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I Am the Whisper

©Artwork by Suzanne B. Stryker

In their own way, flowers speak to me. Below I share some of what they say.

The flowers in my garden
are my children.

I nourish them
throughout their lives.

I love them daily
with my eyes.

I help them
through transitions.

I am there
when they grow old.

The flowers in my garden
are my teachers.

In silence
they share their secrets.

In my heart
they enliven the truth.

I am the softness
of their new petals.

I am the nectar
that feeds the bees.

I am the scent
that heals the heart.

I am the whisper
of their falling leaves.


  • I met you in the seventies in Switzerland. Even then, you had a reputation for having Vedic cognitions and experiences of unity. From what I’ve read in your website About Page, you have never lost that exalted of consciousness. Amazing!

    John G.
  • What a way you have with words! So beautiful. Thank you!

    Bernie McCorkle

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