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The Difference between Heaven and Hell

In this blog post, I highlight the basic difference between heaven and hell. I also provide information about the next Group Healing and other healing gifts for newsletter subscribers.

First, some inspiration from Juliana:

"Please pass my heartfelt thanks to Suzanne and to all of you on her team. As a family, it has been wonderful to receive Suzanne’s attention. My shoulder mobility has effortlessly improved this last week, and my son’s Distance Healing just happened to be scheduled for his 16th birthday! We are a pretty harmonious little unit, but asking for an opening to receive Suzanne’s assistance for whatever is needed seems to have given us all a nudge toward a new, even more positive phase. May these benefits become limitless and heal all beings, causing all suffering to cease."

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The Difference between Heaven and Hell

The previous blog post began with my childhood story of reluctantly agreeing to play with my nine-year-old friend and her new tea set. Doing so was not my cup of tea, but I wanted to practice the Golden Rule principle, which I had just learned. As we pretended to sip tea, I realized that it was the perfect opportunity to do what I really wanted, discuss the Golden Rule and the implications of treating others with kindness and respect.

Many years later, while sipping herbal tea, I was reminded of the Golden Rule when I noticed on the back of my tea box an illustration of the allegory of long spoons. It depicted the difference between heaven and hell. When forced to eat with long spoons, those who do not cooperate, suffer and starve as a result. They truly live in hell.

But the diners who use the long spoons to feed one another all enjoy and are nourished. They live in heaven.

I discovered that in the folklore of several cultures, the Golden Rule is taught by the parable of the long spoons. Versions of this parable are found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and other traditions. In the Chinese version, the diners are trying to eat rice with long chopsticks. In other variations, the people have appropriately sized cutlery but cannot bend their arms, so they cannot bring food to their own mouths. The moral of these variations is the same—cooperation leads to happiness; selfishness leads to misery.

If we extend (pun intended) the long spoon parable to living in a world with limited resources, the groups of people who treat each other well will create a nourishing environment, whereas those who are selfish will create unpleasant conditions. Where do you choose to be?



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  • I have heard of the golden rule. I have never heard of the Ling Spoons story. I like the Long Spoons story better. It brings the point closer to home in application. Thanks for sharing.

  • We all choose to be in the sharing environment. I guess without the limitations that are set externally, we would be there already. Now we ware learning that we actually can set what we want. Exciting times.

  • A few months ago I was given an opportunity to visit the various hellish regions via a protective glass tube elevator. I was safe in the tube, but I didn’t want to stay too long. As we came back up to the surface levels of Hell, I saw a group of Spartan warriors who seemed to recognize me and were calling my name and waving to me. I was shown that even though they had been fighting to save their country from the Persians, the fact that they killed others, even in self-defense, was enough to switch them down into the first level of Hell. Others who enjoyed killing were much deeper down in Hell. So, when I got back up to the light side, I used an energy from Divine Mother to purify, cleanse, and heal the good Spartans and they immediately popped back up to the light side and were free to resume their journey through life. I found it interesting that killing another human is a sin, even in self-defense, that results in going to Hell, so it’s important to have learned Divine Energies to purify oneself in case things like this happen.

    John Chandler
  • I love the parable of the long spoons. I used to teach elementary school and one year we emphasized the golden rule and taught how this is taught in every culture and religion in the world, so let’s live it ❤️

    Karla DuVall
  • The parable of the long spoon is One that they should teach kids in school. I particularly like your ending “If we extend (pun intended) the long spoon parable to living in a world with limited resources, the groups of people who treat each other well will create a nourishing environment, whereas those who are selfish will create unpleasant conditions. Where do you choose to be?”

    Angela Bartoli

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