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Art as Medicine

Before I get into intimate details about my art, let us hear from retired airline pilot, Mario A. Leblanc.

"I still have pain in the lower back between L2, L5 and S1, but it is a lot less, so this extra is really welcome. Suzanne's transmission acted on all of my body. I don't remember feeling so good. My mission on earth is not over now, so this healing will help me to get back on track. I have started to watch her Buddha at the Gas Pump interview, and I will continue with her other videos. Much love and thanks to Suzanne."

Mario A. Leblanc

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My heart gets so much exercise doing Distance Healings for you all that I feel like a conduit of blissful universal love. With that healing energy, I like to give and paint.

My paintings are my offspring; they contain a part of me. I often do a style of painting which I call process painting. When I paint this way, the purpose is not to make a pretty picture. The purpose is to enjoy the process, regardless of the result. This is a great way to live life, focus on the process and not the fruits of your action. The ancient wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita concurs: "You have control over action alone, never over its fruits. Live not for the fruits of action, nor attach yourself to inaction" (2,47).

Look with Your Heart, Not Your Eyes

Often, the result of my process painting is abstract artwork, which, if you judge the book by its cover, would not be considered beautiful. But hear me out. I think of my artwork like people. By common standards, only a few young people are considered gorgeous. You need to look deeper to see the beauty in the rest of us.

Likewise, to completely appreciate artwork, look with your heart, not your eyes. Notice the energy of the artwork. Imagine what the artist was experiencing when she was creating it.

It will help you out here and tell you that, when I paint, I am in an exquisite state of consciousness. My heart sings. I am bliss in action. I feel freedom, love and tremendous joy. I feel the playfulness of a young child in awe of the process of creation. I love creating so much that I feel a oneness with the creation, the Creator and everything else. My paintings invite you to come play with me, and enjoy all that too. 

Art as MedicineIn simple terms, painting and viewing art moves something inside me, in a good way. Hopefully my paintings do that for you too. Pat Hardigree reports that my art uplifts him and takes him into a more blissful state. Anne Melfi said that my art is medicine. Lee Nelson said that my paintings "transmit exactly the essence of love, bliss and shakti."

Quick and Easy

We are affected to some degree by everything we see. Our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it processes text. Approximately 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual. Enjoying the visual arts, then, offers an easy and quick way to enhance our well-being.

Now you know why I do and share my art. I offer my creations as healing gifts to you. May you be inspired to look deeply into the people and the world around you. Look with your heart and not your eyes, and your reward will be revelations of hidden treasures within.

"Art really has its source in the transcendent, the unmanifest field of pure consciousness, which is the non-changing, immortal field of all possibilities. When the awareness of the artist is in tune with this center of infinite creativity, their piece of art breathes fullness of life, nourishes the creator, the artist, and inspires admirers with waves of bliss."

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Your Thoughts

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  • Your artwork speaks deeply to my heart and truly makes me feel I’m experiencing another, more celestial, place of existence. Thank you for bringing such divine beauty into this realm.

    Rachel Boss
  • Love the joy of creating for the fun of it. Who needs the “mind” that evaluates and judges. It’s a downer just to write those words. Thanks for the reminder that “creating” is its own reward – Let’s dance like no one is looking

  • Thank you Suzanne. I am still improving! 💖

    Mario A Leblanc
  • Dear Suzanne I absolutely love your art. I am lover of all of the creative process and your he-art sings to me. I feel wrapped up in your inner beauty and love ❤️. It inspiresme to move, to live, to love. My desire is to be love in all times and ways. Thank you.

    Ray Farmilo

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