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Free Global Group Healing


 Imagine the power of a healing session with thousands of highly evolved individuals and healers from around the globe. 

"I see all as contained within my Self and in this Global Group Healing, I was seeing the world from space and watching the healing light up the whole planet."
Michael Speight

"This morning I participated in the group healing session. Thank you. It was a tremendous, glorious experience."
Laura Lu

"If the rest of the world feels like I do after the latest Global Group Healing Session, it was a success! This last experiment did indeed leave me with a good feeling, and I look forward to your next consciousness get-together."
Michael Brown

"Thank you for doing these. They are super powerful. Super deep. They are huge for lifting world consciousness."
Jim Rocca

"My elbow was in a sling before the group healing. I had been nursing it for days. It stopped hurting all afternoon and still is pain-free!!!" 
Judith Hans-Price

"Wow! The healing session was so deep, powerful, sweet and loving. Since then, I have felt like a new person, more empowered to accomplish, give and love. I want everyone to know about these sessions. They are very healing."
Sarah Roberts

"It was like taking a higher vibration bath of boundless bliss. All that remained was the hum of the absolute. I released some significant karmic puzzle blocks that I'd been trying to solve for ages. Other than that, can I have some more?"

"I found the free global group peace session surprisingly powerful and later that day found that it had also helped a personal physical problem I had been fretting over for months." 
Carroll Hillis

"Beyond phenomenal, uplifting my heart to great, great levels of joy and radiant love that continued throughout my day ... reminded me of my divine purpose ... transmuting several obstacles, leading me back to my truest Self in love."
Garrett Barne

"Many thanks for inviting me to last month's Global Group Healing session. The experience surpassed my expectations. I was moved to tears by its profundity."


There is no charge for the Free Global Group Healing sessions.


Everyone is welcome regardless of their beliefs or traditions. The more the merrier, the greater the healing power. Let’s heal ourselves, each other, and spread harmony and peace throughout creation.


This is a remote group healing session. We are not connected by phone or internet. This is not a conference call or webinar. Suzanne B. Stryker and other powerful healers and highly evolved individuals around the world will turn on their healing powers at the same time which will magnify the results.


You can enjoy the distance healing by yourself in the comfort of your own home or you can organize a group to meet somewhere.


Due to the high demand for Suzanne's services, she is not able to regularly offer Global Group Healings. Whenever she is available to do so, you will be notified if you have subscribed to her monthly newsletters. See below to subscribe.