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Can We Learn from Cycles

©Artwork by Suzanne B. Stryker 

Let us step back and get a larger perspective on life. We know that nature operates in cycles. After the dark of the night, day always follows. What followed after one of the darkest times in human history? The last major Renaissance followed the Black Death, the most fatal pandemic to date. Historical documents from the post-Black Death era indicate that the standards of living improved after that pandemic. The Middle Ages then transitioned into the Renaissance. Particularly in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries, there was a revival of knowledge and new ways of seeing the world. This transformation was even seen in the art world. Lighting and perspective were utilized to give depth and realism to paintings.

Speaking of Art, a Peek at the Big Picture

I bring up the Renaissance because there may be parallels with what is going on now and what is to come. The Renaissance was a profound cultural movement that affected not only the arts, architecture and music, but also how people thought, which produced a profound influence on literature, philosophy, politics and life in general.

This change in thinking even changed religion. It gave birth to the Reformation. The Reformation was a huge transformation within Western Christianity in 16th-century Europe that challenged the Catholic Church and the authority of the Pope.

The influence of the Renaissance also spread into science and technology. Important inventions like Gutenberg's printing press rapidly spread the Renaissance and Reformation concepts.

©Artwork by Suzanne B. Stryker 

Decomposing Old Ways

 Change is inevitable. The old ways are decomposing and it is not always pretty. Eventually, they will transform into better ways. As a gardener, I think of composting as an example of positive transformation. You make use of trash, old leaves and discarded vegetable scraps. If you add something else to your compost that is normally not desirable—manure—it will act as a catalyst to speed up the decomposing and transformational process.

To make good compost, you need to occasionally stir the material and turn it upside down. In our world, we will see the old ways and institutions stirred up, shaken and restructured. For a while, things may seem completely upside down and contrary to what they should be. 

Shake It Up, Maharishi!

 In 1979, over 100 of us were with Maharishi on a large boat ride on the Gulf of Siam off the coast of Thailand. He was discussing the effect of the square root of 1% of the population practicing coherence-creating techniques together. He said that would speed up the phase transition to better times. He talked about how such a quick transition could be quite bumpy and wanted our feedback on whether we should go ahead anyway. Specifically, I remember him saying that heads of state could change and the economy could turn upside down. He looked at us and said, "Should we do it?" It was intriguing hearing people trying to convince Maharishi that we should go ahead with a quick transition, despite his concerns!

©Artwork by Suzanne B. Stryker 

Black Gold

 Maybe there is some wisdom in transforming old material into compost. You need to be patient; it takes time. But it is worth it because the result is rich compost material, the best food for your plants. It is called "black gold" because it produces healthier plants, which when consumed, support good health.

It is natural to want better times to come immediately, but let us also enjoy what we have at hand—this unique opportunity to witness and be a part of tremendous transformations to a more enlightened age.

With love,

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  • My mother left us after a full lifetime and my brother and sisters are left with fight over our differences. At this point I want better time for us , more harmony, more friendship among each other. I would like to be part of a tremendous transformation through the practice of my program so we can transform bad behaviors into peaceful relationships. I know it will take time but we will all grow stronger and loving to each other.

    Lisette Gohier

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