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Research on Suzanne


Since 1972 Suzanne Has Been the Subject of Numerous Scientific Studies

In 1993, Larry Farwell, PhD conducted pioneering research on Suzanne and 22 other subjects to see if it was possible to command matter by mere intention. Larry Farwell is a Harvard educated former faculty member and chief scientist of the Human Brain Research Laboratory and inventor of Brain Fingerprinting.

George W. Farwell, PhD, Prof. of Physics, Emeritus, at the University of Washington, collaborated and set up the scientific apparatus, consisting of a small natural alpha-particle source, a solid-state particle detector, amplifiers, a single-channel analyzer and pulse shaper, an oscilloscope, and a computer with digitizer board.

Suzanne had excellent results, showing she had a direct effect at the quantum mechanical level and was able to influence matter by mere intention. What was previously thought to be impossible was not only observed but also recorded.

The group research had results 250 times greater than that required for statistical significance (p < 0.0002). The findings were published in 1995 in "Quantum-Mechanical Processes and Consciousness," in the Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 40, 2, 956-57 and presented at the American Physical Society Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, April, 1995.

CBS Evening News, ABC World News, CNN Headline News, Discovery Channel, The New York Times, The Washington Post and US News and World Report have featured Dr. Larry Farwell and his discoveries.


Dr. Farwell explains how we can command matter as well as details of his experiments in his book, How Consciousness Commands Matter: The New Scientific Revolution and the Evidence that Anything Is Possible.



    Brain Wave Research

    Suzanne Stryker having EEG brain waves done

    EEG measuring 32 areas of Suzanne's brain

    An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test used to evaluate the electrical activity in the brain. Brain cells communicate with each other through electrical impulses. An EEG tracks and records brain wave patterns.


    Average person incoherent brain waves

    Above is what an EEG for the average person looks like. Each line represents output from a sensor placed on the scalp. The EEG patterns are mostly disorderly and scattered.


    The Psychophysiology Laboratory of the Center for the Study of Higher States of Consciousness, MERU, Switzerland, began conducting research on Suzanne in 1976. In two experiments they were particularly surprised to see high brain wave coherence. In one, she was exhausted due to sleep deprivation. In another she was exposed to excessive noise. Perhaps these findings show an integration of a higher state of consciousness. 

    Coherence reflects the number and strength of connections between two brain areas. Higher coherence indicates that these two areas of the brain are working in harmony. Higher coherence is associated with more integrated and effective thinking and behavior, greater intelligence, creativity, learning ability, emotional stability, ethical and moral reasoning, self-confidence, and reduced anxiety.

    It is said that the acid test of the establishment of self-awareness is being able to witness sleep, where pure inner wakefulness is not overpowered during the sleep state. The body and mind are asleep but there is a continuum of peaceful inner wakefulness. Since 1971, Suzanne has reported witnessing during sleep. Her roommate in college at that time said Suzanne even smiled when she slept. Researchers conjectured that brain waves would show what was really going on.


    Cover of Sleep Journal

    Hailed as the "EEG of Unity", the study was published in Sleep, the premier journal of sleep. [Sleep. 20(2):102-110]
    In 1992, four universities conducted research on brain waves during sleep. Suzanne was one of the subjects (see graph below). The results were quantitatively distinct from ordinary states of waking, sleeping and dreaming. Theta and alpha activity simultaneously occurred with delta activity along with decreased chin electromylograph during sleep (P = 0.002). Spectral analysis fast Fourier transform data of the first three cycles showed that there were significantly greater theta2 (6-8 Hz)-alpha1 (8-10 Hz) relative power during stages 3 and 4 with greater power than the control groups and increased rapid eye movement (REM) density during REM periods (P= 0.04).


    Brain Wave Research Summary

    The brain wave research on Suzanne showed a high degree of brain wave coherence (orderly, powerful and harmonious functioning) of different parts of her brain, such as front to back, left to right and total brain functioning.

    EEGs on Suzanne recorded coherence in many different frequencies not usually seen, especially in one person.
    Zen, Tibetan Buddhism, Qiqong, Yoga and Vedanta masters may have brain waves of the gamma frequency. Masters of Vipassana, Zazen and other mindfulness practices may have theta. Transcendental Meditators may have high frontal alpha coherence. All of these plus other frequencies of brain wave coherence such as beta and sigma have been recorded in EEGs of Suzanne.

    Over the decades, researchers have been surprised to see high coherence in different areas of Suzanne's brain not only during meditation but also at other times as well. They found high coherence when she:
    • sat with her eyes closed
    • sat with eyes open
    • stared at an object
    • meditated
    • stood up
    • counted
    • performed complex mental tasks
    • did a puzzle
    • practiced her self-healing method 
    • slept
    • had exalted experiences of unity, bliss, God, Veda...
    The researchers conjectured that these results indicated integration of higher states of consciousness.


    Charts of Suzanne's Brain Waves During Different Activities 

    • Brain wave frequencies (theta, alpha1, alpha2, sigma, beta1 and gamma) are shown at the bottom of many of these charts.
    • The year is indicated in the top left corner. 
    • The faintest lines represent 70% coherence between different parts of the brain, reflecting powerful brain functioning.
    • The darkest lines represent 90% coherence which is considered exceptional.
    • If the coherence is less than 70% then no lines are shown. Such an illustration for the average person would not show any lines because the brain is functioning in a somewhat disorderly and incoherent fashion. All that would be seen would be a blank head! The brain patterns of psychotic patients are extremely chaotic and random. The conclusion is that a disorderly brain leads to disorderly and ineffective thinking and behavior. On the other hand, harmonious and orderly functioning of the brain as seen in Suzanne's EEGs could possibly explain her healing abilities.

    Coherence During Meditation


    Alpha Coherence Math 2011


    CDM Med Self healing 2011


    CDM Med Eyes Closed


    CDM Eyes Closed Self Healing 2011


    Coherence During Meditation 2011


    Coherence Eyes Closed 2011

      Coherence During Self Healing


    Coherence During Math 2011


    Breath Rate Med. 2011


    Breath Rate Self Healing 2011


    Breath Rate Eyes Closed 2011


    Brain Integration Scale 2011


    CDM Med Eyes Closed 2014


    Coherence During Meditation 2014


    Coherence Eyes Closed 2014



    Watch Suzanne's Brain Waves during Different Activities:


    Other Research

    Auditory tests conducted at the Psychophysiology Laboratory, Center for the Study of Higher States of Consciousness, MERU, Switzerland, 1977, showed Suzanne detected sounds 1/80 fainter than the average person. The research was conducted under the direction of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Starting in 1976, Maharishi had brain wave and other research done on Suzanne to explain how she could have such a positive influence on other people and their experiences. Also of interest was to find an explanation for her refined perceptions. When the findings were presented to Maharishi, the researchers reported that they had to repeatedly revise the parameters of the experiment to make hearing the sounds more difficult and eventually made the sounds so faint they were inaudible. Suzanne commented that she felt as though she could feel the sounds before they became audible. Maharishi said that this was a subtler level of hearing.

    Ira M. Clemons, D.D.S. of the Department of Health Education, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, conducted research on the immune system and inflammation on Suzanne, 45 other meditators and 26 control subjects. Improvements occurred within 25 days for Suzanne and a significant proportion of the meditating subjects.

    Suzanne participated in many group studies such as Reduction in Violent Crime; Marked Reductions in Respiration Rate; Minute Ventilation, Metabolic Rate (Oxygen Consumption and Carbon Dioxide Elimination); Decreased Heart Rate; Increased Basal Skin Resistance; Cessation of Spontaneous Skin Resistance Response; Maximum State of Deep Rest: Episodes of Spontaneous Breath Suspension (Not Followed by Hyperventilation) as well as studies showing increased creativity, intelligence and sense of well-being which are also published in peer-reviewed journals.

     Lynn McTaggart's book, The Intention Experiment, explains other successful group experiments in which Suzanne participated.

    New research will be posted soon.