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Enlightenment Misconceptions

Stanford researchers came to visit again, driving all the way from California to Iowa. Usually when they visit, they review new research on me and ask questions about my experiences and perceptions. This time we had an intriguing discussion about the stages of awakening, the roadmap of the progress to enlightenment, as presented by various traditions. Between the researchers and me, we have talked to thousands of people around the world about their experiences in this regard. Separately, we have come to the same conclusion. What people think they will experience in higher states of consciousness and what actually happens can be quite different.

I've talked to people who think they are not making progress along the path because they have misconceptions. They think in higher states of consciousness:

  • You will not have any thoughts during meditation or any other time.
  • As you age, you will be completely satisfied with how you look in the mirror.
  • Everything you do and say will be perfect and anyone who disagrees with you will be wrong.
  • You will always maintain an ideal weight without exercising and be able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want.
  • You will not mind if a mosquito or your neighbors keep you up all night. Nothing will ever bother you. You will never feel any emotions, negative or positive.
  • Even though you don't care, everyone will like you. You will always have ideal interactions and relationships, in-laws and pets included.
  • You will see people's auras and chakras, have exalted perceptions of angels, and talk to God regularly.
  • No matter what is happening around you and in the world, you will eternally experience equanimity, bliss and peace.
  • Your acne, cellulite and wrinkles will disappear, and you will always have perfect physical and mental health.
  • You will be able to astral travel to distant planets but probably won't because, being in unity, you'll feel like you're already there.
  • You will be universally appreciated for your brilliance and devotees will do long pilgrimages to worship your lotus feet.
  • Whatever you desire will happen instantly even though you will be desireless.
  • You will have magical powers and be able to read other people's minds and the akashic records.
  • You will need less sleep.
  • You won't have any problems of your own and you will be able to fix everyone else's.
  • You will be completely unattached to money and things, but you will have unlimited wealth and all the things you ever wanted in life.
  • You will have x-ray vision, be able to predict the future and never get lost on the freeway.

All kidding aside, avoid unrealistic expectations or you could become disappointed, stop your practice and throw out the baby with the bathwater. Of course, many people do report that their lives improve significantly as they progress along the path, both internally and externally. Some will have flashy experiences and others will not, but it doesn't mean that they are more evolved or better people. Each individual is unique and their journey will be as well.

Along the way, the path may twist and turn, even to the point where it seems as if you're going backwards.  If you need help along the way, reach out to the wisest friend you can find. Take heart and know that eventually you will arrive safely at home.

New recording

To complement our topic of growth to enlightenment, I have completed a new recording called Wisdom from the Mature Self. This 24-minute talk starts out with a brief review of ways to increase clarity and intuition. I discuss the nonlinear aspect of time and how to access your future wisdom. This recording includes activations for:

  • Enlivening purity and healing
  • Waking up different parts of our brain
  • Untying knots in our mind, body and heart
  • Enlivening our gifts and talents
  • Melting obstructions to happiness and wisdom
  • Clearing and opening our information channels so we perceive what is beneficial
  • Enlivening the support and protection of universal intelligence
  • Optional exercise for getting answers to your questions

If you have received Distance Healings within the past month, you will automatically receive a link for this recording within a week. Otherwise, if you sign up for Distance Healings by the first of the month, you will have access to this talk. 


  • You are such a high soul and I thank you for sharing your knowledge and also your healing abilities. I have been doing your recurring distance healings for the whole family and you have helped us in many ways.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge. I don’t have any friends to talk about spiritual stuff like this with and so this is pure nectar to me! God bless you!

    Annette Bastian
  • I feel like I’ve had a session with you after reading this. I feel somehow like I’ve been reset.

    Katie Blanchard
  • Brilliant!

  • Thanks for making me laugh! And also thank you for making me see my expectations were a bit unrealistic!

    Sean Paul

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