Phone/Zoom/Skype Session Regular Hours*

Phone/Zoom/Skype Session Regular Hours*

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*To find an available appointment, you may need to repeatedly advance the calendar to the next month.

*For Sunday appointments see Phone Session Expedited After Hours
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Your private consultation with Suzanne is spontaneously customized for what is best for you at that time. It can include powerful healings, coaching and her unique Karmic Transformations. Your session can address issues ranging from addiction to dharma. You don't need to decide in advance, but here are some of the things that can be included in your session:

Reveal Wisdom
Unfold innate wisdom of body, mind and heart

Transform bad karma, negativity and obstacles

Ideal habits and routine
Freedom from fear
Harmonious behavior and relationships

Spiritual Coaching
Dharma, true calling
Cosmic power tools
The truth about awakening
Kundalini, crisis management and spiritual growth

Cultivate Intuition
Flow with the power of nature
Make right choices
Save time, money and energy
Unfold your inner guru for inner reliance and guidance