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Because of the worldwide demand for her Distance Healings, Suzanne maintains a low profile and rarely has time for speaking engagements or interviews. Even though many people are begging to be interviewed by Rick Archer of Buddha at the Gas Pump, it took him seven years to get her to do an interview with him. Below are the only videos of Suzanne that are available to the general public. 


Maharishi's Proclamation
In this 2-minute video, Suzanne responds to an audience question about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's proclamation that she would cognize the missing roots of the Age of Enlightenment and her progress in that regard.

Suzanne B. Stryker's Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Even if you have listened to Suzanne's entire 2-hour interview with Rick Archer, founder of Buddha at the Gas Pump, you will benefit from listening again.

Written Transcript of Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview
This is a word for word transcription of the entire 2-hour interview.

Suzanne Defines and Discusses Veda and Having Her Awareness Stationed at the Central Switchboard of Creation
This link is queued to the last hour of the Buddha at the Gas Pump interview, where Suzanne gives a beautiful explanation of what Veda really is and her experience of it. It is important to understand what she means by the term because she uses it frequently.

Part 1: How Maharishi Guided Suzanne's Cognitions of Pure Knowledge, Veda
In this 22-minute video, you will hear Suzanne's personal stories never released before about how Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation movement and guru to many celebrities, guided her cognitions of pure knowledge, Veda. Even though she tried to be anonymous, he kept putting her into the spotlight. Although she has many other types of experiences, this talk focuses on Veda because that was the conference topic.


Part 2: How Maharishi Guided Suzanne B. Stryker's Cognitions of Pure Knowledge, Veda, with Q & A
In this 18-minute video, Suzanne reveals more details of her profound cognitions of pure wisdom and answers juicy questions from the audience.


Funny Beaver Delivers a Timely Message to Suzanne B. Stryker while Her Perplexed Cat Looks On
Suzanne has a beautiful rapport with nature. She shot this 5-minute video on an old iPod because it was the only device available when she saw a beaver walking down her sidewalk and then up the steps to her house. She had asked nature for feedback on a very important decision, and in broad daylight a beaver came with the answer. Beavers are normally nocturnal creatures that stay away from humans. The beaver allowed Suzanne to get close to him and even felt comfortable enough with her to snack on fall foliage in her garden as she stood nearby. Hear the significance of what the beaver represents and what happened next.