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Divine Couple Dancing During Global Group Healing

©Artwork by Suzanne B. Stryker

I'm glad many of you enjoyed the last Global Group Healing that we organized. It was a lot of work coordinating this event with people all around the world, which is why we are not able to offer it more often. When we have a date for the next one, we will let you know in these newsletters.

I've been asked what I experienced during the event, so I will share that with you.

Before the Global Group Healing, I prepared by doing yoga asanas, pranayama breathing exercises, meditation and advanced meditation practices.

During meditation, the personification of universal love was lively in my awareness, dancing in harmony as two complete opposites, the feminine and masculine energies, yin and yang, dark and light. In between these complete opposites were all possibilities. Everything was included; nothing left out. The two were really integral parts of the same one. They contained the essence of all, the potential of everything.

This Divine Couple danced in rainbow colors of pure light that swirled and twirled, interacted and combined as one, as opposites that were perfectly matched and could manifest anything.

I was acutely aware of universal love/God awake in me, perceiving what I perceived and enjoying that. This presence in my awareness seemed to enliven infinite power, like a reservoir from which to draw upon to help others.

During my advanced meditation practices, it was as if I was doing the practices for the benefit of everyone and everything. I felt a sense of enlivening happiness and compassion in every heart and home, stretching and opening each person's heart for greater capacity of love and appreciation. Likewise, for all, I felt an enlivenment of strength and calmness, intuition, knowledge, etc.

During the actual Global Group Healing, I continued to feel universal love/God awake in me and flowing as healing love and compassion to all. Gratitude flowed to every aspect of universal intelligence responsible for creating and maintaining everything in existence. Thankfulness flowed to the teachers of every tradition for enlivening the truth. I felt appreciation for our families and ancestors for their good works and wished them all the best.

Universal healing love flowed through me on behalf of everyone for improvements in various areas of life, too numerous to name. On a subtle level, I perceived a connection with each person, like individual threads connected in the beautiful fabric of humanity. Each intention for improvement glowed throughout this fabric to enliven its qualities therein.



Alexandra Rodrigues 

"When I purchased Distance Healings from Suzanne it was during a difficult time in my inner journey where I was encountering intense fear of death. I had incessant thoughts of my own death and about worst-case scenarios that could happen with my health. After about the second Distance Healing, I began to notice deep resolution of this issue occurring in my dreams. One night I dreamt that a friend had died, but then she woke up out of her casket and said, “Just kidding!” I woke up laughing and felt deeply healed on this issue. I felt that fear had been transmuted into lighthearted remembrance of my eternal nature. This was just the first of several of these types of "resolution” dreams. My intrusive thoughts stopped and I felt balanced and reconnected with my sense of well-being. I am so grateful to Suzanne for her work and to universal intelligence for helping me find her. "
Alexandra Rodrigues

"I felt love and encouragement from Suzanne. Afterwards I felt empowered and more whole as if I had embraced myself for the first time. I feel new freedom to honor myself. I feel brave enough to explore new possibilities in life." 
Judith Hans-Price


"I see all as contained within my Self and in this Global Group Healing I was seeing the world from space and watching the healing light up the whole planet."
Michael Speight

"I found the free global peace healing session surprisingly powerful experientially and later that day found that it had also helped a personal physical problem I had been fretting over for months."
Carrol Hillis

"If the rest of the world feels like I do after the latest Global Group Healing Session it was a success! This last experiment did indeed leave me with a good feeling and I look forward to your next consciousness get-together."
Michael Brown

"I very much enjoyed the Group Healing. Knowing the 'when' positively impacted my body/mind system. I went into a very deep sleep the moment I knew the healing had begun. It was 'cracker night' here in Tasmania, with many loud explosions, but I rested, knowing I was being nurtured by the Vedic Ascended Masters. Danni had already passed away. I still cry daily over Danni’s passing, but there is a purity within my grief, with the egoic part already witnessed and lifted. Now the healing begins.❤️"
C. M.

"The group healing session was beyond phenomenal uplifting my heart to great great levels of joy and radiant love that carried throughout my day. Immediately after the session and well throughout the afternoon I felt nearly overwhelmed with such abundant bubbling bliss. I felt stronger and lighter as if I could just hop into the sky!"
Garrett Barnes


 With love,





  • What a time to be alive :)

  • I subscribed to your newsletter because I heard you on Buddha at the Gas Pump and was drawn to you.
    Thank You for your writings and your Work.

    Jay Street
  • Thank you for sharing your experience of these healings. What struck me was your connection with the recipients. It is like a spiderweb and we are all connected. As you said, each individual was like a thread in the fabric of humanity. How wonderful an experience for them and for you.

    Linda Gauvin
  • Ahh, the dance.. the healer brings the essence invisibly but it is felt profoundly!! What a wonderful Divine Resource. Now, how do we clone this beautiful Woman? Or can we each better understand the processes of Self and the flow of the healing energies?? We could use an instructional guide book, Suzanne. Ready to teach on paper? Hugs, MG

    Marie Green
  • That was a most sublime group healing. I fell into a most blissful rest afterwards and awoke feeling so refreshed. Thank you again Suzanne for all that you are and all that you do 🙏💕

    Suzanne Hooper

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