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From Grim to Grin

Forty-eight years ago
I took on the burden
of healing humanity.

I pushed myself.
I worked hard
night and day.

But I didn’t want to examine
what was inside
this enormous burden.

I didn’t want to look
too closely
at what might be within.

I didn't want to experience
the coldness of loneliness
or the darkness of helplessness.

I didn't want to experience
the tightness of poverty
or the fire of hatred.

I didn't want to experience
the pain of sickness
or the devastation of war

Lest it pull me in
to its bottomless pit
lest it pull others in more.

Tonight, finally, I faced IT
this burden
I’ve carried every day.

I turn it inside out
upside down
and outside in.

It’s full of emptiness!
It doesn’t contain
a burden at all!

I only see ONE thing
in this eternal sack
slung over my shoulder.

I only see ONE.
I only see
love smiling back at me.


"Suzanne's healings have been a miracle for Michael. He has been responding very well. He wasn't even able to lift himself up and now he can. This helps me, because I have a bad back. So my back is starting to heal! His pain level has gone from 10 to 5/6. His mind is a bit clearer too, so he can be more engaged in life. We are looking forward to more miracles! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Evelyn Perricone


"This last healing you did yesterday felt like it allowed me to re-cog-nize my own divinity. First by seeing it then by stepping into it and being it. Secondly, that divine experience spontaneously radiated in all directions for everyone and everything. I am the overflowing cup. Radiating divinity to all. I find myself simply resting in that state."
Jim Rocca


"Suzanne faithfully supported us during Bob’s healing process with Parkinson’s disease. Suzanne is blessed with a rare gift. She is able to perceive creation at its finest level, where she can direct her attention to help with the mitigation of karma."
Kathy Butler


"Suzanne is very sweet and helpful. I felt my mind moving, wrinkling and purifying several times while we were talking. I'm certain it was due to her Pure Self spontaneously working on me. Keep it up! I really want/need to be perfected more and more. I'm spiritually growing leaps and bounds since she started the Distance Healings and the growth continues with the Distance Healing that she is doing for my family and friends!"
Don Harkey


With love,



  • I feel like a new person <3

  • The first time I read this, I did so quickly skating across the surface and skirting the depths. I made my self read it again, really taking it in, and have been laughing/crying for the past 5 minutes. I can feel the depth and truth reverberating in my soul, and each time I read the ‘I didn’t want to experience’ parts, I’m finding such compassion, feeling what’s behind them. I’m so grateful to be alive at this time, with you, Suzanne. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

  • You add light to the world with your brilliant experiences. Thank you so much, I find them inspiring that there is someone like you out there. Makes me want to meditate regularly.

    Leroy Thomason
  • I love looking at your artwork. It’s so cool that you illustrate your beautiful poems with your art. Nice combo.

    Mary Ling
  • Oneness to the rescue!

    Martin Hobart

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