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Important for your Health

If you or a loved one has problems with weight, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, fatigue, mood or overall health, please read the important research at the end of this blog post. First, I will share with you inspiration from Jenifer Fairchild, along with healing gifts for newsletter subscribers. 


I received a lovely email from Jenifer Fairchild, who shared her experiences with my Group Healings and Inner Circle Multimedia Library. I should note that there is no charge for either of these when you are receiving my Distance Healings.

"The best way I know how to describe how I feel during the Group Healing is 'plugged in.' It’s as though my energetic field is entrained with cosmic intelligence, and I’m lifted to a higher state of consciousness and bliss. It feels remarkable and lasts throughout the rest of the day, as though I’ve taken a dose of 'Felix Felicis' (for Harry Potter fans)—every action supported by the entire universe. Cooking lunch? Bliss! Washing the dishes? Heaven on earth! The insights and clarity I gain are precious and nourishing, and I am so thankful to you, Suzanne, for offering these Group Healings. I very much look forward to future ones :).

"I tend to experience my karmic returns quite viscerally. They can be quite jarring, disorienting and uncomfortable. Alternatively, when I began listening to Suzanne's recordings in her Inner Circle Multimedia Library, I experienced their effects—the clearing, healing and untying of knots—just as viscerally, which has been a true gift. Because of the way Suzanne frames her healings, I’ve watched my entire perspective become lighter and brighter and find myself focusing on ideal outcomes and wishing myself better throughout my days. It is a most pleasurable way to be, and I am deeply grateful for her offerings."

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Eight Healing Gifts

This month, newsletter subscribers have the opportunity to receive several gifts. All recipients will be selected by random pick from among my newsletter subscribers. The first three gifts are my Distance Healings. The other five gifts are invitations to my February 26 Group Healing. Watch for our emails If your name is picked, you need to respond within three days so that we can send you the invitation in time.

Please note that anyone who has a Distance Healing anytime between January 1 and February 22 will automatically receive the Group Healing invitation as a bonus and does not need to let us know if they will participate.

For Your Health

Research by Columbia University finally answers some important questions. Numerous earlier studies linked prolonged sitting to a wide range of health concerns, even if you exercise daily. They include dementia, obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, blood clots, cancer, back pain and indigestion. This new study answers crucial questions: How often do we need to move around? And for how long?

The new research was published on January 12 in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, the journal of the American College of Sports Medicine. It compared five activity options to find out what is the least amount of movement needed to counterbalance the hazardous effects of sitting too much. This small study tested five different exercise routines: one minute of walking after every 30 minutes of sitting, one minute after 60 minutes, five minutes every 30, five minutes every 60 and no walking. Guess which one gave the best results.


The Answer

A five-minute walk every half hour was able to offset much of the negative effects from sitting. This was the only option that significantly lowered both blood sugar and blood pressure. It is already known that exercise can help control blood sugar, but what this new study shows is how beneficial frequent short bouts of movement can be. The researchers were surprised the blood sugar spike after a meal was reduced by 58 percent when participants moved for five minutes every half an hour. In an NPR interview about this study, Dr. Robert Sallis said, "I have never seen that kind of drop in blood sugar, other than with medication."

One reason why I am covering this information is because many of you may not be aware that you are prediabetic or have high blood pressure. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one out of every three adults in the US has prediabetes, and nearly half have high blood pressure. Of the 96,000,000 American adults who have prediabetes, more than eight in 10 don't know it. Diabetes and high blood pressure are two key risk factors for heart disease, which is the leading cause of death worldwide. By moving around more, you could be saving your life.

In this study, all amounts of walking significantly reduced blood pressure by 4 to 5 mm Hg compared to sitting all day. This is a significant decrease, like what you would expect from exercising daily for six months, according to certified exercise physiologist Keith Diaz, PhD, Assistant Professor of Behavioral Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center and Director of the Exercise Testing Laboratory at the Center for Behavioral Cardiovascular Health.

Mood and Energy Level

The researchers also periodically measured participants’ levels of mood and fatigue during the testing. All walking regimens, except walking one minute every hour, led to significant decreases in fatigue and significant improvements in mood. Even if you do not have problems with blood sugar or blood pressure, who would not like to have more energy and feel happier?

Stay tuned for updates because the Columbia researchers are currently testing 25 different amounts of walking to determine outcomes for a wider variety of people.

The conclusion of this study is simple. For ideal health, you need to sit less and move regularly. I know some of you have trouble walking, so do whatever physical movement is comfortable. Even five minutes of activity spread throughout the day offers tremendous benefits.



Break Free and Feel Better

I challenge you to try an experiment for one day. If you would not be disturbing anyone, before you sit down, set a timer to go off every half an hour. When the alarm goes off, get up out of your killer chair and move around for five minutes. Do this every day for one week, then for one month. Hopefully you will continue indefinitely.

Before and after your experiment each day, note how you feel, your mood and your energy level. You could use a rating system with one representing the worst and 10 being the best. If you can, note your blood sugar and blood pressure before and after your daily experiment.

Inspire others to improve their health. Share your results in the Leave a Comment section below. You can use a pseudonym if you do not want to use your real name. You can also post your results on my Facebook page.

Explore ways to move more with your employer or schoolmates and loved ones. For example, walk when you talk. You are welcome to share this blog post.

Now start moving more and feeling better!

With love,



  • Thank you for posting this! Taking a walk every half hour has helped my mood, my sleep and overall sense of wellbeing. Thank you for your incredible healing work. After the last healing I experienced, I have experienced profound increases in creativity and peace of mind. Thank you!

  • Thank you for your healings! This post is a good reminder to keep moving!

    Jackie Rosenkranz
  • I walk for my work. I fulfill online orders for a major retail store and I walk the entire store and back stock rooms to pull each item in an order. In every department, men’s shoes, women’s shoes, beauty, sportswear, men’s suits, women’s fashion, kids, and jewelry I have friends with whom I chat and laugh and sometimes sing with, as I gather what I need and move on to the next department. The day goes quickly walking 12,000 to 15,000 steps per day, 4-5 days a week as I stir up joy throughout the store. I feel blessed!

    Michael Harrington
  • This is very timely for me – will establish the 30 minute routine now!

    John Shepheard
  • really like the timer suggestion because otherwise I space out and realize I’ve been sitting for hours. so far so good, I’m moving more.

    Mindy Goldstein

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