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Intuitive Process Painting

Suzanne B. Stryker artwork

©All Artwork by Suzanne B. Stryker

In this blog, I share intuitive insights I receive from my paintings. The above painting that I did many years ago is an example of what I call process painting. The purpose is not to paint a pretty painting, so I do not plan what I am going to paint. Instead, I enjoy the process, paint intuitively and am unconcerned with the outcome. The wonderful thing is that I can get insights during and after the process. This painting started out as a landscape, and then I found myself painting a funnel shape in the sky. They are too small to see, but to the lower right of the funnel are people rising up from the land, up into the air and then into this funnel. After finishing the painting, I realized that many people were going to be exiting the planet. Then Covid happened, and it all made sense.



With the above painting, I had a similar sense of people departing our planet, possibly due to natural disasters. At the top of the funnel are people getting sucked inside. I painted this before the concept of global warming was widely accepted. I think of this image when I read about devastating tornadoes and hurricanes.

Below is a new painting that has not been posted anywhere else. You are the first to see it. It goes perfectly with the recording topic below about the heart chakra, which is interesting because I created the artwork before the recording. Coincidentally, the color green is associated with the heart chakra.

A more refined value of the heart chakra is Hridaya, which is also translated as "heart." It is traditionally represented with eight petals and a deep-red fire region, both similar to my artwork. It is said that within Hridaya is the red wish-fulfilling tree, Kalpavriksha, which symbolizes the ability to manifest one's desires.


Healing for Heart Chakra and World

The latest addition to the Inner Circle Multimedia Library (free access with Distance Healings) is a healing for enlivening the power of universal love within us for the benefit of ourselves and our planet. It invokes the protection, guidance and support of our ancestors, all good teachers, God and all of God's helpers. It includes healings for our physical and emotional heart and body. It has Activations for:

  • Joy
  • Self-love
  • Peace
  • Unity
  • Balance
  • Appreciation
  • Harmony
  • Unconditional love

With love,



  • I’m an artist, I love what you’re saying!

    Henry Davidson
  • insightful, thank you.

    Kurt Ellis

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