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My Eyes Can Eat Pastries with Bobcats

My Experience

My eyes can eat pastries
I don't need to put them in my mouth
to experience the sweetness
which I already am.


I've been booked solid with appointments and didn't think I had time to write, but the above pastrial words were rattling around in my head and refused to be quiet. They demanded I write. I surrendered. I wrote. I felt the sudden impulse to look out the window. I was rewarded for surrendering and following that impulse.

Just 15 feet south of me, I saw an unfamiliar creature walking across our yard. It had a rich golden coat with dark spots all over. It was about three times the size of our last housecat, had much longer legs and bigger feet. Its perky ears were tufted and its short tail tipped in black.

Was I seeing a bobcat in broad daylight, in our backyard? I had never heard of anyone seeing a bobcat where we live.

Some cultures believe when an animal does something unusual it is bringing to you the gift of its characteristics and spiritual significance, its power and wisdom. Study its attributes and if they resonate with you, you know you're on the right track.The first things I read about bobcats caught my attention. Some Native American tribes associate bobcats with the South. My bobcat was directly south of me. Bobcats are associated with the color red. A few hours ago, I emailed one of my assistants a request to have my phone session appointments appear in my calendar in red. 

Bobcats are rarely seen because they are elusive and nocturnal. A bobcat represents the unseen yet all-powerful aspect of life, the inner stillness of our true Self. The bobcat has many other attributes, such as sharp hearing and vision and a keen sense of smell. Maybe it smelled my pastries.

One of the spiritual gifts from the bobcat is to enhance your ability to see beyond what the eyes can see, to see through all things and reveal the hidden messages and meaning. With quiet patience true wisdom shines forth. All this fits perfectly with what I do and even the name of my website, RevealWisdom.com.

A complementary gift from the bobcat is the ability to know when to act, to quickly pounce upon opportunity when it presents itself. Just yesterday I quickly pounced upon an unexpected opportunity. The appearance of the bobcat in my backyard was a confirmation and gift for doing that. Nature rewards us when we are prepared and have the foresight and courage to swiftly act.

My Wish for You

May you follow your intuitive insights, may you find yourself in the right place at the right time. When opportunity knocks may you have the courage to open the door and enjoy its rewards.

Tips and Tools

  • You can eat pastries with your eyes. Try it! All the senses are connected like the fingers of your hand. You really don't have to eat sweets to experience sweetness. Learn how to refine your senses and you will see (pun intended).
  • The basis for experiencing sweetness in life is developing inner fulfillment, bliss. For that, it's helpful to practice a type of meditation that gets rid of stress because stress strangles our joy and potential from being fully realized.
  • Next time you eat, don't do anything else while eating. That means don't look at your smart phone, computer, TV or read. Try eating consciously, enjoying your food, noticing the subtleties of taste, texture and aroma. Do it for one week and see how you feel. At first it will be an adjustment if you have been used to outer stimulation while eating. But then you will find food will be more satisfying and your digestion will improve.
  • Over time I may post some tips for how to transform bad habits into good, such as sugar addiction, excessive screen time, going to bed late, alcohol etc. If you are struggling with such issues, elicit the support of a friend and/or local program. If you still need help, set up a Phone Session.


"For 25 years, I ate uncontrollably and I gained 100 pounds, which caused me great misery. I went to eating disorder clinics and support groups and did all the work suggested to no avail. After Suzanne put her attention on this, I haven't had any episodes of binge eating and it's been four months. It's a miracle!"
Jean Tremblay

"Thank you for the last long distance healing. It was very encouraging. I have already lost 10 pounds."
Barry McMickle

 "I have more peace and ease on an ongoing basis. Suzanne has such purity and a naturally high vibration that brings an initiation of blessings. I am more able to be in a mode of self-care and am able to choose better for well-being. This has been blocked for a long time but I hope to become very good at this."
Doreen Reid

 "I feel much love and gratitude for Suzanne's Vedic presence in our lives. She is a great gift."
Becky Jacobs



"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature."
Joseph Campbell

With love,


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  • This was good timing to read this because an opportunity has presented itself recently and I was feeling for some unknown reason some hesitancy, but I feel empowered to move forward.

    Sunita Singh
  • Your story made me think about some of my unusual experiences with animals. What you said about how they bring you the gifts of their characteristics––that resonates with me because it’s happened.

    Krista Mayer
  • The eating consciously technique that you suggested was challenging for me for the first few days because I’m used to watching something while I eat, but then I started to enjoy feeling more settled inside and that carried over afterwards, like being refreshed from a little mini vacation. An added bonus has been I’ve lost a few pounds. In retrospect, it seems obvious to pay attention to whatever it is you’re doing.

    Nigel Groover
  • I noticed some of your customers and their testimonials mentioned they have lost weight. I wonder if maybe your healing work somehow satisfies them so they don’t need to eat so much.

    Monty G.
  • Hi Suzanne,

    Your new recordings are great. Blissful, subtle and effective. Right to the point of helping us address and dissolve some of our unconscious ways that subdue our own inner bliss. Thank you.

    Kathy and Bob Butler

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