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Distance Healing Packages

By purchasing a Distance Healing Package below, you agree to the Terms of Service and that you understand: Distance Healings are not a substitute for medical treatment and results may vary.

Who or what healings are for:

 Instructions to Buy

  1. From the above drop-down menu, choose a package of 3, 7, 13, 20, 30 or 40 Distance Healings for Suzanne to do personally for you. On smartphones, a pop-up menu may appear at the bottom of the screen.

    Tip: The larger the package, the less you pay per Distance Healing, with up to 44% savings. For example, each Distance Healing costs $32 with the package of 3 for $97, whereas each one costs $18 with the package of 40 for $735. This savings of $14 per Distance Healing means you save $560 with the package of 40.

  2. In the above Who or what healings are for box:
    Put the name(s) and/or relationship(s) of who the Distance Healings are for. The subscriptions offer flexibility because you can split them any way you like. Some Distance Healings can be for you, some can be for your loved ones and some can be for important causes.

    Optional: Indicate what the Distance Healings are for. It is not necessary to do so, but you can specify some or all of the Distance Healings to focus on various areas of life that need attention. It is not helpful to include long descriptions. Simply indicate in one or two words the outcome you want. Don't worry if you forget something. Even if you do not specify anything, the Distance Healings will automatically address what needs to be covered and provide what is best at that time.

    Example: 5 Distance Healings for me, 5 for my husband for ideal health, 5 for our son for ideal relationships, 5 for our prosperity, 5 for my recently departed mother, 5 for friend Cynthia full recovery from Covid, 5 for our cat and 5 for world peace.

    You can change who or what your Distance Healings are for at any time by contacting us. Please allow us 2 business days to process your request.

    Note that for maximum security, all payments are through PayPal. However, you do not need to have a Paypal account, you can pay with your card as a guest.

    If you need assistance, please contact us.


Your first Distance Healing typically starts within a few business days of your order.  Within 2 business days, we will send you details about the dates of your Distance Healings and further information to the email address you provided during the payment process. In order to view those instructions immediately after your order is complete, click on the “Return to Merchant” button in the pop-up summary.

The Distance Healings do not take any of your time. Suzanne does your Distance Healings at various times during the day and night for maximum benefit. 

Any area of concern

Distance Healings are an ideal gift for yourself and your loved ones. They can also be done for your pets, coworkers and enemies. Even if you do not inform others of your gift, the benefit will be there. You can have them done for departed people to resolve unfinished business, bless them in their transition and receive blessings and support from them.

Distance Healings can focus on any area of concern, your workplace, a disaster area, your hometown or a nation. They can help support a cause such as global health, human rights, the environment, drug abuse, world hunger, poverty, education or world peace. 

Overview of Distance Healings

  • Every Distance Healing includes Karmic Transformations. Karma is one of the main reasons why we experience suffering, addiction and chronic difficulties. Throughout our lives, karma is constantly unfurling. Suzanne's unique Karmic Transformations magnify positive karma. Also, they help neutralize and transform negative karma.
  • On a daily basis we may be exposed to stressful situations and impurities in our environment. The powerful Distance Healings help you maintain balance in a somewhat chaotic and toxic world. Because karma keeps unfolding and we live in stressful times, the ideal situation is to have continuous support with Recurring Distance Healings.
  • Please be aware that you will not receive a report about your specific situation. If you want to talk with Suzanne and get input and individualized recommendations, then you may want to get on the waiting list for a Phone Session
  • Since each person is different, your experience with the Distance Healings will be unique. You may or may not notice anything in particular. Your Distance Healings may come exactly as you wish, or they may come in a different form. Know that universal intelligence knows what is best and automatically does it. 

Inner Circle Multimedia Library

If you sign up for Distance Healings by the first of the month, you automatically become part of Suzanne's Inner Circle. During the month of your Distance Healings, you have free access to her Inner Circle Multimedia Library. It has over 50 recordings and writings by Suzanne, and she keeps adding more. The subjects range from kundalini to ancestral karma. Many of Suzanne's talks include powerful healings and activations for different areas of life, such as ideal health, prosperity and inner wisdom. They include Enlivenments for the support of nature, universal intelligence/God and all God's Helpers for greater success and fulfillment. People report they enjoy hearing Suzanne talk about her years with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his comments on her insights and personal experiences of God, pure knowledge and oneness. In some of her talks and writings, Suzanne provides practical tips how to improve sleep, digestion, communication skills and relationships.



“I'm recovering from knee replacement and Suzanne's Distance Healings have helped me for sure. Now I can walk every day for 30 to 40 minutes with my dog, Sally. By the way, I enjoy reading every word in Suzanne's blog posts.”
Lisette Gohier



"My granddaughter is 12 days old and just a beauty. She has a smooth countenance and is already alert, watching us and being fascinated with swaying trees. She's so, so happy! Thank you! Suzanne's Distance Healings are not distant. They are quite near and helpful."
Don Harkey



“Danni, my pet, had a very swift recovery. When I contacted you on Sunday for an emergency Distance Healing, her platelet count was zero. Thursday, tests revealed a 381,000 platelet count! Danni is more spritely. Thank you so much for your Divine healing."
Colette Usher



"Suzanne's healings have been a miracle for Michael. He has been responding very well. He wasn't even able to lift himself up and now he can. This helps me, because I have a bad back. So my back is starting to heal! His pain level has gone from 10 to 5/6. His mind is a bit clearer too, so he can be more engaged in life. We are looking forward to more miracles! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Evelyn Perricone



"I highly recommend Suzanne for any kind of healing. It was very relaxing, purifying and uplifting. Opened up my heart." 
Tom Kroupa



Jean Tremblay
"For 25 years I ate uncontrollably and I gained 100 pounds, which caused me great misery. I went to eating disorder clinics and support groups and did all the work suggested to no avail. After Suzanne put her attention on this, I haven't had any episodes of binge eating and it's been four months. It's a miracle!"
Jean Tremblay



"Thank you so much for this gift of love, wisdom, and healing. I had first requested a Distance Healing a couple of months ago for some emotional issues that my son had been struggling with. He has experienced some relief and has begun reaching out for help on his own. Since that time, I have felt that we are connected. Sometimes thoughts of you come to me and I feel your energy and I notice that is one of your scheduled Distance Healing times; there is trust. During those times I just relax and allow the sensation of shifting and radiating energy, as it occurs. I feel I have an active role in my own healing and the healing of all beings, the planet, and beyond. Please know, this message comes unassumingly with all humility to The Divine, from The Divine, Herself."
Diane Adele



Mitchell Price
 "My health was deteriorating rapidly and Suzanne helped turn that around. I think she saved my life."
Mitchell Price



"When I decided to come onboard for a few Distance Healing sessions, I was not sure what to expect since I would not be interacting with Suzanne directly. What would be the benefits? Having listened to her Buddha at the Gas Pump interview a few times, I decided it was well worth a try. I felt the benefits of the Distance Healings already after the first session. As I was going about my day, I felt like a perfectly well-oiled machine, as if my engine was “firing on all cylinders.” There was deep peace and silence inside and outside myself. Everything was as it was before (people walking about, activities to take care of at work, etc.) but now was infused with a sense of everything was just where/how it is supposed to be. My usual environment was somehow brighter, as if someone (finally!) figured out that the lights were dimmed all along. I hope many will come across Suzanne's work, the world needs more peaceful people."
Vincent Randy



"After one Distance Healing from Suzanne, I feel amazingly clearer, more focused and more confident. My mind and soul hold more purity and I sense that more of the 'real me' is coming through. There's better decision-making that's causing positive shifts in my actions and outlook. I'm really looking forward to more of Suzanne's Distance Healings. I'm pumped! When she did my first Distance Healing a few weeks ago, I felt that she was right there beside me influencing my thinking and actions for better. The effects of the Absolute moved me towards better thoughts and more positive actions. It was a huge blessing!"
Don Harkey



Alexandra Rodrigues 
"When I purchased Distance Healings from Suzanne it was during a difficult time in my inner journey where I was encountering intense fear of death. I had incessant thoughts of my own death and about worst-case scenarios that could happen with my health. After about the second Distance Healing, I began to notice deep resolution of this issue occurring in my dreams. One night I dreamt that a friend had died, but then she woke up out of her casket and said, “Just kidding!” I woke up laughing and felt deeply healed on this issue. I felt that fear had been transmuted into lighthearted remembrance of my eternal nature. This was just the first of several of these types of "resolution” dreams. My intrusive thoughts stopped and I felt balanced and reconnected with my sense of well-being. I am so grateful to Suzanne for her work and to universal intelligence for helping me find her. "
Alexandra Rodrigues