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My Happy Feet Can Sing

I love to walk, wiggle, move. For me, moving is a magnifier. I blossom as bliss in motion, overflowing devotion, oneness in supreme love. I feel like a boat moving through layers of holy happiness that grace this wondrous place.

Wherever I walk, it seems like I step into a lake of luminous ecstasy that, upon contact, comes to life and quivers with bliss. Experiences range from delicate jello-like quivers to enormous earthquakes of ecstasy that rock the universe with undulating euphoria. I feel so inebriated, I am surprised that I don’t fall over or melt into pure absolute.

As I amble along, it feels like my happy feet caress the ground with appreciation and love, and that feels normal. What seems a bit unusual is it feels like the ground, Mother Nature herself, loves me back. It is like she massages my feet each time they touch the ground and caresses and kneads love into my soles, s-o-l-e and s-o-u-l. This mutual caressing and adoring make walking feel like a gift from God, as if I am a walking yagya, a sacred ceremony.

Sometimes as I stroll along, when my foot meets the ground, it is like long lost lovers finally meet, finally reunite, after lifetimes of searching. Radha finally finds her beloved Krishna, my self meets my divine Self. I cry happy tears inside with this dance of love. I find all this play, all creation in my Self and that feels natural. The miracle seems to be that I also experience my Lord within my Self. I don’t know how imperfection can experience perfection, but I do and I love it.

This divine dance comes complete with music. As I mosey along, melodious humming, soothing Vedic sounds murmur sweetly in my awareness. These waves of holy Vedic hymns are pure, glorious, and beyond human. I am listening to perfection. 

These experiences nourish and support me like nothing else does. They are my real sustenance and food. They penetrate into the dark folds of life and find the sweetness there within.

You can listen to me tell the above experience by fast forwarding this video interview to around 1:56:00. 

Tips and Tools

  • Experience what I call "bliss in motion". Take a walk. Just let the mind be easy and naturally notice what is going on as you walk. Do not try to clear your mind of all thoughts as that is a thought in itself and can create strain.
  • You do not need to follow a specific formula or try to make a certain experience happen. Just be aware of what is happening. This brings you into the present which is calming to the mind. Don't worry if thoughts come and go. It is the nature of the mind to think. Just enjoy whatever happens.
  • What you notice will probably be different, but here is an example of what you might experience when you take a walk. You might notice what your body is doing. You lift your right thigh to take a step forward. Your right heel touches the ground. Your weight shifts from the ball of your foot to your toes. You enjoy the support the ground offers. The thought comes that the ground has always been there for you, fundamental to your every step but until now you never appreciated it. Periodically your chest and diaphragm move as you inhale and exhale. The thought comes that you automatically know how to breathe even though you don't fully understand the mechanics. What a miracle. You enjoy drinking the sweet air. You notice the scenery around you...



"I must express how interesting a month it has been and I do not believe it is a coincidence that Suzanne’s Distance Healings have also happened this month. In the past I have often witnessed profound synchronicities between my interests/desires and their manifestation in this world. This past month has presented more profound manifestations than ever before and they've come with the greatest of ease. I feel that I've made great spiritual strides this month and I am more connected to my Self than I ever have been before. It is also a wonder how I have easily shed poor habits which I knew were holding me back. I have found myself deeply drawn to Vedic literature this month as well and I have come to finally begin to understand it. I know that I must attribute this personal growth to God but Suzanne's Distance Healings have happened to coincide with the transition into the greatest I've ever felt. Thank you from my heart." 
Stephen Siemens


"On Thursday, I had a warm tingly feeling in the crown of my head that lasted a few minutes—no white light or fireworks, but very pleasant and encouraging. Today, Sunday, I have this sense that I may have slipped into an awakened state. Nothing much happens, but I just feel really simple and peaceful, and when I close my eyes, I experience bliss. This world is endlessly fascinating. How do I know if it is true? Wait and see? Lots of gratitude."
Robert G.

 "I do generally feel better and I believe that the Distance Healings play a large part in this though it's such a subtle thing that it's easy to dismiss it as a coincidence. What's not such a subtle thing is my relationship to God in manifest form has very much become lively. And there is more knowingness about important things when I put my attention on them."
Louis Northcutt

 "My previous healings have been so supportive. I feel the energetic inflow and I so appreciate you Suzanne. Thank you in advance for these next ones." 
Suzanne H. 


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    • Bliss in Motion. I like the concept and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

      Andrea Gifford
    • I got high just from reading this, thank you so much. Your experience is what what I’ve been looking for—for a long time.

      Cody Eason
    • Each line you wrote is so incredibly exquisite.

      Steve Krause
    • Wow! You transported me.

      Jean Harrington
    • Finally, someone that has some juice. Divine juice.


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