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The Portable Sanctuary, the Beginning of Creation, New Paintings and 10 Healing Gifts

Gifts! I love to give. I will be gifting 10 Distance Healings. See the highlighted section below for how to qualify.

Finally! I was able to find words to describe some of the unusual and abstract experiences that I have been promising for a while to write for you. To go along with that theme, I created new abstract paintings for you to enjoy. Before we venture into abstraction, check out Kathy and Bob Butler's report. I love how it provides practical details, and so concisely.

"My mental clarity and access to word retrieval improved markedly with our recent Distance Healing sessions. My husband, whose confusion and inability to access words is pronounced, definitely noticed improvements in his mental clarity, word retrieval and cognitive functioning. On the day he was being treated, he was able to coordinate the various physical, mental and neurological abilities needed to play a chord by himself on his new baritone ukelele for the first time—quite an accomplishment for someone with 20 years of Parkinson’s disease. Mind and body connection! Hurrah! Thank you, Suzanne!"

Kathy and Bob Butler

More reports from your friends.

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For You

My teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, told me to share my experiences with the whole world. If he is correct that I am a catalyst, then hopefully you will benefit on some level. Because my readers come from various traditions, countries and backgrounds, I have simplified my very abstract experiences as follows:

During and after a recent Group Healing, my experiences were similar to ones I have had since the 1970's. I could not find any boundaries to my awareness; I was everywhere simultaneously; I pervaded all. On a subtle level, my body was made of gems of consciousness, pulsating in beautiful light.

The Pristine State

Next, I perceived the primordial state of creation in real time, along with the clear memory of being present when existence was pure, the beginning of creation. This memory has always resided in my awareness. The present also contained the past, along with everything and every time. Déjà vu to the max. I was alert consciousness perceiving existence in its uncontaminated state, pregnant with limitless potential.

This pristine state was full of light, yet it was silent. It glowed with self-luminous brilliance. All of universal knowledge was quietly present, in macroscopic and microscopic detail. Every rishi, every mode of consciousness that cognizes truth, was awake. I was the whole and all parts.

The Vital Force of Life

While I have had these types of experiences for some time, a new gift unfolded. In that pristine state, breathing took on a higher level. In that pure and good atmosphere, I was breathing the vital force of life itself. What a magical elixir!

Fortunately, this vital force has been repeatedly accessible. It is as if I have found a window that lets in this fresh purifying air, a cosmic cleaner that automatically restores, rejuvenates and sanctifies.

Another feature of this pristine state that I so enjoy is the assistance of universal intelligence and all the laws of nature, in other words, God and all God's helpers. They are not outside of my Self; they are divine qualities in that oneness. I thank God and God's helpers for helping me help others. They do the heavy lifting. If I did not have friends in high places, I do not see how people could get the results they do with my healing work. Certainly, my little intellect could not figure out what each person needs or how to make that happen.

My Portable Sanctuary

I feel like I have a sanctuary that is always with me, a portable sanctuary that exists in all places. No matter how awful the world gets, in an instant, the hard edges of terribleness disappear, and I am there in that pure beauty and truth. The ultimate comfort and refuge.

I welcome everyone into this sanctuary.

Integration Exercises

  1. Imagine a world with no pollution, physical or mental. Imagine a world untainted by negativity. That level of purity is available on the level of consciousness, irrespective of what is going on in the world today. Without the pollution of ignorance, there is nothing to stand in the way of pure knowledge.
  2. Right now, and whenever you think of it, have the intention that you are breathing in the pure vital force of life when you inhale. Let it cleanse and rejuvenate your entire being and then exhale the old you out.
  3. To help enliven all the above experiences in your own life, slowly read these experiences again while imagining them for yourself. 

Your Thoughts

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April 30 Deadline Distance Healings Gifts

I will gift a total of 10 Distance Healings. Five of you will each receive two Distance Healings from me. To be eligible, by April 30 follow these instructions.



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  • I feel so much good energy when reading about your experiences and what others have gained from your healing work (joy!) I’m grateful to have found you and we have some similarities that I will share with you sometime!

  • Beautiful artwork! Thank you for the exercises. This I can relate to and make my own and to use with intentions of goodness and love for my children. Thank you very much.

  • Suzanne’s recent experiences inspire me to wake up and remember Who I Am! Thank you also for your beautiful paintings and stories.

  • Thank you so much for sharing these profound experiences and for giving us tools to enliven similar experiences in our own consciousness. Reading this has been a great inspiration. Grateful to have a glimpse of the glory that awaits.

    Helene Darisse
  • So inspiring. I love the descriptions and artwork. Thank you.


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