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You are invited to a Holiday Buffet

Holiday Christmas Buffet
  Wednesday, December 25
12 – 1:30 PM
Main Dining Hall (Student Dining Room)
Maharishi International University   Argiro Student Center
1000 N. 4th St.
Fairfield, Iowa

Happy Holidays in advance! You are invited to join us for a delicious organic vegetarian buffet on Christmas Day. It's easy. Make new friends and you don't have to cook or clean up!

The feast will be in Maharishi International University Argiro Student Center main dining hall, the student dining room. (Maharishi University of Management changed their name back to Maharishi International University on December 11, 2019.) We are having it at the University because some people on campus do not have cars or family around. The holidays can feel a little empty if you don't have anyone to celebrate it with so please feel free to pass this invitation along to your friends and acquaintances. Many people bring friends and pay for their meals. We want everyone to feel cared for and loved during this time and all times!

Use your meal badge or $15 or a meal ticket + $5. The holiday buffet is $5 more to cover costs for this sumptuous buffet. If you can't afford the cost, I have some Christmas buffet passes available on a first-come first-served basis. On Christmas day, please ask the lunch cashier at Argiro. 

If you would like to donate for Thanksgiving or Christmas meals, please let us know.

You don't need to respond if you have other plans or even if you're coming; just show up. You don't need to bring anything. I will put candles on two long rows of tables in the student dining room. Hopefully all of us will be able to sit together, but let's be flexible so we don't disturb other people's lunches or feelings.

Let's spread our joy and love far and wide, extending our family to embrace everyone.