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Price Miracle, Tree Secrets and the Real You

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the daily news were full of miracles? Judith Hans-Price sent me the following report about her husband's miraculous recovery which completely surprised both his surgeon and his renal physician. Although I did Distance Healings for him before, during and after his surgery, I cannot take credit for anything.


After Mitchell’s double bypass surgery, the surgeon came to speak with me. His face looked so bright and happy; I wondered if he had just won the lottery. He said, "I have never seen this type of surgery go so well!" A month ago, this surgeon said that Mitchell was going to lose his kidney function as a result of the surgery. The doctors were very concerned he would not survive the stress of the operation. But his kidneys never shut down. In fact, everything was working great and still is!!

Another surprise: The renal physician gave an unexpected visit to Mitchell in the intermediate care unit. The physician said with a big grin, "Thank you for proving me wrong." Both the surgeon and the renal physician had been sure that Mitchell's kidneys would not survive the operation.

Before the surgery, I told the medical team about you, Suzanne. No one blinked an eye. They were open to embrace whatever it takes to heal. Afterward, one of the attending nurses wanted to know everything about you. As I talked, she smiled and nodded her head. She got it.

Two days later: Mitch is very clear, has good color and is eating solid food.

Five days later: Mitch gets to go home! His recovery is a miracle. You are our miracle.

Several weeks later, I saw Mitchell and Judith strolling around the booths of our local farmers market, carrying large potted flowers. It was so heartwarming to see how healthy he looked. I could have cried, but I was too happy. We hugged and had a wonderful talk. Mitch cracked jokes. Despite the tremendous physical and emotional stresses he had recently been through, he had not lost his sense of humor. Not only was his heart working, it was spreading love and joy around.

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Tree Secrets

With the intention of enlivening benefits in you, I share my recent experience walking in the woods:

With the help of the wind,
the trees whisper
secrets to me.
They softly applaud
with steadfast love.
They lend me their roots
that lead to the heart
of Mother Earth.
They all join me
to help heal you.

New Recording: "The Mind, the Intellect and the Real You"

There are so many ways to describe what happens when I do healing work and how I experience the process. My new eight-minute recording covers a few of them. Subtle healing energy is embedded in my words and in the silence between the words. Here are a few of the other topics I touch upon:

Uncovering the real you.
Transforming negative programming.
Understanding the role of the mind and intellect.
       Gifting Distance Healings.

Everyone who has received a Distance Healing since July 15 will automatically be emailed a link for this healing recording in August. In addition, they will receive an invitation to the next Inner Circle Group Healing.



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  • Your miraculous healings, your poem, your paintings— all beautiful gifts.

    Joseph Pederson
  • you write beautifully and from the heart. You are a blessing.

    Ogden Vent
  • This message came at the perfect time, I found it extremely encouraging. Thank you

    Anna Petoskey
  • It is so wonderful to hear the miracle healing of Mitchell. It’s a miracle there are miracles such as this one to share. Thank you. Also the Tree Secrets poem and your artwork are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you. I look forward to your recording in August. Thank you for all you do. Many heartfelt blessings to you Suzanne and to all.

    Laura Caudill

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