment within light. At some point energy came up from the earth up through the chakras which were bathed in light, but each clear chakra was a bubble. The energy rose through them rendering an inaudible tone for each. The sequence continued––energy from earth, through each chakra, delivering a silent tone. The pace continued to accelerate then there was just a rush of that energy flowing unobstructed through the chakras and up and out of the top of my head to the environment. The whole internal subtle body was awake with white light flowing light from earth to heaven. Today during my Transcendental Meditation program that white light flow is now golden sparkling light, vibrant within itself."
Jim Rocca


Lynn Owens
"What a huge help! Perfect timing. Helped smooth everything out and gave me courage to move ahead. Anyone who receives Suzanne's attention benefits greatly. Thank you with love and gratitude."
Lynn Owens


"Your new recordings are great. Blissful, subtle and effective. Right to the point of helping us address and dissolve some of our unconscious habits that subdue our own inner bliss. Also one of Suzanne's more recent recordings opened me up to a level of silence so profound that I cognized the inner subtle mechanics of gratitude--how gratitude, by its very nature, generates the experience of the fulfillment of desire. Thank you."
Kathy and Bob Butler


"Suzanne is love incarnate! I have been feeling very positive with fewer feelings of loneliness than before. I think it is all because of her."
Eirik Vatvedt


"Thank you for the Recurring Distance Healings. I feel that I am back on track again. I am doing a better job of accepting people as they are and being compassionate rather than getting upset at them. I also feel like I am more aware of habits that are not serving me and am letting them go for other more balanced, healthy ways of being."
Robert Colangeli


"When I decided to come onboard for a few Distance Healing sessions, I was not sure what to expect since I would not be interacting with Suzanne directly. What would be the benefits? Having listened to her Buddha at the Gas Pump interview a few times, I decided it was well worth a try. I felt the benefits of the Distance Healings already after the first session. As I was going about my day, I felt like a perfectly well-oiled machine, as if my engine was “firing on all cylinders.” There was deep peace and silence inside and outside myself. Everything was as it was before (people walking about, activities to take care of at work, etc.) but now was infused with a sense of everything being where/how it is supposed to be. My usual environment was somehow brighter, as if someone (finally!) figured out that the lights were dimmed all along. I hope many will come across Suzanne's work. The world needs more peaceful people." 
Vincent Randy

"As Suzanne started speaking, I felt love fill me and the entire room and everywhere else. Her soft words dissipated the pessimism and cynicism that I have been feeling lately. She gave me exactly what I needed. I'm feeling transformed. Thank you!" 
Rich Sims

 June Oliver
"The doctors were very surprised at how quickly my mother's kidneys recovered for a 95-year-old. Her nausea is gone, she's eating well and she's walking well with her walker. She even beat me at Scrabble! I'm very grateful and lucky to know Suzanne."
June Oliver

"After one Distance Healing from Suzanne, I feel amazingly clearer, more focused and more confident. My mind and soul hold more purity and I sense that more of the 'real me' is coming through. There's better decision-making that's causing positive shifts in my actions and outlook. I'm really looking forward to more of Suzanne's Distance Healings. I'm pumped! When she did my first Distance Healing a few weeks ago, I felt that she was right there beside me influencing my thinking and actions for better. The effects of the Absolute moved me towards better thoughts and more positive actions. It was a huge blessing!" 
Don Harkey

"Thank you for sending me a link to the Family Karma recording [as a bonus to people receiving Distance Healings.] Associating with Suzanne is my good fortune or karma!! Thank you for being and giving what you are--Bliss! Stay wonderful and thank you for helping my mother and me to improve our coherence."
Pat Hardigree

“I just want to thank Suzanne for Saturday’s webinar, specifically where she mentions working with 'God’s helpers.' There are so many fine layers of consciousness in the subtle. I wasn’t sure which ones she was/is engaging. While Suzanne described that particular layer, I was/am there. Sweet friends those 'helpers.' I’m sure I don’t have the level of detail she has but I can now touch and be in that 'space' virtually at will. I also love that Suzanne doesn't direct these devatas [God’s helpers] because they already know what’s needed. I met these little guys about two years ago but didn’t know how best to interact with them. Now I do. Do nothing and accomplish everything. Really love this sense of surrender to universal self. Very powerful and whole. I’ve been playing with this. Actually noticing that I’m really never without this layer of self. Nice discovery. [As the Vedic saying goes] 'He who does not know the hymns of the Veda, what can the Vedas do for him.'” 
Jim Rocca

"My emotional life seems to be improving greatly. Major rearrangements are occurring. I seem to feel freer these days. I'm letting go of old issues that were problematic for me. I seem to be happier. Thanks to Suzanne for her great help with this."
Jean Tremblay

G. Straw
"Thank you for everything you do. I really appreciate it. Your talk about karma gives me a more delightful understanding of the phenomenon." 
G. Straw

Frank Jacobs
"It was so good! Thanks for taking care of us and so delicately."
Frank Jacobs

"I felt love and encouragement from Suzanne. Afterwards I felt empowered and more whole as if I had embraced myself for the first time. I feel new freedom to honor myself. I feel brave enough to explore new possibilities in life." 
Judith Hans-Price

"Last week we had to put a beautiful cat, Pebbles, up for adoption. We couldn’t keep her so it was agreed that we would place her in an animal adoption shelter. Later we found out that they sometimes will kill cats which they can’t place. I was worried and asked Suzanne to help. Within a couple of days after Suzanne was on the job, Pebbles was adopted! I appreciate all of the work Suzanne did and was thankful she was there to help." 
Sofia Waters

"Increased clarity helped me to identify and correct the physical basis of a longstanding sleep problem. I have been waking up early feeling properly rested after years of needing to sleep really late and not being able to do anything to change it. Clear insights led me to make another major change with far-reaching beneficial repercussions." 
Michael Koren

"I was fortunate to have the darshan of Suzanne Stryker, someone I knew only by reputation as an artist whose paintings I had admired. I didn't know that she was an intuitive healer who had been blessed with remarkable spiritual experiences."
John Robert

"Thank you for my son Christopher. He is recovering from the physical fatigue and pain and he appreciates the intense silence of his program during the two days under your care."
Marie-France Graude 

 "Seeing Suzanne was like a beautiful sunrise. I enjoyed her wonderful face, full of love. How can one avoid falling in love with her?" 
Eirik Vatvedt

 "Suzanne's paintings are Medicine. They are masterful and magical." 
Anne Melfi

Donald Sosin Testimonial
"Thanks so much. It was a soothing experience. Very inspiring insights about my work came through. You are wonderful. Life is wonderful. All  this is wonderful."  
Donald Sosin

"I am feeling more aware of my divine purpose. Life is really VERY good. Giving Suzanne lots of credit for that. Thanks for the transformations." 
June Oliver 

"Oh my God, Suzanne has opened up a new world for me. Veda on so many levels. Endless! My body life core, the jiva, the dweller within the body was connected to an individualized form of Veda, circling my body with a depth ranging from 6-8 feet around, to 20-25 feet around, slowly moving in a clockwise direction. Within this localized field was the gentle steady drone of sound with multiple pitches, one within the other, rich with sensation touching me deeply. No gaps between the outer range and my inner soul. I was/am so full with Veda. The sound, visual and touch components moved in nice rhythmic waves, thrilling me to the core. Felt I could rest here forever."
Jim Rocca

 Rochette Gilles
"I had an interesting experience. A friend called when one of my Distance Healings was being performed. He was experiencing intense stress and could hardly sleep because of a potentially terrible legal situation in which he could lose his professional license and livelihood. I told him about Suzanne, her Distance Healings and Karmic Transformations. The next day, he wrote me: 'The situation took an avenue I never thought it would take to solve itself. It looks like God intervened. Do you think your Distance Healings could have something to do with it?'"
Rochette Gilles

"My daughter had her baby at home and was in labor only 5 hours, quite short for the first child. Her husband, my wife, two midwives and a doula helped my daughter perfectly in kindness and lots of love. Later, they said that they'd never seen a family work so well together and with them. My daughter is doing so well with the baby. She's matured so much, and has become more thoughtful, patient and independent as Suzanne has been doing the Distance Healings. Thank you so much! Remarkable steps! She's having fewer big swings of high and low, and they're shorter. Lots of growth!" 
Don Harkey

"Here is more evidence of good fortune for my health that may have stemmed from your Distance Healings. After your healings, I was assigned to a new primary care doctor who came up with one simple solution for a host of issues."
Ann Melfi

“We asked Suzanne to help with a very severe issue that Stella experienced with her kidneys, and we believe that involving Suzanne helped her immensely with that battle. Also, recently, Stella needed emergency surgery to address an ischemic bowel. She was in intense pain, and it could have become life threatening if not fixed quickly. Stella had a very successful surgery. She is healing well in the days after, and we expect her great progress to continue.  She was fortunate to have the help of Suzanne and her loved ones.”
Vin & Stella C.

Shivala Morfoisse
"I am so grateful to have discovered Suzanne's Distance Healings.  They are so deep. They're good for the soul, the body and general bliss. They've really made a difference in our lives on both a physical and spiritual level. Thank you so much for your Distance Healings. They're so great that we want to continue every month!"
Shivala-Florence Morfoisse

“Right from the inception of Suzanne's attention on my life, I began to experience inner knowledge of the Self. I recognized my Self and it flowed in silence and love, complete union, no separation anymore! I was One and it was sacred! I experienced purification in my throat and two monstrous tears rolled out on my cheeks in peace. From there on, I began to experience unconditional contentment, for no apparent reason. No more fear of any kind! Now I experience my Self in my life. Now I enjoy my creativity as a flow of joy, in my kitchen, in art, gardening, and aromas of plants on my balcony, etc. Thank you for having been the catalyst for experiencing these simple joys! What a contrast from the despair of today's unknown times. Now I'm not compromising anymore with respect to healthy habits like yoga asanas and am absolutely regular. Now my body expresses a profound mastery in its silence, flexibility and its direct relationship with Consciousness. To prove that I've been cured, I've been able to eat things I have not been able to eat in decades. It has been an amazing reconciliation with my childhood in the Alps where I would eat the innumerable fruits of Mother Nature which Suzanne embodies so perfectly in the human realm!”
Marie France-Graude

"This morning I participated in the Free Global Group Healing session. Thank you. It was a tremendous, glorious experience!"
Laura Lu

You fill every cell in this body

With Your silky soft sweet eternal Presence.
Exquisite vibrations of Divine Love ripple through. 

Bliss is Your essence which You bestow without reservation
Flowing freely and unconditionally like a fountain of Joy and Delight.

Closer than the beat of my heart
You pulsate through Being in Silent perfection.

Gratitude pours from every pore.
I am You! We are One. There is no separation.
© Lee Nelson

"I am grateful to Suzanne for all her help. I realize it was a tall order to give my sister a smooth transition to the afterlife. Thank you." Wayne Webster

"If the rest of the world feels like I do after the latest Global Group Healing Session, it was a success! This last experiment did indeed leave me with a good feeling, and I look forward to your next consciousness get-together."
Michael Brown

 "I felt a sense of being wrapped in a warm blanket with Suzanne’s distance healings." 
Richard Lance

"My close relative who has received Distance Healings from you has been sober for some months. This is wonderful because for many years there has not been sustained sobriety for that long."
Bruce Hornsby

"I was grateful to find Suzanne so understanding and supportive. It gave me a stronger sense of self-referral, understanding that whatever the outcome, there was no sense trying to force myself to do anything. The result was that I not only felt much less stressed but also have had more self-confidence.  I felt an unusual upsurge of energy and happiness and have been productively busy ever since. I have even started working on my book again, only this time I seem to have an understanding that if I just keep going, I will be able to go back later and see how to improve it. This understanding is invaluable. I am going to sign up for more Distance Healings."
 Glenda Pliler

"My daughter is better. I think your Distance Healings have helped a lot.”
Jerome Patterson

"Since my husband and I have been receiving Recurring Distance Healings I’ve noticed that subtle perception has become more pronounced. Recently I had the experience of a blue crystal gem being placed in my head. This evening during Program the gem, and consequently, my physiology began radiating beautiful blue healing and love energy. Your wonderful recording [from the Distance Healing Library] helped me to understand and enjoy this experience. Thank you so very, very much for your loving and generous divine attention to all of us. It is deeply and gratefully appreciated."
Lisa Faber

"For quite some time I had been feeling stuck and my blood pressure had been high. After Suzanne's webinar, I felt lighter, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I had a delightfully productive day and a lovely sense that all was moving forward perfectly. It's the day after the webinar and I'm so happy to report that my blood pressure is significantly lower and I continue to feel freer.”
Olivia Williams

"I am very touched by such beautiful words coming from Suzanne's divinely pure heart filled with Splendor, Love and Light. Thank you for being a shining radiance in our community, blessing us all. I think of Suzanne with awe."
Irmhild Bettenworth

"About four months ago my life was riddled with fear, worry, confusion and eminent danger. After doing Distance Healings each month, now almost everything has been transformed into positive, life supporting events. A very complete transformation! At perhaps the darkest moment, a Phone Session with Suzanne extraordinarily lifted my spirits, as if she spoke from pure knowledge, Veda, and the Vedic laws of nature. As dark as it was, a ray of light pierced into that darkness, like the first and brightest ray of morning sunlight. That was the turning point from which everything was transformed into a beautiful and fulfilling life. Now I am at a maximum vantage point to really give and help others on a very deep level of awakening consciousness, supported with material resources to further raise consciousness to 200% of life. I am so deeply grateful. Thank you again and again and again. What a miracle God has created in divine love!”
Rick Wade

"Wow! My dizziness stopped and did not come back! And I had a deep, restful sleep with no pain. I am impressed with Suzanne’s wisdom and clarity."
Horst Brosowski

  "Please thank Ms. Stryker for being an instrument of Divine Healing. As a result of the Distance Healings, my lymphoma/Lyme disease symptoms are almost completely resolved."
John McLarty

  "I notice more loving thoughts, feelings and behavior coming out of me day by day. Love is extending."
Mahesh Subrahmanyam

"I really enjoyed the call. It was very powerful and yielded very real results! Suzanne is doing really wonderful work and I'm so happy that she is sharing her sublime talents with the world. Thanks so much!"
Deboragh Varnel

"The energetic congestion I was experiencing in my third and fourth chakras dissolved and moved back into a dynamic state which helped open a deeper level of understanding and compassion. It felt like the spin in these two chakras went from kind of clunky and sluggish to smooth and effortless. I look forward to the next call."
Jenny Hwozdek

"I have more peace and ease on an ongoing basis. Suzanne has such purity and a naturally high vibration that brings an initiation of blessings. I am more able to be in a mode of self-care and am able to choose better for well-being. This has been blocked for a long time, but I hope to become very good at this."
Doreen Reid

"The group healing session was beyond phenomenal, uplifting my heart to great, great levels of joy and radiant love that carried throughout my day. Immediately after the session and well throughout the afternoon, I felt nearly overwhelmed with such abundant bubbling bliss. I felt stronger and lighter, as if I could just hop into the sky!" 
Garrett Barnes

"I felt happiness with the suggestions Suzanne made."
Stephan Black

"Thank you so much for the work Suzanne has been doing. So grateful for her work and kindness and love. We’re so lucky to have her in this world!"
John Levitt

"I do generally feel better and I believe that the Distance Healings play a large part in this, though it's such a subtle thing that it's easy to dismiss it as a coincidence. What's not such a subtle thing is my relationship to God in manifest form has very much become lively. And there is more knowingness about important things when I put my attention on them." 
Louis Northcutt

"I am so grateful and feel so blessed to have been present for the webinar last Saturday. It was the finest and highest of gifts. Thank you so much. I had very clear lifting of pain that was quite strong before the healing. I also experienced peacefulness that was very light and deep throughout the webinar. The topics that Suzanne mentioned were very valuable to me in a personal way. Some have been a “theme” in my life for some time. Immediately following the broadcast there were very clear verbal statements advising me about a dilemma that had been causing much pressure for a long time." 
Jessica Roth

  "The various things Suzanne said were so perfect. I experienced ‘I AM Universal Mind.’ Then a torrent of knowledge downloaded into my awareness. It was spectacular. Also, a troublesome negative energy disappeared from my body. Whew, what a difference! Thank you for this Distance Healing and transformative work. Suzanne’s work absolutely assists people in stepping out of the Matrix."
Zhantar Bews Marlen

"Right on target!"
Christopher Florence

"I feel much better physically than I have for a while, and also clear in every way about what was going on with me and what to do with it. A million thanks for helping move me into this new place."
Leo Schulz

"I found the free global peace healing session surprisingly powerful experientially, and later that day found that it had also helped a personal physical problem I had been fretting over for months."
Carrol Hillis

"Very powerful!"
Allen Webster

"My heart feels lighter."
Betty McKinney

"It was everything I needed! I went from feeling 100% great to 1000% great!"
Jonathan Rivera

"I feel more at peace. Suzanne's suggestions totally resonated with truth."
Claude Fergeson

"We really appreciate everything you are doing to create light and health in the world." 
Rick Snyder

"Bingo! How did you know precisely what I needed?"
Kelly Wynn

"The day after my session I was able to step back and see my behavior pattern in a sticky situation, separate myself from it, and see what needed to be done to remedy it. I felt whole, took responsibility for myself, and the air opened up. This was a victory for me in a way I can’t describe, but I feel as though I own more of myself than I did before my session with Suzanne."
Margaret Grimes

"I want to thank you from my heart and soul for the Distance Healings and the Phone Sessions. Your healings have been very important for me. I have felt real reassurance and Suzanne has helped me to direct my being towards opening for healing. New things are arising and I feel my life is going to change for the better. These last 7 years I really went through hell. I am climbing out and Suzanne gave me the first key for this opening. Dear Suzanne, I thank you for your heart, your compassion and your healings and I wish you all the best."
Maaike Aarts

"Can’t stop thinking about what Suzanne said and how good she made me feel. I think she’s doing a great thing!"
Ned Hargrove

"I had very large and painful swellings in my collarbone area on the left side which are diminishing in size. There is a bit of back and forth at times but such a clear improvement in so many ways that has come in a gentle way from purity and love. I hope for continuing lightness and true expression of my Self and life. To remember Suzanne is, in itself, very healing."
Rachel Baron

"Thanks, I really enjoyed it! Suzanne's insights were very accurate. I felt wonderful waves of peace and contentment wash over me. I also felt some of the heavy karma enveloping me being released, leaving me with a much lighter feeling in my body and spirit. I know now what a wonderful gift Suzanne has, having experienced it first-hand!"
Deboragh Varnel

"The suggestions were very practical and easy to apply. I really enjoyed the session and felt it helpful in a big picture way."
Sonya Williams

"During and after my personal session, I experienced expansion in layers, settling down in different parts of the brain, less scattered. I felt peacefulness, power in silence, fullness, wholeness. I felt the presence and support of more 'company' (laws of nature/celestial beings) nearby."
Mark Farrington

"I felt more calm and collected. I felt more quietness and inner light, more sattva. I felt connected with myself and grounded in my truth and strength. It feels blissful to be around Suzanne, like doing extra meditations or attending a yagya (sacred ceremony for evolution)."
Ranjini Sarah Lassnig

"I came to Suzanne at a time when I was feeling really low. When the session was done I felt on top of the world, like a big weight was lifted. I gained clarity in an area where I had been stuck. Since then everyone says how big a smile I have on my face and how delightful I feel. Suzanne made me feel very comfortable and at ease."
Betty Wagner

"It was a joy to talk to Suzanne. I felt a profound stillness inside as during the deepest parts of my meditation program. Very beautiful. I am very grateful."
K. McGregor

"I feel much love and gratitude for Suzanne's Vedic presence in our lives. She is a great gift."
Becky Jacobs

"I feel more peaceful and grounded. Thank you!"
Karen A. Bauer

"Suzanne's attention went deep into my soul and soothed my heart and mind. Her insights stunned me and yet give me hope that someone understands."
A. Durabel

"I felt much appreciation and affirmation from Suzanne. She offered clarity around my health and emotional blocks. Real proactive advice and very sweet!"
Ginny Banks

"I experienced true happiness for the first time in my life and it's still continuing several weeks later. I feel trust, safety and I feel at home. Whatever happens is okay."
Elizabeth McIsaac

"I really enjoyed the message on intention and the power of thought. It returned me to a time when I was prepared to be magic, and took my words, thoughts, and intentions quite seriously." 
Vanessa Holder

"Very suddenly my family's legal problem was solved and harmony restored. The squabble over my trust money is over. This should have been impossible as all forces were combined to overthrow me on this trust issue. Suzanne has brought peace. It was totally unexpected and like magic. Thank you." 
H. Epkat

"Suzanne’s insights were very accurate."
Karen Hall

"I see all as contained within my Self and in this Global Group Healing I was seeing the world from space and watching the healing light up the whole planet."
Michael Speight

"My brother is sooo much better. hard to believe he was at such a low 4 weeks ago. Every wish I articulated for him came true. Thank you Suzanne!"

"Many thanks for inviting me to last month's Gobal Group Healing session. The experience surpassed my expectations. I was moved to tears by its profundity."

“A's surgery was a success. The little tumor was removed easily and she received a one-time chemo treatment. The doctor will see her in three months and will continue seeing her for a 5-year period. We now have some peace of mind. Thank you for your attention and we will keep the Recurring Distance Healings for a while.”  
L. G.

"A couple days ago I needed to start my morning by snaking my toilet. I was successful, it didn't take too long, and clean-up was simple. I walked out of the bathroom feeling invincible! Then I realized that I was truly feeling invincibility, viscerally, in my body. And that I can call it up again when I need it, for difficult things that are in my life now. It was a wonderful thing, a powerful thing, unshakable, coming up from within. Then I saw it as a gift, answering just the need I have been trying to solve. And I enjoyed the sense of humor in how this message was delivered, how deeply I learned from this exact delivery, and how it will stay with me, I'll never lose this. Suzanne has said to be open to help coming from any direction, in any form, and here it is exactly."

A. C.

"I am filled with gratitude for our healing time together earlier today. Thank you for the lovely insights and suggestions--they are both so practical and profound. And I also appreciate the continued healing support!...Also, if I can be of help in any way in the wonderful work you are doing, do not hesitate to reach out." 
S. R.

"On November 8, 2019, I spent several hours in the emergency room with serious premature ventricular contractions, tachycardia and some atrial fibrillation.The premature ventricular contractions were in the danger zone of 24%-–one can die if this were to continue or worsen. It took another several weeks to get the cardiologist appointment and subsequent further testing, which confirmed the initial data. Meanwhile, my heart had given me severe night sweats and other issues, once again indicating nighttime A-Fib runs. This was not good. Then I had a phone session with Suzanne and by the next morning my heart was 98% better, my PVC’s dropped to 1% and my night sweats left and no tachycardia. After two Distance Healing sessions with Suzanne, I have improved again. I am looking forward to future healing sessions."
M. S.

"Thanks so much for your loving attention and healing over the spring and summer! As I think I wrote earlier, the surgery to remove my prostate went flawlessly with no problems. I didn’t even need any serious pain-killers post-op and was able to manage the whole thing with Tylenol. They commented in the recovery room that I was one of the very few patients they have ever seen who woke up from anesthesia smiling! And I attribute that sense of ease through the whole process very much to Suzanne's deep, deep healing influence . Also, there was no evidence of spread at the time of surgery, and there was no evidence of any disease left at 3 months, though we keep monitoring for the year. So all is good, and healing well!"
B. R.

"Our call yesterday was wonderful and this morning I woke up feeling millions of times better! Thank you so much for what you do!"
T. K.

"I am so grateful for the session on Monday. Even though it was for my daughter, I felt the effects nevertheless. I had the same feeling of lightness in the heart as I had in my first session. I was reassured about Maria.
A. G.

"Many thanks to Suzanne! It made a big difference for me. Some things that she mentioned resonated so much with me that I cried. I am so very grateful for her consciousness-based healing and help! This was an excellent transformative Distance Healing session in all its parts." 
S. S.

"I am thankful from the bottom my heart for the advice."
   A. L. 

"Suzanne’s intuitiveness and healing abilities are unmatched. Prior to the consultation, I was depressed with a sense of hopelessness due to medical conditions. During the session, my body felt lighter. I felt each cell of my body being reenergized. The session was wonderfully blissful and productive. I feel stronger, healthier and more positive. As the days go by, my sense of well-being continues to increase."
L. H.

"I received practical follow-up advice that struck a chord within me."
C. M.

"Suzanne was able to quickly put my mind at ease and start the healing process. I have a renewed sense of purpose in life and I feel more balance, light and love inside."
D. R.

"Ed's been transformed. He says of all the people I've contacted, you seem the clearest and most helpful. You really spoke to HIM, and targeted key points. He had some realizations and suggestions that were perfectly in line with my feelings and ideas. It was so cool that they came from his side without my prompting!"
U. M.

"Since I have been getting Suzanne's Distance Healings, I notice more connection to my surroundings, more continuity of call-and-response in my ongoing conversation with the world: joyful and serious play. I notice more synchronicity. Guidance comes in signs that I seem to understand, sometimes after some reflection. To touch on one experience, recently a series of birds came to my attention, and with a little research I learned a bit about their traditional significations. It stirred helpful insights about something I am dealing with now. I am more able to accept from the world what seems to be communication about what is going on in my individual life, instead of thinking that it cannot possibly be so."
A. C.

"Suzanne is a wonderful, evolved soul and a blessing to the people of this community."
R. V.

"My consultation was really truly wonderful!"
R. L.

"Suzanne Stryker is a super LOVE STAR! A big thank you for sharing!" 
K. W.

"I appreciate all of the support I received. YES, YES, YES, YES! I do know and feel deep inside that what Suzanne said is what is best for me."
C. R.

"The pain and sadness went away! My doubts are gone and I feel so happy. THANKS SO MUCH!!! We call it DANKE!"
F. C.

"I am appreciative of what Suzanne is doing." 
B. Y.

"My life hasn't been the same since. I feel as though I have gone from prison into freedom. I wanted this for so long. I can't believe it is happening."
J. T.

"I’m enjoying a more trusting, less fearful relationship with money and accepting the resulting gifts of beauty and connection in my life. I’m also more trusting in general—of myself and of life."
L. T.

"It’s a wonderful thing Suzanne is doing for the health of individuals and for the world. I enjoyed experiencing the silent, powerful energy of the group and of her own coherent consciousness." 
T. D.

"I am feeling this beautiful healing in my heart that has continued these last two days. I feel humbled that I have been graced with such love and compassion. I feel very thankful."
D. S.

"I'm kind of slow to do this kind of thing. I went to a healer before and I didn't get a lot out of it. I had addiction issues that I needed help with and there had been no change. I had a friend urge me to have a consultation with Suzanne. I didn't do it. Part of the reason was that I was thinking that I probably wouldn't get much out of this healer either. Then I met Suzanne and there was something about her that touched me deeply. I wanted to be around her and I knew that I wanted to try a session with her. I tried the first session and nothing happened. Then I had a second session with her. Immediately after that, I was surprised that the addiction issues seemed completely resolved. Months later I feel such a great freedom. I am so thankful."
J. T.

"When I think of Suzanne, and that is a lot, I feel a helpful healing sort of energy."
L. P.

"I always enjoy the Distance Healings, insights and personal stories. I feel amazed to count Suzanne as a friend, to enjoy her love and encouragement."
V. G.

"Since our session 10 days ago, I have noticed increased energy, clarity and useful insights."
D. C.

"What Suzanne said was extremely helpful. Everything she said about me was the perfect thing. Everything rang true—just the right thing at the right time." 
R. V.

"I felt near zero at the beginning and then afterwards felt 100%."
P. L.

"I am so thankful to Suzanne for figuring out what five doctors couldn’t." 
D. P.

"Even though I’m 90, I feel better than I did when I was 80. I give Suzanne credit."
M. K.

"I had a lot of pain and discomfort and my physician thought I had a disease which could be rapidly fatal, so he was giving me very toxic drugs. I was just getting worse. Thanks to Suzanne I’m getting better very quickly!"
R. P.

"Suzanne is a strong, loving presence that made it so effortless to experience my unfettered inner nature. I felt my pains, worries, and fears become totally overwhelmed by the Bliss that she touched in me."
T. U.

"Thanks again for all the love and support. Suzanne is truly beautiful." 
C. S.

"My heart health has improved amazingly and feels quite wonderful. Huge thank you for that!" 
M. S.

"I’m in my eighties and my macular degeneration had progressed to where it seemed like I was looking through dark plastic. Everything was blurry and dark and I could only read very large print. Now, that intense blurriness and darkness is gone and I can read regular print without my reading glasses. My doctor is completely mystified since this disease is supposed to be incurable."
Q. D.

"Suzanne is an exquisite Soul, with a beautiful heart and remarkable perception."
V. A.

"This lady has a lot of love to give and I think that’s the essence of her healing abilities." 
C. B.

"Suzanne inspires ideal relationships—where both parties come together to give to one another, rather than taking. I am thankful that this was enlivened in me."
U. M.

"Really enjoyed my session. The knowledge was profound and confirmed what I've been feeling for a while. There were times when I actually felt a subtle connection with the Divine. Keep up the good work!"
S. R.

"I like what Suzanne is doing and look forward to more sessions!"

"I felt an embracing inclusiveness, a cherishing expansiveness of heart, sinking deeper during the month. I am following the glimmers of intuition more, and am glad."
P. B.

"The immediate effect was fatigue. I wanted to sleep and I felt very tired the whole evening and went to bed early that night. The next day there was a difference in my daily meditation program. It was smoother, deeper and I didn't seem to get those occasional bouts of restlessness that I felt before. And then, maybe two or three days later, I suddenly had this sensation in the heart as if a constricted feeling that I didn't even know was there, had lifted. I am less worried and more able to do what I want to do without worrying about what people think. So thank you loads for your good work. It has been very precious." 
A. A.

"I found yesterday's session very profound. It never ceases to amaze me how effective and useful it is. That is why I never want to miss it. I was feeling very stressed and unhappy, tired and feeling trapped. After the session, I felt like I'd been put back together again. My negative feelings subsided and I breezed through a stressful situation."
M. R.

"Even just one session has given me tremendous inner strength."

"I feel very thankful for an epic Distance Healing yesterday! When a big hulking mountain of physical discomfort and the status quo feels a slight shift within, then you know there's a Major Player at work in your life! When a tangle in the fabric of the universe is released, then Creation Itself breathes the sigh of relief I experienced yesterday."
A. C.

"The session this afternoon did me so much good, like putting balm on my heart. It was extraordinary."
A. N.

"Thank you so much for your loving counsel. I feel inspired and energized."
M. P.

"I think Suzanne is doing God's will." 
W. R.

"All Suzanne’s words are powerful and very intuitive for my daughter. She will use her insights in the years to come. We very much enjoyed the Distance Healing session."
D. R.

"I loved our Distance Healing session and have felt more at peace. I appreciate Suzanne's love and attention. I look forward to talking to her again."

"Many thanks for last Thursday! I am endlessly grateful for Suzanne's presence and insights into our lives."
G. J.

"Thanks sooo much for this lovely, lovely afternoon and all the sweet messages you gave me today!!! It fills my heart and I feel so soothed and comforted with what you told me! Thanks again!"
U. C.

"Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed Suzanne and her experiences. And how much we love her. And how desperately we derive comfort from her presence in our lives. Self-sufficiency is nice, as far as it goes, but having a Vedic Whisperer in our lives is far more reassuring. Without Suzanne, the feeling is we'd be doomed. Too worn down by far to work the kinks out of the Vedic Fabric of our lives."
R. L.

"I cannot believe what is pouring out of me since my meeting with Suzanne. It has been going on for months and the last vestiges of this energy is leaving."
M. J.

"I loved our time together, so precious and deep, nurturing and healing. Suzanne is remarkable, in every way. Exquisitely beautiful." 
C. N.

"Thanks to dear Suzanne, for her joyful and generous heart, for her modesty and greatness, for 'suffering' the hum of the universe while the rest of us live our lives of peaceful, quiet and helpless desperation. Lucky are those of us who had the presence of mind to include a golden parachute in our contracts. That parachute would be dear Suzanne of the Vedas! Whether she is laughing or serious, practical or profound, human, fairy or divine, she is a Wonder! And cute enough to star in her own action hero series!"
A. C.

"I feel extremely appreciative of the astounding session today and it continues to unfold in greater clarity, bliss, healing and Mother Divine. You are a great gift to the planet. With all my heart, I thank you. I dearly love and honor you."
B. W.

"I gained clarity and direction in an area where I had been painfully stuck. I felt true freedom."
V. A.

"I am so thankful for Suzanne’s divine Yagyas and sage advice! She is a precious gem and I adore her!"
D. D.

"I loved the session Suzanne gave me and I appreciate her inquiry which led me to deeper insights within my own healing."
Laura S.

"I was in a state of shock when I came, having just learned a few days ago that I had an advanced stage of cancer. During the session, I felt like I had been in a deep meditation. Blocked energy flowed. It was like I suddenly woke up. I felt balanced and grounded and such a warm, wonderful sense of home. I was so grounded for the next day at the hospital which was extremely challenging. The doubts and fears have been small and the possibilities keep looking brighter. Thank you so much. I would like others that I care about to do this."
A. B.

"A couple days ago I needed to start my morning by snaking my toilet. I was successful, it didn't take too long, and clean-up was simple. I walked out of the bathroom feeling invincible! Then I realized that I was truly feeling invincibility, viscerally, in my body. And that I can call it up again when I need it, for difficult things that are in my life now. It was a wonderful thing, a powerful thing, unshakable, coming up from within. Then I saw it as a gift, answering just the need I have been trying to solve. And I enjoyed the sense of humor in how this message was delivered, how deeply I learned from this exact delivery, and how it will stay with me, I'll never lose this. Suzanne has said to be open to help coming from any direction, in any form, and here it is exactly." 
A. C.

"Suzanne confirmed exactly what I needed to hear."

"The operation was a complete success with no negative occurrences or outcomes in any way for her. Before the surgery the doctors said from what they could diagnose through the CAT scans, ultrasounds, etc., that it could be a very risky and complicated surgery, and that it may even take multiple surgeries over the next few months. After surgery, the surgeon said he was very happily surprised things were not as bad as they had thought. They were able to do everything at once, and he said that she will recover fully with no permanent damage or disabilities. Though he is one of the most talented surgeons in all of Canada, he said that it was one of the most difficult surgeries he had seen, and that she was very lucky. We all know where that 'luck' came from! It was created by the power of Suzanne's love where there is no time or space. And we, all connected, gave her the extra strength, courage and healing power she needed. Suzanne has to take so very very much of the credit for this wonderful, positive and blissful outcome."
C. A.

"Seeing Suzanne was like experiencing wisdom in motion. I felt lighter and brighter."
G. C.

"I am experiencing a scary change in my life and feel grateful that Suzanne saw what was going on. After a few minutes with her, I felt increased energy while also feeling more relaxed and clear about my future." 
W. T.

"Thank you for everything. The best part was that Suzanne verified my own convictions about some of my problems. This gave me more confidence still. I was also energized afterward."
E. B.

 "The Distance Healing session was so soft and powerful, like submerging into an ocean of warmth and intense silence. I felt all the separate parts of myself cementing together in a greater integrated wholeness, and a deep sense of peace and happiness. The love in the room and beyond was palpable, rich and soothing, and I gobbled it up like coconut pudding." 

"The consultation was helpful. It gave me greater confidence. Thanks to Suzanne for sharing her gift."
K. S.

"Deeper peace, silence and loving presence."
T. K. M.

"I’ve had burning and discomfort in my side for a few months and this has caused me concern. Since several weeks ago when Suzanne put her attention on it for a few minutes, it has diminished by 90%!" 
Sheila A.

"Many thanks, Suzanne, for the private session with you. I slept through the whole night without waking once and awoke feeling genuinely happy, fresh and protected, as in a bubble of silence, and not too surprised to feel some real bliss and stability percolating up through the whole morning. This awareness was tested by the intrusion of thoughts of recent social interactions that challenged my state of mind, and I was rewarded by discovering greater ability to turn these around in a more cosmic perspective. Also, I heard sounds which I relate to experiences in temples or similar holy places or events." 
D. W.

"Peace inside. Guidance. Hope and belief that I can accomplish what I need for myself and others. More universal love. Freedom. I felt a great sense that I was understood without having to tell everything I am experiencing. I felt okay not to be perfect in my own eyes. Suzanne has so much love flowing from her. I want my own ability to love that way to grow. I feel less pain. I am no longer worried about my physical condition."

"Suzanne was Sublime! It was like taking a higher vibration bath of boundless bliss. All that remained was the hum of the absolute. I released some significant karmic puzzle blocks that I'd been trying to solve for ages. Other than that, can I have some more?" 

"I had been plagued for years with a chronic health problem and more recently another health issue. Within five minutes after talking with Suzanne, I got a call that there was an opening to see the doctor I've been trying to see. He and two other doctors recommended the surgery you had suggested, so I had it done. Both health problems have cleared up. I haven't felt this good in a long time!" 
C. C

"Since I have been getting Suzanne's Distance Healings, I notice I have more vigor, more vitality across the range of my human experience: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical. My new vitality carries me through the things I am doing, great and small--whether it's making some hot milk or writing a difficult letter--without hesitating or doubting myself. I don't tear down my thoughts of taking action; I feel I have a place in life."
A. C.

"My neck ache, headache and deep fatigue that I had for days went away and was replaced with energy and happiness." 
Barbara T.

"What I got was a sense and vision of a space where the golden filaments of light weave together and form a matrix of high bliss energy, maybe like the fabric you mentioned. I also got that time is a whole, not a destination, and that the journey is best appreciated by not resisting anything and taking it as it comes—by just letting go."
K. L. B.

"When I began writing to address my situation, the words flowing through my hand were clearly from some great, all-knowing power within the Self. They addressed the cosmic purpose and karmic intricacies of my situation, and the divine love being sent for support. This eased the distress in a huge way, and I’m so grateful for this opportunity to quietly heal and move forward."

"I feel a tremendous boost from Suzanne's work."
R. B.

"I am experiencing not just growing intuition but also the courage, that allows the mind to finally let go and trust the inner knowing."

"I felt like deep healing was going on, in so many different ways and directions that it was impossible to know them all, so I just sunk in THAT and thoroughly enjoyed it. Later, many valuable insights dawned."
M. M.

"I got great inner guidance in many areas of my life: health, finances, life purpose and my relationships with others."
N. S.

"On a subtle level, I saw a band of angels in the heavens that sang in wavelike chords of rising and falling harmonies, subsuming all the individual voices into a continuous chorus that continues night and day. On a practical level, I had an idea to help relieve the pain and swelling in my husband's feet. It worked. Some ideas came for my health concerns as well."
K. H.

"I experienced a huge revelation of my place in the universe." 
G. C.

"I perceived a cosmic structure, a cone of consciousness, then there were two cones with their points pointing together and there were very fine threads. There was a sense that I was experiencing something profound and basic to existence."
R. A.

"During the call, I was in a great deal of pain from my recent surgery, yet I experienced light and a wave of love came over me. I was happy that the condition of my body seemed to improve. A positive change happened that continued and has stayed with me since that call a few weeks ago. Progress!"
G. M.



"I had an unusual stomach ache for the past 24 hrs. Suzanne had an intention to correct my stomach problems which delighted and surprised me. After the call my stomach ache was gone. Wow! I definitely enjoyed all Suzanne said. I look forward to our next conversation."
C. L.

"I appreciate all of the work Suzanne has done on me. I think it has contributed greatly to my progress."
S. S.

"Thank you for blessing so many!"
L. S.

"I had an inner voice speak very clearly and lovingly to me, providing answers to my questions. It was followed by the most beautiful color of blue light I have ever seen, followed by sitting in the transcendent Self. Very powerful and healing."
T. B.

"Great call. I noticed my sense of well-being was clearly improved." 
C. S.

 "I felt very alert and there was a deep relaxation within my body, so intimate and full. I experienced the totality of me relaxing. This rarely happens when I am involved with an activity. I felt warm and so very full of myself. It was a very unusual feeling, although I felt more like me than ever. All distractions that weren't me left and I was able to experience just myself. It was the self I was as a little child, really familiar. Very full, very lovely, and I bless you for giving myself to me." 
S. A.

"Suzanne is doing really wonderful work and I'm so happy that she is sharing her sublime talents with the world."
K. H.

"What a blessing Suzanne gives out each time. I still feel it. Great meditation/absorption/ecstasy this morning."
C. M.

"During the call I felt comfortable, free and relaxed. I also was feeling free to expand my thoughts and dreams to other areas of life which may bring other opportunities and unknown possibilities—more freedom of all possibilities. Thanks to Suzanne for her wisdom, love and care for all of us and for the work that she is doing."
C. L.

"This conference call was helpful in a different way from the last. Before, I was a mess, and the turbulence was greatly soothed by that last call. Now, I have almost stabilized fully back to my balance, and so there was not such a contrast from this call. It did give some insights that are useful and turned up some profound reassurances. So I very much appreciate this."
G. D.

"Suzanne is blessed to have this level of consciousness open to her at all times."
R. M.

"This really helps align me to my higher purpose. I get clear answers to my questions so I don't waste so much time and energy on less important things."
M. C.

"Reveal Wisdom holds up to its name; wisdom reveals itself to me during these calls."
A. B.

"Thanks for holding the meetings. Suzanne's warm, enthusiastic welcome to callers made me (and everyone) feel personally welcomed and appreciated, as if the meeting was designed just for each caller. During the first part I felt quiet and settled and I enjoyed the quietness." 
A. D.

"Since I have been getting Suzanne's Distance Healings, I notice more connection to my surroundings, more continuity of call-and-response in my ongoing conversation with the world: joyful and serious play. I notice more synchronicity. Guidance comes in signs that I seem to understand, sometimes after some reflection. To touch on one experience, recently a series of birds came to my attention, and with a little research I learned a bit about their traditional significations. It stirred helpful insights about something I am dealing with now. I am more able to accept from the world what seems to be communication about what is going on in my individual life, instead of thinking that it cannot possibly be so."
A. C.

"It is a blessing, and I have seen myself making real progress, taking more steps (big steps even!) with more clarity and connectedness to my inner guidance."
M. N.

"My experience during the phone call was very deep. Thank you." 
C. B.

"I got insights one after another to various areas of my life."
T. D.

"Answers came quickly to my questions."
R. F.

"Thank you for this work you are doing and for the help you are offering." 
C. D.

"I want to thank you for including me in your phone session this week. I appreciated your insights. I especially enjoyed having the influence of Vedic sounds and Gandharva through you."
M. L.

"Suzanne is right that wording is an awareness of mine. I am a writer and words are powerful for me. I appreciate the courage it takes to present our gifts to the world and to confidently share them with other people. I admire what Suzanne is doing."
N. B.

"I had four questions and got simple, straightforward answers."
R. C.

"For over ten years, I've had some intense and devastating negativity blasting me from a former spouse. I got a surprising solution for how to deal with it that feels right."
B. W.

"I got clear answers." 
R. M.

"Again, the process produced messages of considerable comfort and confirmation that I'm capable of growing in the directions I choose. This helps shore up the spaces inside that have recently been battered by karmic circumstances. The insights move me to resolve the delicate areas by listening more to the inner voice that is the truth, that can be trusted without reservation. I feel bigger in awareness and understanding from this conference call. Bless Suzanne for her work."
D. C.

"I perceived a second type of breath, not limited to my gross breath. It was a very refined breath and not limited to my body. It was energizing and clean. It penetrated, was extremely refined, and universal. I felt I needed to be aware of this subtle breath more for my health and well being. Thank you!" 
P. W.

"I have unusual and cosmic experiences with these sessions! This time, I perceived, on a subtle level, a big dish-like structure in the middle of my head behind my third eye, in the pituitary area. I felt healing and expanding bliss in my pituitary. On the right side, I could see out into the universe. It was expansive and I was drinking it in. There was lots going on in the universe and it was all glowing. On the left side was quietness and darkness."
C. R.

"Suzanne's session was simple yet profound. I asked about dharma and heard it to be the embodiment of Light/Love/Oneness on the planet." 
Y. S.

"Since I have been getting Suzanne's Distance Healings, I notice better health. My body feels more alive in the moment and steadfast in healing ability. As an obvious example, I am having a series of eye treatments and the doctor is very happy that my eye is already responding optimally from the first treatment. I think it is significant that, from my health provider's batch of photos, I chose this doctor by noticing what Suzanne calls "pull," or feeling drawn to someone. She suggests to be aware of that pull and follow it. It helped me choose this doctor. Not only is he an outstanding surgeon, he also communicates clearly and is not in a rush when I have questions. In my health, I also feel a subtler physical coherence, as though my body is itself making moment-to-moment choices, or expressions, in the direction of health instead of entropy--recognizing and going toward light, even somehow creating and being created by that light." 
A. C. 

"I got an answer to a financial question: that I should donate to charity." 
C. N.

"I became clearer on what to do regarding a health concern."

"I saw a King chanting Veda (pure knowledge)." 
M. R.

"It was very healing. It was like a deep healing session." 
P. D.

I felt lots of subtlety, waves of bliss, light. I felt blissful things happening." 
R. Z.

 "Thank you for the powerful session tonight. Full of lots of radiating bliss or shakti. Also I had some deep emotional releases."
T. S.

"Since Suzanne moves as a Force of Nature, she steps softly and the earth trembles beneath her feet." 
D. N.

"Thanks so much. It was very uplifting. Suzanne's superfluid talk is so clear and simple. Very enjoyable. Lots of bliss and expansion." 

Suzanne's healing for my heart improved the functioning of my heart according to the P.A. who looked at my EKG results. He said I didn't need a mechanical valve for my right aortic valve!

"Very blissful call, uplifting. I like all the suggestions about trying out new stuff in art and other areas. Thanks so much. Still feel the expanding bliss."
R. M.

"From resulting clarity, we took a huge step. We had to make a quick decision in just one day about switching treatment plans and surgeons for a risky surgery. We made the switch on our own accord and are so glad we did. No infection, fewer doctor visits and the price was half of what other surgeons were going to charge."

“When I called Suzanne I was in a panic about my health (advanced bone cancer) and life situation, but I could feel that melting away as we talked. Her insights are so clear and full of love. They had the effect of helping me face my difficulties with compassion. Thank you!"
M. A.

"I was so happy after I had a session with Suzanne Stryker. I had been having a lot of trouble with food related issues. It seemed as though no matter what I did I couldn't stop eating. Then after talking to Suzanne something happened and for six months I was easily able to stop overeating. After that something else happened. All of a sudden I discovered that I could sleep much better. I'd had insomnia off and on most of my life. However after I had the session with Suzanne, all of a sudden I could fall asleep in just a few minutes and that had never happened before."
C. L.

"Having Suzanne work on my problems with my parents was a tremendous experience. I discovered that after many years of ruminating, I could let go of a lot of the issues I had."
M. R.

"I learned a lot through my Phone Session with Suzanne. I would highly recommend a Phone Session with Suzanne to anyone."
C. R.

Since I have been getting Suzanne's Distance Healings I notice I have more vigor, more vitality across the range of my human experience: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical. My new vitality carries me through the things I think to do, great and small--whether it's making some hot milk or writing a difficult letter--without hesitating or doubting myself. I don't tear down my thoughts of taking action; I feel I have a place in life.
A. C.



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