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My Last Conversation with Maharishi, Part 3 of 4

In my May blog post, I shared the second part of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's response to the last experience I told him. By now, you understand why Maharishi referred to me as "The Veda Lady." This blog post continues with unexpected statements from Maharishi about that experience. Also, for you to enjoy are announcements of the next Group Healing and other healing gifts for newsletter subscribers. The images of my artwork in this newsletter include two new paintings and a 45 by 62 inch tapestry.

First, I would like to share with you good news from Maaike Aarts about her young cats, Lana and Ramo.

Ramo was weak with a severe intestinal infection for three months and developed severe diarrhea with a lot of blood and other symptoms. After I did several Distance Healings for him, Maaike reported:

"I am very grateful that Ramo is doing better and better. This is such a relief, and I am happy to see him content again."

 Lana also became very weak, barely ate or drank, and lost a lot of weight. After doing several Distance Healings for her, I received this update:

"Dear Suzanne, you are a blessing to this world, and I feel honored to have been able to see what is possible—miracles! I am beyond joyful and grateful that Lana is doing really well! She is eating her normal food again since two weeks and also regaining her active personality. She still needs some encouragement with eating, but I see her digestion is coming back online in a good way! It has been a bumpy road for both of us these past few months, after the passing of my beloved father, and I am so grateful to have been feeling the support and the bedrock of your healings. My two fur babies are so loved and very lucky that you have given your loving attention and healing to them. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

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My Last Conversation with Maharishi, Part 3 of 4

Note: There are different interpretations about what Maharishi said next. One interpretation is that he did not directly cognize Veda. Others believe that he did cognize Veda. While Maharishi did not typically talk about his own personal experiences, he certainly did have brilliant Vedic insights. Below are the exact words he spoke. Thousands of people heard our conversation live, and over the years, many more have heard the recording.

Maharishi: "ONE WOULD ALWAYS BE ENVIOUS OF YOU. You are experiencing Veda, Veda, Veda, and I am experiencing the Veda in the book. I am reading the Veda as a language. I am reading the Veda as a language, and you are experiencing the Veda as not language, but as silence, silence, silence but still silence flowing as atma (cosmic Self), atma, atma, atma. It is a beautiful experience."


Note: When Maharishi refers to "A" like below, he is referring to the first letter or sound of the Vedic alphabet. "A" represents the infinite, unbounded Self, totality. It is infinite silence, which contains within it infinite dynamism—pure knowledge embedded with organizing power—all of Veda.

Maharishi: "EVERYONE WOULD LIKE TO HAVE IT. Everyone would like to have it. I am the Ved. From I am the Ved to I am the vishwa—vishwa means the universe. And that, lively from the Veda to the vishwa, is already reported in your experience. So, it shifts: Veda and then this Veda, this Veda, this Veda, from Veda to Veda, from Veda to Veda. This is from Veda to vishwa. Vishwa is the universe. I am the universe. I am the Veda, so I am atma (Self), I am Ved, Aham (I am) Ved because I am 'A.' I am 'A'. I am flow of atma. Flow of atma is flow of 'A.' Flow of 'A' is the flow of Veda, so flow of Veda, flow of Veda. Flow of the precipitated, for lack of any proper expression, the language—not the language, but the precipitated language in the physiology, as the water flowing has frozen down and become snow and ice and all that, all that, all that. It is precipitated. It is becoming concrete, it is becoming concrete, it is becoming concrete."

Note: Next, Maharishi repeats "one would always be envious." Some people think that he was implying that he was envious, but that is hard to imagine coming from my guru, who spent so much time nurturing my experiences and then repeatedly telling me to share them. This remark seemed mainly for my protection and guidance.

Maharishi: "SO VERY BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCES. One would always be envious of your experiencing, but you do not worry whether people are envious of you."

My next blog post will continue with Maharishi's final comments. You will understand why some people call me "Twinkle."

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  • It’s beautiful that your experiences are worth sharing. Thank you.

  • I like the comment from Maharishi that you should share your experiences, that makes a lot of sense to what I am doing myself. I am a person very much related to the work you are doing and the spirituel development u describe being a diciple of Maharishi. Thank you for sharing, that inspires me to share my experences too. JGD

    Johnny Lang

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