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An Inspiring Story

©Artwork by Suzanne B. Stryker

Wonderful Emails and Distance Healing Gifts

I received a lovely email from a lady who has been receiving my Distance Healings on a regular basis and her heart was overflowing with gratitude and generosity. She has decided to sponsor five people so they will each receive two of my Distance Healings. The recipients will be chosen by random pick from among my newsletter subscribers. Watch for our email If your name is picked, you need to respond within three days so that we can send you the invitation in time.


I particularly like the following email because it provides detailed facts about the changes noted:

"I spent several hours in the emergency room with serious premature ventricular contractions (PVC), tachycardia and some atrial fibrillation. The premature ventricular contractions were in the danger zone of 24%. One could die if this were to continue or worsen. It took another several weeks to get the cardiologist appointment and subsequent further testing, which confirmed the initial data. Meanwhile, my heart had given me severe night sweats and other issues, once again indicating nighttime A-Fib runs. This was not good. Then I had a session with Suzanne, and by the next morning, my heart was 98% better, my PVCs dropped to 1% and my night sweats left and no tachycardia. After two Distance Healing sessions with Suzanne, I have improved again. I am looking forward to future healing sessions."

M. S.

With love,


  • There is no doubt that this was a healing from Suzanne. What a beautiful gift to be able to share with those who need help.

    Helene Darisse
  • No surprise that you received heartfelt thanks for this healing. How gratifying to be positioned by the Divine to offer the gift of a modern miracle!

    Kathleen Worcester
  • What an amazing and uplifting story! I hope she continues to receive distant healings to improve her health. Very inspiring!

    Tiffany Eames

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