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Excerpts from Trading Places with God


A word about God. God has different names in different traditions. Whenever I mention the word "God," please feel free to substitute whatever name of God works for you. If even the word "God" makes you feel uncomfortable, substitute in your mind and heart whatever concept feels natural to you such as spirit, universal love, mother nature or cosmic intelligence. If you have a non-dualist inclination, please consider that you can have a love affair with the Supreme Self and not step out of unity for a moment. The lover and the beloved can unite and be one.



Below are a few excerpts from my audio, "Trading Places with God." This audio is available to anyone who is currently receiving a Distance Healing.



My relationship with God is odd. A relationship takes two. I experience One. I look hard but I can’t find anything outside of that Oneness. All is my Self with a capital "S". When it comes to God, perhaps out of respect, I place God so high in my awareness that He/She/It is almost out of reach. Almost. The only appropriate place for God seems to be in a sacred realm. No humans allowed. I don’t understand how, but by some miracle, my awareness can approach that sacred realm.


In 1976, God left His imprint on my heart. The crude winds of time have not erased it. I see and feel Him behind the scenes, adding meaning and love to my life. I appreciate God and His creation so much that I feel a friendly family feeling with everything.

The way I normally experience God is like having a beloved companion and guardian around all the time. He replaces the sterility and monotony of oneness with sweet bliss and love. He gets me out of my head and into my heart. Typically, I wouldn't describe my experiences of God any further because it's too tender and personal. Perhaps because the following experience is unusual, abstract and brings in different points of view, I venture forth to share with you.

In an instant, my point of view changed radically. I was like a child who had fallen asleep during a car trip and woke up in vacationland! Dazed, I found myself in a new place. I found myself inside God seeing through His eyes! How could this be? A moment ago, I sat as a little person in a large dome. A moment later, I was inside God. Instead of being near the altar of my Lord, I was in the altar. The hair on my subtle body stood on end.


Self-conscious of my mere humanness and the old sweatpants I wore, I wondered, “Am I clean and pure enough to be here in God, in this most sacred of all places?” Since I couldn’t put the experience on pause to go purify myself, I decided to look around inside God.


The rubber bands of my mind and senses stretched and broke. I felt like a child on her father’s shoulders. I saw beyond what was humanly possible....


[This ends the excerpts from my audio "Trading Places with God."]

With love,



  • Ineffable joy. Ineffable beauty. Thank you Suzanne for the catalytic effect. Again and again. The silent portal of your paintings. How I am missing and appreciating, longing and receiving all at the same time. Bless you.

    Margaret Kesterson
  • I could gaze at the blue square painting for hours. It feels like the gift that keeps on giving, and representative of your experience shared here. Thank you warmly, Suzanne

  • I really enjoy the last three art pieces as my favourite.

    Kevin D
  • Thank you for sharing. I so appreciated my personal session with you some time ago.

    Suzanne Gorley
  • Thank you for sharing your experiences. Somehow, by listening to them, it has enlivened something within me. It is a sweet familiarity. I especially appreciated your comments about your sweatpants. The sheer enormity of your experience along with the recognition that it is a part of the mundane. Thank you for sharing that!

    Linda Gauvin

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