Distance Healing Packages

By purchasing a Distance Healing Package below, you agree to the Terms of Service and understand that it is not a substitute for medical treatment and that results may vary.

Who or what Distance Healings are for:
  1. From the above drop-down menu, choose a package of 3, 6, 12, 24 or 48 Distance Healings for Suzanne to personally do for you. (On smartphones, a pop-up menu may appear at the bottom of the screen.)

    Tip: the larger the package, the less you pay per Distance Healing, with up to a 38% savings. For example, each Distance Healing costs $30 with the package of 3 for $90, whereas each one costs $18.50 with the package of 48 for $888. This savings of $11.50 per Distance Healing means you save $552 with the package of 48.

  2. Indicate who or what the Distance Healings are for in the above box. Unless you specify otherwise, they will automatically address whatever needs to be covered for the person who places the order. The packages offer flexibility because you can split them any way you like. Some Distance Healings can be for you and some can be for your loved ones.

    Optional: You can specifying some of them to focus on different areas of life that need attention. Simply indicate in one or two words the outcome you want. Don't worry if you forget something or do not include every detail. Even if you do not specify anything, the Distance Healings will provide what is best at that time.

    Example: 1 Distance Healing for me, 1 for ideal health for husband, 1 for our son, 1 for our prosperity, 1 for recently departed mother and 1 for our cat.

  3. Note that for maximum security, all payments are through PayPal. 

    If you need assistance, please contact us.

  4. Your first Distance Healing typically starts within 48 business hours of your order. Suzanne will do your Distance Healings 3 days a week until the series is complete. We will send you details about the starting date of your Distance Healings and further information to the email address you provided during the payment process. In order to view those instructions immediately after your order is complete, click on the “Return to Merchant” button in the pop-up summary.

    Overview of Distance Healings

    Every Distance Healing is personally done by Suzanne. Her healing and other abilities began in 1962. She has been the subject of brainwave research and other scientific studies since the 1970s. Although people have reported hundreds of benefits from her Distance Healing and Phone Sessions, she says, “I can’t take credit for anything.”

    Every Distance Healing includes Karmic Transformations. Throughout our lives, karma is constantly unfurling. Suzanne's unique Karmic Transformations magnify positive karma. Also, they help transform negative karma into positive. One of the main reasons why a chronic situation may not resolve itself is because of karma. In addition, throughout our day we may be exposed to stressful situations and impurities in our environment. These powerful Distance Healings help you maintain balance in a busy and somewhat toxic world. The ideal situation is to have continuous support with Recurring Distance Healings.

    The Distance Healings do not take any of your time. Suzanne does your Distance Healings at various times during the day and night for maximum benefit.  

    Not only are the Distance Healings an ideal gift for yourself or your loved ones, you can also have them done for your pets, coworkers and enemies. Even if you do not inform others of your gift, the benefit will be there. You can have them done for departed people to resolve unfinished business, bless them in their transition and receive blessings and support from them.

    The Distance Healings can focus on any area of concern, your workplace, a disaster area, your hometown or a nation. They can help support a cause such as global health, human rights, the environment, drug abuse, world hunger, poverty, education or world peace.

    You automatically become part of Suzanne's Inner Circle during the month of your Distance Healings. You have free access to new and past recordings of her experiences and reflections, as well as helpful tips and insights. These recordings are not available to anyone else. 

    Please be aware that you will not receive a report about your specific situation. If you want to talk with Suzanne and get input and individualized recommendations, then please make an appointment for a Phone Session

    Since each person is different, your experience with the Distance Healings will be unique. You may or may not notice anything in particular. Your Distance Healings may come exactly as you wish or they may come in a different form. Know that universal intelligence knows what is best and automatically does it.

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