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My Last Conversation with Maharishi, Part 1 of 4

In this blog post, I share my last conversation with my teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Before I do that, here is an uplifting report from June Oliver:


After doing Distance Healings for June Oliver's son, I received this report:

"I spoke with my son today, and he says he has not needed any pain medication for the last couple of weeks and is sleeping through the night. He is very far down the road to full recovery. Thank you always for your wonderful healing attention. I am grateful to you and to Maharishi for encouraging you to share your gifts."

Later, I got this update from June:

"Thank you for helping Peter these last couple of months. We just returned from a visit with him, and he is doing very well. He is out of pain and well mended and is his usual sunny self. I appreciate you helping him over that rough period!"



My Last Conversation with Maharishi, Part 1

Since 1972, I have told Maharishi hundreds of experiences. He was especially interested in the Vedic ones and gave beautiful explanations of how Veda is not a collection of books but is actually pure knowledge and the infinite organizing power inherent in pure knowledge. Sometimes he described Veda as the central switchboard of all possibilities and other times as the home of all the impulses of creative intelligence. He liked that my awareness was naturally on this level and remarked that I was having a positive effect on others. In this video, I give a more complete explanation of what I mean by "Veda."


I was fortunate to speak again with Maharishi shortly before he passed away in 2008. He was regularly calling to hear our experiences on the peace-creating course, which was then being held in Fairfield, Iowa. Under his guidance, together we daily practiced his Transcendental Meditation and TM Sidhi Program. (Note that below, I refer to "sutras." Sutras are advanced meditation techniques which comprise the TM Sidhi Program. They help to develop normal, natural human abilities, such as strength, calmness, intuition and peace.)

A fellow at another course location spoke right before me. Maharishi enjoyed his experience and then asked, “Would anyone like to compete with this experience of today?” I was next in line, so they suddenly turned my microphone on.

Last Experience, as I Told It to Maharishi

I don’t profess to be able to compete, but this is what I have to offer.

My name is Suzanne Stryker, but the following experiences have nothing to do with my individuality and everything to do with what you have given, Maharishi. My experiences come pre-labeled. It seems as if they are labeled and explained by the Self, in the Self, in pure awareness, oneness. I am everything, everywhere. I am Veda.

Maharishi, you asked that we explain the terms we use. When I use the word "Veda," it has a special meaning to me. When someone says the word "Veda," it feels like he has called my name. I want to turn my head in acknowledgement. I feel a thrill of recognition inside my core. I feel Veda vibrate in me. To me, Veda is not an abstract concept. It is who I really am. The feeling is thoroughly intimate.



To concisely sum up sutra experiences in this light, each sutra seemed to produce a different flavor or quality of Veda, like I am Friendly Veda, Happy Veda, Strong Veda, Hopping Veda, etc.

For example, in the absolute, unlimited Self, the thought of a sutra arose. Then instantly, there was a settling down in that pure, silent Self. Next, the silence swelled up into Vedic sounds, long, universal "A" sounds, which then turned into a sequence of other Vedic sounds, forming an undulating hymn of Veda. It was like the sutras tickled the silence of the Absolute: The pure knowledge in the entire creation got tickled. It seemed like the silence smiled and then burst into Vedic laughter as melodious hymns of pure knowledge. The hymns rolled forth, to my supreme delight.

The other way I experience Veda is in its more concentrated form. All of Veda seems to be there in the Self, but concentrated—every hymn of Veda and all rishis, all devatas. To me, "all rishis" means all modes of consciousness or ways of perceiving pure knowledge.

Devatas appear to me as forms of pure consciousness, with unique qualities and a sort of personality.

Everything, every quality is there, but quiet. This is experienced predominantly on the level of pure knowingness; however, all ways of perceiving seem to be available. For example, visually, in the Absolute, the pure Self, I see concentrated, self-luminous threads of Veda. At times, some glow more than others. They are woven or braided so that they loop or interconnect with other Vedic hymns at certain points, in specific ways.

Sometimes, when I experience Veda in its concentrated form, I simultaneously hear a specific hymn of Veda. I know and see total Veda and also hear and see a hymn flow. Often the hymn will appear in my consciousness as a self-luminous sine wave. I enjoy this quiet symphony in the Self from a distance and close up. When I hear a specific hymn of Veda, it is tailored exactly to what I need to hear at that time. It is like my own private Vedic concert, designed just for me at that moment.


Along with these kinds of experiences, my body feels open, almost nonexistent. My body feels like a porous fabric of Veda, floating in a sea of ecstasy, a gem of self-effulgent light, basking and reflecting in THAT.

All these experiences occur during program and activity and can happen at any time of the day or night. Truths seem to reveal themselves when I do artwork, for instance. I frequently have these experiences when I walk; I will feel Vedic hymns purring along. I feel like I am walking Veda. Veda is who I truly am. Everything is my Vedic Self, quiet Veda and Vedic bliss in motion. Although I have these kinds of experiences frequently during this course and during the past thirty-five years, it seems like there is a new level of purity, purity that has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with this pure and sattvic atmosphere here in Fairfield, Iowa.

Here is Part 2 of 4, with Maharishi's comments on my experience.



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  • Hearing about your experiences gives a sense of peace

    Marilyn Fox
  • What beautiful experiences you have.

  • Very impressive and beautiful experiences. This is what we all want.

  • What clear experiences you have!

    Angela Bartoli

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