Distance Healings

Hundreds of testimonials and research show Suzanne B. Stryker is a catalyst for enhancing the good in one’s life. She excels at transforming negative karma, conditions and situations into positive.

The healings are an ideal gift to give yourself, loved ones, enemies and pets, living or deceased. You do not need to inform others of your gift. They are a great boost for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or starting a new job or relationship.

Healings can be for individuals and also for groups of people such as your family, your company, your hometown or country. They can focus on specific causes such as human rights, world hunger, poverty, disaster areas, political disharmony, improving education, cleaning up the environment, drug abuse, global health, and world peace.

The healings are done at various times during the day and night for maximum benefit, therefore you will not be informed of the specific times. They are done from the level of Cosmic Intelligence/Pure Consciousness which is omnipresent, so there’s no need to do them in person or talk with Suzanne. They do not take any of your time but it’s advisable to be well rested and follow a healthy lifestyle for maximum enjoyment in life.

If you want to talk with Suzanne directly about your personal situation then please make an appointment for a Phone Session, as Distance Healings do not include what Suzanne sees, a reading or feedback.

Optional: If you want attention on specific areas of your life you can add a note to your order. In your cart on the lower left side in the box “Add a note to your order” put the specific result(s) you want from the healing. For example, if you have some health issues put the outcome you want, such as “ideal health”. If you want to improve your relationships you could put “ideal relationships”. It is best to be brief and use one or two words to convey what you want. It is not helpful to write a detailed history, but rather clearly convey the outcome(s) you want. Don’t worry if you forget to include every area of your life that needs attention. You do not need to send an email or call. Even if you don’t specify anything, the healings give you what is best for you at that time. Nature or Cosmic Intelligence decides what needs to be done and does it. It’s an automatic process – what happens is what needs to happen.

By selecting the service, you agree that it should not be relied upon as, nor is it a substitute for medical, psychological, legal, relationship, business or career advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind or nature whatsoever.  

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