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Pashmina Earlobes

I am the texture of raw silk 
the coarseness of this California bedspread 
the softness of Pashmina earlobes 
the friendly ocean breeze whispering good morning.

I am the droning boats purring by
the children's screams of discovery
the gargling fountain splashing sounds. 

I am the opening and closing of squeaking gates
the slamming of hotel doors
the rushing helicopter chopping space. 

I am the warmth of the sunshine and its lack
I see beyond these three walls
far beyond these objects
palm tree paintings and chocolate furniture
melt into Me. 

I hear the depth of the sounds delivered to these ears
they originate and vibrate in Me
I am left with an infectious friendliness
pervasive peacefulness
unwound from the thoughts of my mind.


Tips and tools

Try an experiment. Stop what you're doing right now and listen. Notice all the sounds that you can hear. If you like, write them down in a journal. 

What am I hearing right now? I hear a car whooshing down the road. A dog talking about the car whooshing down the road. The furnace fuming. The refrigerator gurgling. The fly buzzing against the window pane. I hear the sounds of my breathing. I notice the subtle sounds of my thoughts. I sense silence underneath it all. I detected a playfulness in the quietness. I hear the cosmic hum of the universe. I feel connected to everything and everyone with sweet love.

Being aware of what is going on, both in and around you, has many benefits. It helps connect you to all levels of your being: physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually... This can be integrating and healing. You can receive practical information and insights so that you make the right choices. Also being aware connects you to the present moment which is more powerful than the past or the future. Think of other benefits and write them down in your journal. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

What your friends are saying

Jim Rocca

"My experience in yesterday’s Phone Session with Suzanne during the silent healing time went something like this:

Layer upon layer of unfoldment within light. At some point energy came up from the earth up through the chakras which were bathed in light but each clear chakra was a bubble and the energy rose through them rendering an inaudible tone for each. The sequence continued – energy from earth, through each chakra, delivering a silent tone. The pace continued to accelerate then there was just a rush of that energy flowing unobstructed through the chakras and up and out of the top of my head to the environment. The whole internal subtle body was awake with white light flowing light from earth to heaven. Today during my Transcendental Meditation program that white light flow is now golden sparkling light – vibrant in itself."

Jim Rocca


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  • Big smile!

  • Into the River, That Which Is
    I float, I morph
    Into something else

    I am the lava trickling down
    The alligator docile no more
    I am a star torn apart
    By a force monumental but benign

    I am the bounded ephemeral
    When sticking to form
    And the eternal when
    Peace permeates the soul
    All atoms reside in me
    Gracefully oozing into shimmering light


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