Writings by Suzanne B. Stryker

Mantra for the Moment

As I walked through the forest, I felt a oneness with all. New blades of emerald grass reached up to the heavens in prayer. I heard the pleasant cr...

Technologies and Techniques for Better Sleep

Eighty percent of adults in the US struggle with sleep at least once a week, according to a recent nationally representative Consumer Reports surve...

From Grim to Grin

Artwork by Suzanne B. Stryker Forty-eight years ago I took on the burden of healing humanity. I pushed myself. I worked hard night and day....

Lycra, Loincloths and Training Wheels

Lycra, Loincloths and Training Wheels
I tried to find an antique bike to ride along with the RAGBRAI cyclists, a vintage chopper motorcycle-style kid’s Stingray bicycle with ape hanger handlebars and a banana seat or a rusty Schwinn with handlebar streamers, a bike horn and a basket full of flowers. I couldn’t find any with training wheels.

I Wake Up Laughing. I Go to Sleep Laughing. I Giggle Throughout the Day.

 I wake up laughing.  I go to sleep laughing. I giggle throughout the day.  A main source of entertainment is my mind and its relationship with ...

Transcript of Suzanne B. Stryker Interviewed by Rick Archer of Buddha at the Gas Pump August 25, 2018

Suzanne B. Stryker shares her experiences of God, unity, and having her awareness stationed at the switchboard all possibilities. She explains what "Veda" really means and her personal experiences of it. She discusses healing work and results a person may or may not have and why.

Laughing Medicine

Laughing Medicine
Read about the benefits of laughing such as easing pain by causing the body to produce its own natural painkillers, improving your immune system, and releasing neuropeptides that help with stress and serious illnesses. Check out the funny jokes submitted by other people.

My Eyes Can Eat Pastries with Bobcats

A complementary gift from the bobcat is the ability to know when to act, to quickly pounce upon opportunity when it presents itself. Combined with intuitive insights, one will find oneself in the right place at the right time so that when opportunity knocks one can open the door...


My Happy Feet Can Sing

I love to walk, wiggle, move. For me, moving is a magnifier. I blossom as Bliss in motion, overflowing devotion, oneness in Supreme Love. I feel li...

Pashmina Earlobes

Pashmina Earlobes
Listening inspires a simple experience of unity. Tips to enjoying more silence in your life.