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Healings to Help with Surgery and Drugs, April 30 Deadline and New Wild Paintings

Read on if you or a loved one need to take drugs, have surgery or would like to receive Distance Healing gifts. Also, I have included some of my new wild paintings for you to enjoy.

©All Artwork by Suzanne B. Stryker

"Healings to Help with Surgery and Drugs," a New Recording

I made a new recording to support those who need to have surgery or take any type of herbal medicine or drugs. It contains relevant healings and important tips to maximize positive results, minimize side effects and tap into the innate healing powers of your body and the universe. Listen to this recording before surgery so that all involved are operating from the highest level.

Everyone who has received a Distance Healing since April 1 will automatically be emailed a link for this healing recording on April 15. In addition, they will receive an invitation to the next Inner Circle Group Healing.

If you sign up for Distance Healings by May 1, you will have full access to the Inner Circle Multimedia Library, which has over 50 of my recordings and writings. Many of the recordings include powerful healings and activations for different areas of life, such as ideal health, prosperity and inner wisdom. They include Enlivenments for the support of nature, universal intelligence/God and all God's Helpers for greater success and fulfillment.

A Transformational Surgery Experience

Surgery does not have to be a completely terrifying and horrible ordeal. It could be an opportunity for great transformation, insights and healing. This is beautifully illustrated in this detailed report I received from A. L. in England:

"I was so fortunate to have your healing services recently when I had to undergo very complicated gallbladder surgery. This surgery had been attempted a year before, but was painfully unsuccessful, so I was very frightened and anxious. To add to the anxiety, the highly skilled surgeon whom I liked very much was suddenly not available. I had to quickly agree to have another surgeon because it was important to have the operation soon to prevent further infection.

"I listened to your special recording to help those who need to have surgery or take drugs. Your recording was like a gift from God and changed my whole experience.

"Although it rarely snows here in England, it did the morning of the operation. Everything was transformed into beautiful white. I was carried through the whole process by a totally angelic, supportive and deeply loving team of people at the hospital. Everyone was so kind and patient with me and my multiple sensitivities and drug intolerances. I felt blessed by the whole medical team. It was like I was in a different state: I wasn't just perceiving the surface value of these people, I was seeing deep into them like they were angels, and they treated me like someone they really cared for.

"Another surgeon who witnessed my surgery said that in all his 25 years, he had never seen such a difficult operation. There were severe adhesions and so it was like removing Velcro. It was very delicate work to detach my gallbladder from the surrounding organs, and to add to the difficulty, it was a keyhole operation. My surgeon said he was amazed at the successful outcome.

"Even though I had only a few hours' sleep in the past 24 hours, that night in the hospital, I had a transformational experience. From high above me, six shimmering golden shafts of light came down to the operated area of my body. There was a powerful but pleasant sensation of being pulled up while these golden beams were floating on top of me. I don't know if I could have left my body, or what was happening, but I remember something you said on the recording that was grounding and made me realize I had a choice. Then, a great awareness came, and with it, an important insight. I had wondered why I had so many stressful health problems over the past four years and thought I must have done something terrible in a past life. A huge overwhelming kindness enveloped me, and a voice said, 'Don't feel like that. Everybody makes mistakes.' It was extraordinary, so deeply loving and assuring.

"Over the next few days, the hospital staff was surprised that I only needed to take Paracetamol for pain relief, and half the usual dosage at that. Also, they were astonished that I felt fine and was able to go home on the fourth day.

"There was a definite cosmic dimension to the whole experience which cushioned my fears and which I believe allowed me to be miraculously discharged so quickly, and with a very good outcome for a full recovery. It was like you orchestrated everything, or God did, or whatever. It was extraordinary."

A few days later, A. L. sent this update:

"I continue to improve and gain strength and also gained some much-needed weight. I listened to two of your other recordings, and they were like profound meditations and really centered me. I think you are absolutely remarkable. My husband and I send our love and thanks for all your help."
A. L.

More reports from your friends.

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April 30 Deadline Distance Healings Gifts

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  • This blessed blog was meant for me! Just had gallbladder surgery a few hours ago. Before surgery I was laying on prep bed and had overwhelming thoughts of the sadness I felt for loosing my gallbladder. I thanked it for serving me for so many years and I felt it had done a good job in trying to help me digest food and the world!
    Then I had thoughts from Suzanne about looking at the surgery as a sacred ceremony with the med team as priests and priestess’. When I went into the surgery room just before I went to lala land I felt the kind and caring energy of this team and their one pointed desire for a good outcome.
    I had earlier requested Suzannes help at this time and I could feel loving energy enveloping me. It was subtle, like a gentle wave washing over me.
    I’m not going to lie. I was scared as this was my first major surgery. And
    strange what doc said after surgery. There were signs from my body that it was trying to protect me from gallbladder. He said it was unusual!
    So now I must thank my body for all of its hard work.

    Linda Gauvin
  • Thank you for sharing these positive stories, it gives me hope for a miracle. I have chronic kidney disease and I dread going one day to dialysis. My mom did for 12 years until she passed away.
    Praying for a distance healing.

  • I was deeply moved by this amazing account of the woman’s surgery. Especially at the end when "A huge overwhelming kindness enveloped me, and a voice said, “Don’t feel like that. Everybody makes mistakes.” When I read this I was overwhelmed by this intense feeling of relief as I have wondered why I have such a multitude of health problems for over 30 years. And they still continue. I feel so blessed in my life. To be alive in this body is a miracle and I’m so grateful for all the blessings I continuely receive. Thank you Suzanne.

    Ray Farmilo
  • Love your beautiful paintings, Suzanne, and the encouraging healing story from A.L.’s surgery. Thanks!


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