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Bliss Tips, No Regrets, Frets or Fears

From doing thousands of healings, I see that people are too much in their heads and out of touch with their bodies. As a result, both mind and body suffer. This motivated me to make the new recording described further below. Also, in this blog, I share my recent experience, new and unusual paintings, insights on to-do lists and bliss tips.

Let us start with good news. If you are looking for improvements in your life, you might be inspired by this report from Cheri Waters:

"I just want to share that, right after my recent Distance Healing, I told you I had experienced a small improvement in my overeating. That improvement has continued to bear fruit. To my surprise, it is now a big improvement. Thanks!"

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New Recording: "Healing to Restore Mind-Body Balance"

This healing recording helps to (1) restore the natural equilibrium of your body and mind, (2) replace stress and tension with calmness (3) nourish and rejuvenate your entire being and (4) enliven your inner guru. It is important to get in touch with what works specifically for you because you are unique.

Everyone who has received a Distance Healing since June 15 will automatically be emailed a link for this healing recording around July 15. In addition, they will receive an invitation to the next Inner Circle Group Healing.



I offer my recent experience to enliven more bliss and peace in your day:

I woke up feeling new and clear. I walked around our spring gardens, graced with the first rays of dawn.

Meditation was sweet, with a lingering limitless awareness. Likewise, my body did not seem to have boundaries. It felt open, invisible, and made of light consciousness.

After meditation, my mental activity continued to be gentle and peaceful. Thoughts seemed small and soft, like distant glowing lights at the bottom of a deep, clear lake.


No Regrets, Frets or Fears

The sharp edges of the world disappeared in the easy bliss of my pure awareness. There was nothing to regret, fret or fear. The past and the future were replaced with the transparent present, sheer and straightforward. The staggering complexities of life simplified into oneness; one cozy, homey whole.

Submerged in serene unity, perfect sounds of pure knowledge gently murmured in melodious hymns in my Self. These magical sounds flowed like graceful fish swimming in the ocean of my consciousness. The movement of these enchanting sounds of pure knowledge stirred waves of love. Overflowing with love, I channeled it into my healing work.

I became aware of the knower value of pure knowledge and then the organizing powers of the universe that get things done. I felt great appreciation for the universal creative intelligence that helps me heal others, that infinite power that makes people better.

The Gist of To-do Lists

People request my healings for greater happiness in various areas of their lives. This day, I became aware of how just the thought of their endless to-do lists made many people feel overwhelmed, depressed and anxious. It is as if they are holding their breath, waiting to relax until they finish everything on their list. But that never happens, because their list grows longer every day. The result is feeling constantly stressed. Stress complicates matters, so I inquired deeper into the reality.

What is the underlying motivation for all the tasks on those lists? If you boiled it all down, bliss seemed like a good answer. Yet I saw that everything was already made of bliss, so the process of doing any task should actually awaken that pure joy. I perceived this as the reality, not a mood or positive thinking. Even the Upanishads proclaim, "Out of bliss all beings are born, in bliss they are sustained, and to bliss they go and merge again."

The clincher to me is that it is not necessary to wait until after you accomplish something to experience that innate bliss, because it was there all along. The catch is: If your mind is tired or divided when doing tasks, you might not notice or fully enjoy the bliss. Below are a few tips to help in this regard. In future blogs, I will share more. Perhaps if you follow them, you will not need me! 

Bliss Tips

Try these tips to magnify bliss throughout your day. For maximum benefit, write or record your answers.

Many people start their morning with listening to the news while they eat and get ready for the day. If you want more calm in your life, add more quietness. Instead of listening to external input, gently have your attention on enjoying what you do. How does that feel? Try it in the morning for a week and do more if it feels good.

Imagine your to-do list being boiled down to one motivating factor. What would that be for you? Why do you do what you do.

Reread my above "No Regrets, Frets or Fears" experience and be open to its subtle benefits for you. Imaging living a peaceful and happy life.

Your Thoughts

If you would like to give feedback, you are welcome to do so in the Comment Section at the end of this post. I enjoy reading your comments!





  • Greatly appreciate the manner in which you express through many creative channels the supreme eternal wisdom of bringing human awareness back to its essential roots of Unity.!!🙏🌺

    Jim Dallas
  • Lovely, Suzanne. I always enjoy your words, in their simple clarity.

    David B
  • You are a real seer, a talented writer, artist and healer. Your words help me.

    George Kalinga

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