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Various Perspectives or Lenses

This blog focuses on what I call lenses. But first, I share with you inspiration from Anne Melfi and Marty Davis.

© Icey ICU Drawing by Suzanne B. Stryker

A few Friday nights ago, I received an urgent message from Anne Melfi who was with her life companion, Marty Davis, in the emergency room. Marty had septic shock, which can quickly lead to organ failure, and a 40% chance of death. I dropped everything and put my attention on him right away. I am used to doing this because emergencies often happen on the weekend. I always try to be available when someone requests a Distance Healing for an Urgent or Special Occasion.

We have permission to share the details of what happened:

"Thanks so much for your Distance Healings during Marty's grave illness. Many have died under such conditions. Yesterday, he looked scared and hopeless about this state of affairs—a lab result of sepsis that landed him in the hospital five days ago and then his plummeting blood pressure readings that sent him to the intensive care unit, and, finally, a diagnosis of salmonella. Even so, the doctors remarked that he was doing surprisingly well for someone with this diagnosis. Though somewhat flattering, this was not very heartening, as his vital signs remained poor and new and troubling symptoms kept showing up.

"But today, after several Distance Healings from you, Marty's blood pressure has been consistently normal, as have his temperature and oxygen levels. He is eating solid food now, though he had not been interested in food or much of anything for the past week. His energy and INTEREST in life are back. I was pleasantly astonished by all this and to find him looking and feeling good."

I got this update a few days later:

"He has turned a corner, been released from the hospital and is on the way to full recovery. We appreciate all the prayers and best wishes we have received from so many friends, but I am most thankful for your help."

Then, more good news:

"Marty's feeling great now, hauling 40-pound jugs of water and happily picking avocados, he's his old jolly self again."

© Front View Hat with Hand-painted Broaches by Suzanne B. Stryker


As time has gone on, I have tended not to think in terms of stages or states of consciousness. Instead, I feel like I have various perspectives or lenses available through which I experience: Waking, dreaming, witnessing, oneness, pure knowledge, karma, God and God's helpers, etc.

Also, I can experience the world through other people, how they see their world as well as their true essence. Perhaps that is why people often cry when they talk with me and say they finally feel understood, seen and healed.

© Side View Hat with Hand-painted Broaches by Suzanne B. Stryker

Other points of view that I experienced are the world through an animal or a plant. I have received many gifts this way as well.  As with people, the points of view are limitless, and each one has its value.

I will try to elaborate on these later, but here are a few of my favorite perspectives. Perceiving the world through pure knowledge, Veda, is quite enlivening in multiple ways with multiple benefits. Experiencing the exquisite healing colors of pure light—what I call jewels of consciousness, ratna—satisfies the artist within. Viewing through God's eyes expands my mind and heart like nothing else does.

© Cement Face by Suzanne B. Stryker and 9-year-old Neighbor

I am also quite adept at looking through the eyes of ignorance. This keeps humbleness and compassion lively and helps me to be more understanding. Repeatedly, I am delighted to find oneness, God and beauty, even in the dense mess of cement and darkness.

Another way to explain what is going on inside of me is that all modes of consciousness seem to be accessible. Instead of being locked into one point of view, I can experience and understand a variety of different ways to perceive situations and the world. This makes it hard to judge anyone and easy to love everyone. 


© Experimental Kitchen Lady with Home Grown Produce and "I Love You" Note by Suzanne B. Stryker

Experiments to Enliven Different Points of View

  • Practice seeing from other people's points of view. For example, the next time you find yourself judging someone, imagine being that person. Think of possible reasons for their behavior. Have you ever behaved like that, and if so, why? If appropriate, try extending a helping hand instead of a judging mind. The least you can do is wish them better, which opens the heart to healing love. This contributes to your health and well-being and certainly is more enjoyable than feeling judgmental and agitated.

  • The second experiment enlivens the opposite perspective. Instead of focusing on those you judge, focus on the qualities of those you admire. For example, what would it feel like to be successful or enlightened? How would that look, smell and taste? Use all your senses to open the doors to greatness. Then, inquire within for practical steps to live your life in fullness.

With love,








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  • I would like you to know that I’m so interested in your journey, your message and healing. I practice seeing from others points of view most of the time bec that also happens to be my work. I am going to try the second experiment above and will let you know.


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