Distance Healing Instructions, Tips and Bonus Inner Circle

When Suzanne does your healing

One Distance Healing is done on the day you selected.

With a Recurring Distance Healing Subscription, you will have either 4, 8 or 14 healings per month.

With a Distance Healing Package, the first healing typically starts within 48 business hours of your order. They are usually done on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday until the series is complete. This means 3 healings are complete in 1 week, 6 healings are complete in 2 weeks and 12 healings are complete in 4 weeks.

Suzanne will personally do your healing at various times during the day and night for maximum benefit. You are welcome to meditate or rest during the main times Suzanne does her healings and meditations/preparations for healings. Usually, this is 4 AM to 11 AM, 4 PM to 7 PM and 9 PM to 9:30 PM US Central Time. Please note that joining in at above times is more for your enjoyment. Don't worry if you can't. You really don't need to do anything. Your distance healing will work no matter where you are and what you are doing. 

Specifying is optional 

Unless you specified otherwise when you placed your order, your Distance Healing will automatically address whatever needs to be covered for the person who placed the order.

If you forgot to specify that the healing is for a special occasion or another person, email us at:

In your email, you can specify who the healing is for and/or the occasion or outcome you want. Note: it is not helpful to write a long history. Instead, clearly convey the desired outcome(s) in one or two words. Don't worry if you forget something or don't include every detail. Even if you don't specify anything, the healing automatically provides what is best at that time.


  • Be open to new ideas and helpful solutions that may come your way. Many people have reported this happening. 
  • This FAQ page has answers to commonly asked questions about Suzanne’s abilities and services.
  • You might find it inspiring to read what other people have experienced with their healings. 


  • The most common inquiries we receive are whether Suzanne’s services can help with a specific challenge: health, relationships, finances, etc. The benefits you notice can depend on various factors such as your nature, perceptiveness, daily choices, lifestyle and karmic load. Also, the quality of your food, water, air and the people around you contribute to how you feel. Unknowingly you could be exposed to impurities, toxins and negative energies in your environment. You can see why specific results cannot be predicted or guaranteed!
  • What we can say is that since each person is different, your experiences with the healings will be unique. They may be sudden and dramatic or they may be gradual and steady. Because the healing process is natural, you may not notice the gentle and subtle effects. The people around you may notice the improvements first. Even so, the effects quietly accumulate over time. In any case, the healing unfolds in the manner and at the speed best suited for you and the state of your nervous system. Just be aware that the results may come exactly as you wish or they may come in a different form. Know that universal intelligence knows what is best for you and automatically does it.
  • For maximum benefit and enjoyment in life, take good care of yourself. Tiredness is your greatest enemy. It causes negativity and problems on all fronts. If you feel fatigue, take extra rest so that your body can purify, repair and rejuvenate itself.


  • One of the main reasons why a chronic situation may not resolve itself is because of karma. As long as we have a human body, karma continues to unfold. This can make it difficult to evaluate our progress with anything and can make us doubt our intuition. The good news is that Distance Healings are always beneficial because they include karmic transformations. While it may not be possible to completely mitigate the effects of every single bit of bad karma you have accumulated over many lifetimes as well as your ancestral karma, each Distance Healing helps some. Even if you are not aware of the bad karma that your healings mitigated, you still enjoy the benefits.
  • To help with the persistent unfurling of karma, you need to have ongoing support.

    Distance Healing Packages vs Recurring Distance Healing Subscription

    Recurring Distance Healing Subscriptions offer ongoing support along with the greatest savings and number of healings. Compared to the Distance Healing Packages, you receive more healings and they cost less. They are convenient because you do not have to go online and reorder. Instead, Recurring Distance Healing Subscriptions save you time because your credit card is automatically debited each month. 

    With the Recurring Distance Healing Subscriptions you choose from a package of 4, 8 or 14 healings per month. You can split a package any way you like, some for yourself and some for loved ones.  Any time you can change who and what the healings are for or cancel your subscription by emailing us. 

    If you would like to save time and have Distance Healings regularly and automatically done for you, subscribe below by choosing the number of healings per month that you want:

    By making this purchase you agree with these terms and conditions and understand that your credit card will be debited each month until you notify us otherwise.


    Inner Circle

    By ordering Distance Healings, you automatically become part of Suzanne's Inner Circle. You will have special access to her experiences and reflections, as well as helpful tips and insights.This information is not available to anyone else. 

    Please be aware that you will not receive a report about your specific situation. If you want to talk with Suzanne and get input and individualized recommendations then make an appointment for a Phone Session

    For those of you new to the Inner Circle, Suzanne is temporarily allowing new members to listen to a few of her previous recordings made specifically for this group. Please do not share her tips and recordings with anyone else, as you do not want to incur bad karma.

    Some of Suzanne's recordings may seem to contain simple information but it is what divine/universal intelligence wants you to hear. Also, they are much more than words and concepts. They are imbibed with healing energy. They help reboot your nervous system and restore balance and harmony on all levels. Also, people report they are relaxing, so if you’re having problems with winding down or insomnia, listen to them for a few minutes in the evening and as often as you like.


    The most important recording to listen to is  Webinar with Inner Circle Members.
    In the first part, Suzanne answers questions about Distance Healings, karma and Maharishi calling her a catalyst. The last part has powerful healings and activations. The beginning of this recording has images of Suzanne's paintings to help enliven bliss, love and peace. Some are available as prints at RevealWisdom.com. Original paintings are available at PaintYoga.com.


    Below are links to short audios Suzanne made for the Inner Circle. To listen to these audios, click on the link and then the Play Button (triangle) at the bottom of the screen:

    Healings to Give you Additional Support 
    For various areas of life with enlivenments for support of God, truth, all teachers and ancestors.

    Enlivenments are activations to help us become more powerful and effective in various ways. The following three enlivenments are elaborated in the recording:
        1. Mother nature/universal intelligence/God and all God's helpers/devas/angels
        2. Pure Knowledge and exponents/teachers
        3. Good aspects of our DNA/ancestors

    Aerodynamic Living, Don’t Resist, Find Bliss
    Rack up good karma points with love. Find bliss in every moment. Resistance takes energy. Underlying the spoken words are deep transmissions of healing work and enlivenments for greater love and bliss in your life.

    Be Aware
    In this recording Suzanne tells a story about how her car accident turned out to be a good thing. It contains transformations of negative karma to good karma.

    Healing Others
    This audio is more than words, it contains healing energy for you to enjoy whenever you want. It includes a healing with a focus on what Inner Circle members need. If you have problems falling asleep, you might find it helps you relax.

    A Healing from Suzanne
    Enjoy Suzanne guiding you through a special healing. 

    Listening to this will be beneficial for you in various ways, some obvious and some subtle, but all good. The topics and healings include: dharma, courage, using the natural human tendency to want more to your advantage, connecting with others and taking action now on important matters. She also shares a personal experience called, “I Wake up Happy, I Go to Sleep Happy, and I Giggle throughout the Day.” 

    Benefits from Challenges
    Karmic cycles come and go, pleasing others and oversensitivity. 


    These short You Tube videos, made specifically for the Inner Circle, are unlisted so they cannot be found or accessed by others:  

    Laughing Dog and More
    Suzanne tells a personal experience she has never shared before. Also, she discusses how to transform negative situations and their effects on you, not feel other people’s pain and not take anything personally.

    Distance Healing Re-aligning with Love: Transform Toxic Thoughts and Feelings About Yourself for Inner/Outer Love and Harmony
    Even the Mayo Clinic says, “Negative thoughts manifest into chemical reactions that can affect your body by bringing more stress into your system and decreasing your immunity. In contrast, positive thoughts can actually release neuropeptides that help fight stress and potentially more-serious illnesses.” The video also shows two of Suzanne's paintings which enliven expansion of awareness and tranquility.

    Fatigue Spoils Everything. Distance Healing Results Vary. Tips to Help Karma Dissolve
    This video has helped many night owls go to bed earlier. They are reporting greater happiness, success and improved relationships.  


    Every one of you would definitely benefit from laughing more. It doesn't cost anything and the benefits are immense.

    A number of you have health challenges and physical discomfort. Research indicates that laughter eases pain by causing the body to produce its own natural painkillers.

    An even greater number of you experience negative repercussions of stress. Laughing releases endorphins which are chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain.

    Here's something Suzanne wrote for you about laughter called Laughing Medicine. At the end are lots of funny jokes submitted by others.

    If you're struggling with any kind of addiction you might enjoy My Eyes Can Eat Pastries with Bobcats.

    Hear Suzanne Talk about Distance Healings

    In Suzanne's interview with Buddha at the Gas Pump, she gives a general explanation of the mechanics of how she does healing work. You will need to forward to 1:19 to get to that section.