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Five Miracles

I have permission to share an inspiring email I received from Michael recently which happens to fit in with the theme of this blog—medical miracles. Michael wrote:

"Suzanne, I have a history of ventricular tachycardia and atrial fibrillation with premature ventricular contractions. My health had been borderline for years, entailing multiple emergency room visits, heart surgery and more brushes with death than I care to think about. By God's grace manifesting through you, I am happy to report that my latest full round of medical tests, including my heart exams, has shown that, although I still have two heart conditions, I am in remarkable health for the first time in a long time. Also, I am grateful because my health has allowed me to continue our task of healing the world and raising consciousness. My heartfelt thanks for the healing of so much for so long."

We now have 360 reports from your friends about my services.

The Doctor Within

My mother was crying. She had always wanted to have children. But a New York specialist had just informed her that she was at risk for life-threatening pregnancy complications, in the unlikely event that she ever got pregnant. Because her fallopian tubes were malformed, a growing embryo could implant there, and it would not be supported in its growth. Her fallopian tubes could rupture and cause severe bleeding and infection. She could die if she did not get immediate medical attention. She wasted no time before consulting with another doctor, but he came to the same sad conclusion. She went to a third specialist, who concurred.

To make matters worse, all three doctors told mother that she should have a total hysterectomy to avoid future problems. Note that today there are treatments available for her condition, but all that they could offer her at that time was to remove her reproductive organs. And she knew that would make it impossible for her to have kids. She was also informed that she had a double womb. She secretly wondered if having two of everything could somehow increase the possibility of her getting pregnant.

Normally, my mother respected a doctor’s opinion. After all, her father, husband, brother and uncles were doctors. Being a nurse anesthetist, she had personally witnessed many necessary and successful surgeries. But she decided to listen to her intuition. She was going to keep all her female parts. No surgery for her. If she got pregnant, her husband, a pediatrician, could monitor her closely. It turns out that her instincts about avoiding the surgery were correct; more recent studies have shown that the risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and bone fractures are higher for women who have a hysterectomy at age 50 or younger. 

Five Miracles

Shortly thereafter, mother was pregnant and gave birth to her first son. A year later, her second son was born. A year later, she had her third child, me. All three doctors had said that it was improbable, but they couldn't argue with three healthy babies.

Further proving the experts wrong, she had two more children, totaling five miracles. Right from our births, nature made it clear that anything was possible.

In reality, everyone is born from the same source of all possibilities and infinite potential. Maintain a clear connection to that source within with a healthy routine, meditation, communing with nature, doing art or whatever works for you. As a result, your intuition will be clearer, you will make better choices and have a more positive effect on others.

For more guidance on how to develop your intuition, the Inner Circle Multimedia Library has numerous recordings that include tips and Activations to further enhance your intuition and inner wisdom. They are available at no charge to everyone currently receiving Distance Healings.

Babies Become Doctors

Carrying on with the familial medical tradition, my two older brothers became medical doctors, and my younger sister became a physician assistant. I started working in my father's office when I was 14 or 15 years old. Since he was a pediatrician, I got to help him with babies and children. The natural next step for me was to extend the circle of healing to include all of you. 

Bonus Group Healing Gifts

The next bonus Group Healing will be on October 28. Anyone who has a Distance Healing anytime between September 1 and October 17 will automatically receive the Group Healing invitation. In addition, invitations will be gifted to five of my newsletter subscribers by random pick.



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  • Lovely blog post

    Kevin Blair
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    Sandy Tipton
  • Your post tells the most compelling kind of story: the one where someone tells you something is impossible and you overcome every obstacle or believe in what your own gut tells you so strongly that you prove them wrong. And it’s not about proving them wrong, per se; it’s about the beauty of listening to one’s self, of experiencing that depth of spirit. I’m so glad you shared this story! P.S. And it made me love your mother!

    Jennifer Hawthorne
  • Thank you!

  • I love reading your experiences Suzanne and those of others who have such wonderful healing. I am so grateful for all who are healed through God’s mercy and grace.

    Ray Farmilo

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