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Landscape by Suzanne B Stryker

Powerful healings and Activations focus on what you need for greater fulfillment in life. Uncomplicated with superstitions, Suzanne's talks include practical tips, stimulating knowledge and tools to enhance the unfoldment of your inner wisdom. 

Currently, Suzanne is giving talks/recordings only to her Inner Circle group. They are free and you can be part of this group during the month you receive her Distance Healings.

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Here's what your friends are saying 

 "Thanks so much. It was a soothing experience. Very inspiring
insights about my work came through. You are wonderful,
life is wonderful, all this is wonderful."
Donald Sosin

 "Very suddenly my family's legal problem was
solved and harmony restored. The squabble over
my trust money is over. This should have been
impossible as all forces were combined to overthrow
me on this trust issue. Suzanne has brought peace.
It was totally unexpected and like magic. Thank you."
H. Epkat


"From resulting clarity, we took a huge step. We 
had to make a quick  decision in just one day 
about switching treatment plans and  surgeons 
for a risky surgery. We made the switch on our 
own accord and  are so glad we did. No infection, 
fewer doctor visits, and the price  was half what 
other surgeons were going to charge."
L. T.


"Thank you for the powerful session tonight. Full  
of lots of radiating bliss or shakti. Also, I had 
some deep emotional releases."
T. S.

"During your call, I felt comfortable, free and 
relaxed. I also was feeling free to expand my 
thoughts and dreams to other areas of life 
which may bring other opportunities and 
unknown possibilities—more freedom of all 
possibilities. Thank you for your wisdom, love 
and care for all of us and for the work that you 
are doing."
C. L.

"Thank you for everything you do. I really
appreciate it. Your talk about karma gives
me a more delightful understanding of the
G. Straw

"What a blessing you give out each time, I still 
feel it. Great meditation/absorption/ecstasy this 
C. M.

"I had an inner voice speak very clearly and 
lovingly to me, providing answers to my 
questions. It was followed by the most 
beautiful color of blue light I have ever seen, 
followed by sitting in the transcendent Self. 
Very powerful and healing."
T. B.

"This conference call was helpful in a different 
way from the last. Before, I was a mess, and 
the turbulence was greatly soothed by that last 
call. Now, I have almost stabilized fully back to 
my balance, and so there was not such a 
contrast from this call. It did give some insights 
that are useful and turned up some profound 
reassurances. So I very much appreciate this."
G. D.

"Thank you for the powerful session tonight. Full 
of lots of radiating bliss or shakti. Also I had 
some deep emotional releases."
T. S.

"This really helps align me to my higher 
purpose. I get clear answers to my questions 
so I don't waste so much time and energy on 
less important things."
M. C.

"You are doing really wonderful work and I'm 
so happy that you are sharing your sublime 
talents with the world."
K. H.

I felt very alert and a deep relaxation within my 
body, so intimate and full and the totality of me 
relaxing. This rarely happens when I am 
involved with an activity. I felt warm and so 
much fuller of myself. Very unusual feeling 
although I felt more like me than ever. All 
distractions that weren't me left and I was left 
just myself. The self I was as a little child, really 
familiar. Very full, very lovely, and I bless you for 
giving myself to me."   
S. A.

"It is a blessing, and I have seen myself 
making  real progress, taking more steps (big 
steps even!) with more clarity and 
connectedness to my inner guidance."
M. N.

"Answers came quickly to my questions."
R. F.

"My experience during the phone call was very 
deep. Thank you."
C. B.

"Reveal Wisdom holds up to its name; wisdom 
reveals itself to me during these calls."
A. B.

"I am experiencing not just growing intuition but 
also the courage, that allows the mind to
finally let go and trust the inner knowing."
R. L.

"On a subtle level, I saw a band of angels in 
the right heavens that sang in wave-like chords 
of rising and falling harmonies, subsuming all 
the individual voices into a continuous chorus 
that continues night and day. On a practical 
level, I had an idea to help relieve the pain and 
swelling in my husband's feet. It worked. Some 
ideas came for my health concerns as well."
K. H.

"Great call. I noticed my sense of well-being was
clearly improved."  
C. S.

"I got great intuitions on many areas of my life: 
health, finances, life purpose, and my relationships with others."
N. S.

"I got an answer to a financial question, donate to charity."
C. N.

"I became clearer on what to do regarding a 
health concern.
G. J.

"It was very healing; it was like a deep healing 
P. D.

"I felt lots of subtlety, waves of bliss, light. I felt 
blissful things happening."
R. Z.

"Very blissful call, uplifting. Like all your 
suggestions about trying out new stuff in art and 
other areas. Thanks so much. Still feel the 
expanding bliss."
R. M.

"Thanks so much. It was very uplifting. Suzanne's 
superfluid talk  is so clear and simple. Very 
enjoyable. Lots of bliss and expansion."
F. C.

"Suzanne, since you move as a Force of Nature, 
you step softly and the earth trembles beneath 
your feet."
D. N.

"I feel a tremendous boost from your work."
R. B.