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Writings by Suzanne B. Stryker

Caught Between

All Artwork by Suzanne B. Stryker I was working out in the weight room at the local university's gym. Mike, a tall fellow resplendent with muscles...

Celtic Blessing

This Celtic blessing is perfect for our times and reminds us how to be the change we want to see.

"The world now is too dangerous and too beautiful for anything but love. May your eyes be so blessed you see God in everyone ..."

I Am the Whisper

In their own way, flowers speak to me. The flowers in my garden are my teachers. In silence they share their secrets ...

Divine Couple Dancing During Global Group Healing

This Divine Couple danced in rainbow colors of pure light that swirled and twirled, interacted and combined as one, as opposites that were perfectly matched and could manifest anything.

I was acutely aware of universal love/God awake in me, perceiving what I perceived and enjoying that. This presence in my awareness seemed to enliven infinite power, like a reservoir from which to draw upon to help others ...

Appointment Freeze and My Guardian Angel Won't Leave Me Alone

  • My guardian angel won't leave me alone.
  • I suffer from frequent bliss attacks.
  • I misplaced my third eye glasses.
  • I went astral traveling to Pluto and can't return.
  • I'm only 16 and I've already lost my individuality.
  • My chakras are having a party and I wasn't invited ...

Enlightenment Misconceptions

Stanford researchers came to visit again, driving all the way from California to Iowa. Usually when they visit, they review new research on me and ...

It Grabs Me

I described how my connection with nature drew me up, up, up into the lap of Divine Mother. I included images of  my landscapes and a Tools and Tips section to nourish your own experiences.

The Mother of Colors

The Mother of Colors

As I wandered down the path the trees did not greet me with their usual brightness. They had their backs turned and cast long shadows across my way. I inquired why and wondered for their light. They did not speak. I looked deep within. Only when I looked further did they convey....

(Also included are tips for how to deal with the shadow side of life, fears, worries and concerns about what other people think.)

From Grim to Grin

I examined a lifelong burden only to find a surprise inside. Also included are images of my original artwork for you to enjoy.

Mantra for the Moment

Mantra for the Moment
My experience of oneness with trees led to perceptions from a tree's point of view and then from God's point of view. Complementing the experience are images of my landscapes and readers' comments.

Lycra, Loincloths and Training Wheels

Lycra, Loincloths and Training Wheels
I tried to find an antique bike to ride along with the RAGBRAI cyclists, a vintage chopper motorcycle-style kid’s Stingray bicycle with ape hanger handlebars and a banana seat or a rusty Schwinn with handlebar streamers, a bike horn and a basket full of flowers. I couldn’t find any with training wheels.

I Wake Up Laughing. I Go to Sleep Laughing. I Giggle Throughout the Day.

A main source of entertainment is my mind. By some miracle, I have befriended this mental octopus to my advantage.... Photos of our two rescued kittens complement the words.