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My Last Conversation with Maharishi, Part 2 of 4

In my April 7 blog post, I shared the experiences I told Maharishi Mahesh Yogi when we last spoke. This blog post has excerpts from Maharishi's unusual response to what I said, good news from Hamish Davidson, and announcements of healing gifts for newsletter subscribers and the next Group Healing.

Hamish Davidson won two Distance Healings. He sent me this report a few months ago:

"Since my first healing, I have noticed that nature support seems to be stronger in my life. The whole overall arc of my life has taken a turn for the better. For example, I recently landed a job which seems tailor-made for my particular personality and qualities. The whole thing just felt effortless and easy, like they were waiting for me and recognized me when I arrived."

Two weeks ago, Hamish sent this update:
"The job I landed after your healings is very suitable for me. The way I see it is that Veda has infinite computing power. So, if you are able to stimulate that for a person, the cosmic computer can work for them. In my case, my particular skills, personality and ability were fed into the cosmic computer and it worked out the best job possibility for me, even in terms of proximity to home. The cosmic computer can work all of this out in a second, but if you don't have access to it, you don't get results. Thanks for the access."

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My Last Conversation with Maharishi, Part 2 of 4

Maharishi: "NOW THAT YOU HAVE MENTIONED VED (pure knowledge and its organizing power) and your Self is the Ved, all about this you have mentioned, then you deserve to know the essential values of Rajaraam’s (Dr. Tony Nader's) research. What is the essence of Rajaraam’s research? The physiology is the Veda. The physiology is consciousness. How physiology is consciousness? How physiology is Ved? And how you are experiencing it?

"I will send you a chart. What the chart will tell you: 'A' has a special place to reverberate in order to produce the sound 'A.' It is from the throat, 'I' from the palate, 'U' from the lips. So, these are the places whose reverberations form these svaras (sounds). The whole body is there. Dr. Mölk and Dr. Picha here, they are making these charts in order to substantiate and bring to visual level Rajaraam’s research, how every aspect of the physiology is related to the corresponding value of the Veda."

Note: Below is a small image of the huge chart of the Vedic alphabet that Maharishi sent to me. This was a preliminary chart, so it contained a few mistakes. The Vedic alphabet is traditionally organized like this according to the source of the sound in the mouth. For example, guttural sounds are produced in the throat and are grouped together. Dental sounds are produced by the teeth and are grouped together.

Maharishi: "It will be very interesting to see the relationship on the physiological level of the language corresponding to the physiological level of the body. It will be interesting to see, and you will see there is nothing much for study or anything. Do not try to study or anything. Just for the sake of curiosity, we know that now your experiences have come down to a level of reality from where different parts of the physiology reverberate and give you that experience, that experience, that experience.

"It will be very interesting that you have those things. It’s not to waste too much time on that, but just to see that in the field of gaining knowledge, complete knowledge is available, and all these eight prakritis (earth, water, fire, air, space, mind, intellect and ego) and nine paraprakritis (transcendental level of the prakritis) and purusha (cosmic spirit, Self) value, all these different values are there that make the total thing in one expression. I am atma (Self). I am Ved. I am vishwa—the whole universe. I am brahm—Aham brahm (I am the totality—I am brahman). These final expressions of reality—your experiences are mounting to that, mounting to that.

Your experiences—I am the Veda. Whatever it tickles here, I am the Veda, it tickles. I am the Veda, so Vedoham (I am Veda) is the experience. Now this Vedoham, Vedoham is the quality of the speech, the speech, the language. The language flows. Veda flows, atma (Self) flows, brahm flows. Aham brahmasmi (I am brahman, I am the totality). Total thing is right there.

The flow of atma is 'A.' 'A' is total Ved. So, flow of atma is total Ved, and you are experiencing Ved here, Ved here, Ved here, Ved here, Ved here. So, you are speaking what is there in the record as the reality. What you are experiencing: I am experiencing Veda, I'm experiencing Veda, Veda, Veda, Veda. So, that is in the record, that the Veda is atma. Flow of atma is Ved, Ved.

Precipitation of the flow of atma means the language; precipitation of the language is the physiology, physiology, physiology, physiology. Pure environment, pure universe, Ved, Ved, Ved, Vedoham. You are experiencing the Vedahom. It is a marvelous experience."

In my next blog post, I will continue with Maharishi's comments, some of which created a bit of a stir.

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  • On some level in my own being I feel Maharishi’s healing touch just reading his words. How marvelous to read his words. Thank you.

  • Wow, who is gotten a gift from Maharishi. You are so lucky!

    Angela Bartoli

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