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Winners of Free Distance Healings

Suzanne B. Stryker Original Art

 All Artwork by Suzanne B. Stryker

The recipients of the recent contest to win free Distance Healings are (drumroll please):

  • Linda Gauvin 
  • Hulya Seckin
  • Suzanne Gorley
  • Jen Fairchild 
  • Hamish Davidson

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who entered the contest and shared lovely comments!

 All Artwork by Suzanne B. Stryker

More Contest to Win Distance Healings

There will be many more opportunities to win Distance Healings. Announcements will be made in my upcoming newsletters. If you are not getting the newsletters, enter your email by the Subscribe button below.

With love,



  • I read in your newsletter you’re going to have drawings each month for invitations for your group healings. It says you will email us if our name is drawn. I will be checking my emails regularly!

    Melissa Post
  • I hope you will have more of these, because I’ve heard from several friends who say they have benefited from your healings.

    Tom Dickerson
  • Thank you so much for this gift. I am deeply greatful.

    Linda Gauvin
  • Such a blessing, thank you so much for this wonderful gift! Suzanne’s work resonates deeply with me and my family.

    Hulya Seckin
  • Thank you so much for the gift of these two sessions, Suzanne! Such a generous thing to do, and much appreciated.

    Suzanne Gorley

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