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It Grabs Me

The white-blue sky
peeks at me
in between
the dark forest leaves.

It grabs me
brings me up.

Up, up
into the always
open arms
of white blue,

Into the eternal
of That.

Never minding
I have done,

Never concerned
about what I
will do,

for me,

at me
with the limbs
of white pines,

with undulating branches
of our weeping
willow tree,

through the
of the chickadee,

While patting
my back
with warm

Up, up
her lap
I ascend.

A child
has found

Tips and Tools

What you put your attention on gets enlivened and nourished. Water a fruit tree and it will flourish and produce delicious fruits. The purpose of this section is to nourish your own experiences so that your life flourishes.

I think of an experience as a treasure chest or gift. A treasure chest is not useful until you open it. I use writing as a tool to open and unwrap that gift, to unpack layers of insights, and to appreciate and understand the hidden treasures inside.

It's helpful to record your experiences, feelings, shifts and insights. The process of expressing subtle experiences in concrete words draws them out and integrates them on all levels so that they are more accessible. Writing helps you connect the dots in your internal world, expand your awareness and enliven your inner guru.

For maximum benefit, reflect on the following and then write down your reflections:

  1. Look at the above images of my artwork. Do you see a hidden face in one of them?

  2. Imagine that you are sitting in the lap of your own personal Divine Mother. Feel Her protection and support. Know that She is always with you and loves you. What words of encouragement would you like to hear from Her?

  3. Imagine that your physical body is your baby. Put her into your lap and love her like your own child. Love her no matter how she looks or acts. Love her even though she is not perfect. What words of wisdom would you tell your beloved child?

  4. Focusing too much on the past or the future can result in feelings of depression or anxiety. One way to bring yourself into the present is to notice details. Take a few minutes and notice the details in your surroundings: the colors and shapes of things, the patterns of light and dark, the temperature and humidity, the sounds and fragrances.

  5. Examine how your place feels on a subtle level. Describe its qualities. Is that how you want your place to feel? What changes could you make to improve the feeling level? Would reducing clutter help?  Would putting sacred images and photos of loved ones on an altar make it feel better? Would paintings of beautiful landscapes open up your space? 

Remember to write down your reflections on the above and give examples from your own life so you connect your own dots inside. You're welcome to share your reflections, your experiences and relevant quotes in the Comment Section at the bottom of this page. 


What Your Friends Are Saying 

"I am so grateful for the help with my mother! Anyone who receives Suzanne's attention benefits greatly. If she puts her attention on a rock, she could make it hop!"
Pat Hardigree


 June Oliver
"The doctors were very surprised at how quickly my mother's kidneys recovered for a 95-year-old. Her nausea is gone, she's eating well and she's walking well with her walker. She even beat me at Scrabble! I'm very grateful and lucky to know Suzanne."
June Oliver


"My daughter had her baby at home and was in labor only 5 hours, quite short for the first child. Her husband, my wife, two midwives and a doula helped my daughter perfectly in kindness and lots of love. Later, they said that they'd never seen a family work so well together and with them. My daughter is doing so well with the baby. She's matured so much, and has become more thoughtful, patient and independent as Suzanne has been doing the Distance Healings. Thank you so much! Remarkable steps! She's having fewer big swings of high and low, and they're shorter. Lots of growth!"
Don Harkey


Lynda Ruth
 "The only thing I’ve done differently for my cancer is regular treatments from Suzanne. Over the months, my test results gradually improved to normal. It’s been two years now and I am still cancer-free."
Lynda Ruth

Mitchell Price
 "My health was deteriorating rapidly and Suzanne helped turn that around. I think she saved my life."
Mitchell Price


Barry McNickle
“Thank you for the last Distance Healing. It was very encouraging. I have already lost 10 pounds."
Barry McMickle


Donald Sosin Testimonial
"Thanks so much. It was a soothing experience. Very inspiring insights about my work came through. You are wonderful. Life is wonderful. All  this is wonderful."  
Donald Sosin  


Rich Sims
"As Suzanne started speaking, I felt love fill me and the entire room and everywhere else. Her soft words dissipated the pessimism and cynicism that I have been feeling lately. She gave me exactly what I needed. I'm feeling transformed. Thank you!"
Rich Sims


"Suzanne is very good at holding space for healing to occur. I felt her calming energy. She is the ONLY one to confirm my feeling of what has been happening to me for a couple of years."
Walt Ingvoldstad


With love,



  • So grateful for the balance I feel after reading your words and gazing at your paintings.

  • The questions are very timely for me. I have just lost a mentor and teacher this week who was my “Mother is at Home”
    person. She was also a writer and was always having us put our experiences in writing or in artwork. If I sat with Mother Divine I would want her to tell me that I have nothing to be afraid of. And that she’s got my back!
    And since I have had health issues I have been talking to my body and asking it what it needs from me. I also let it know how grateful I am that it has gotten me this far. And that goes hand in hand with working on being here now. Hard to do when health is not great. I will try your idea.
    As for my home, it is always my sacred space reflecting my feelings along with my pics of Maharishi and Guru Dev and my artwork too.

    Linda Gauvin
  • I feel changed after reading your words!

    Benny Fiatino
  • Here’s a joke a friend on Purusha shared:

    I found out that I am already enlightened. It’s just that I’m asymptomatic.
  • Dear Suzanne,

    I love your poem and art blend. Fells so good in my heart.



    Jim Rocca

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