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I Am the Whisper

©Artwork by Suzanne B. Stryker

In their own way, flowers speak to me. Below I share some of what they say.

The flowers in my garden
are my children.

I nourish them
throughout their lives.

I love them daily
with my eyes.

I help them
through transitions.

I am there
when they grow old.

The flowers in my garden
are my teachers.

In silence
they share their secrets.

In my heart
they enliven the truth.

I am the softness
of their new petals.

I am the nectar
that feeds the bees.

I am the scent
that heals the heart.

I am the whisper
of their falling leaves.


 "My health was deteriorating rapidly, and Suzanne helped turn that around. I think she saved my life."
Mitchell Price


"I appreciate Suzanne's care very much. My pain has eased in my left leg and lower back. I feel much more lightness and gentleness in my life, and I am learning to regulate my activity. Thank you very much."
Annie Fouilhac


"During the two weeks of Distance Healings, I felt as if a powerful yagya [sacred ceremony] was performed for me."
Rochette Gilles


"I ordered my mother a series of three healings. She didn’t know about it, but when I talked to her she said she felt more energetic and uplifted but didn’t know why."
Sam Campbell


With love,



  • This poem softened my heart

  • Thank you for this poem

  • After my first distance healing by Suzanne, my internal high stresslevel that had been my companion for many years (25 yrs) just flew away, disappeared. I did not notice at first but the following morning I suddenly wondered what was different in my life. I was peaceful, without this agonising and painful stress. I was finally at peace and could meet my day and life in that light. A gift with that can not be monetary valued but utterly grateful for. Thank you!

    Birgitta Jonsson
  • Dear Suzanne, when I saw the title of your blog post “I Am the Whisper”, my curiosity drew me to read it. What a lovely, delicate painting of your flowers, and beautiful images you paint with words in every line, expressing your deep, intimate connection and oneness with your garden flowers. When I read the last line, “I am the whisper of their falling leaves”, I felt a deep resonant shiver in my heart. I sense there are many messages that my flowers, the trees, the wind, the ocean and all life forms in the natural world all around me have to whisper to me. I need to take the time to be still and open to hear them, and write them down. Thank you for inspiring me!

    Barbara Lovejoy
  • I love the poem about the lovely flowers. They teach us the cycle of birth, life and death. I’ve been keeping my dead flowers longer as they fade to see their beauty in their later stage. I’m in my later stages of this birth and also am appreciating my mature years which includes some fading just like the flowers. xoxo Andrea

    Andrea E Eagles

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