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Pashmina Earlobes

I paint in various styles from abstract to imaginary landscapes. This page shows a few of my seascapes. You can see more here.


My experience

I am the texture of raw silk 
the coarseness of this California bedspread 
the softness of Pashmina earlobes 
the friendly ocean breeze whispering good morning.

I am the droning boats purring by
the children's screams of discovery
the gargling fountain splashing sounds. 

I am the opening and closing of squeaking gates
the slamming of hotel doors
the rushing helicopter chopping space. 

I am the warmth of the sunshine and its lack
I see beyond these three walls
far beyond these objects
palm tree paintings and chocolate furniture
melt into Me. 

I hear the depth of the sounds delivered to these ears
they originate and vibrate in Me
I am left with an infectious friendliness
pervasive peacefulness
unwound from the thoughts of my mind.



Try an experiment. Stop what you're doing right now and listen. Notice all the sounds that you can hear. If you like, write them down in a journal. 

What am I hearing right now? I hear a car whooshing down the road. A dog talking about the car whooshing down the road. The furnace fuming. The refrigerator gurgling. The fly buzzing against the window pane. I hear the sounds of my breathing. I notice the subtle sounds of my thoughts. I sense silence underneath it all. I detect a playfulness in the quietness. I laugh. I hear the cosmic hum of the universe. I feel connected to everything and everyone with sweet love.

Being aware of what is going on, both in and around you, has many benefits. It helps connect you to all levels of your being: physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually... This is integrating, balancing and healing. In this state of openness, you are more likely to receive insights and practical information which contribute to making the right choices. Also being aware connects you to the present moment which can be more powerful and blissful than the past or the future. Think of other benefits and write them down in your journal. 

Try another experiment. Next time you drive somewhere familiar, have your phone and the radio off. Next time you do a mundane task like washing the dishes, do it in silence. If you are used to a lot of external stimulation, initially you might not like doing this. Be patient and try it for a little while and then reevaluate. If you feel calmer or are sleeping better, consider having more quiet time, especially in the hour before you go to bed.

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

What your friends are saying

Jim Rocca 

"My experience in yesterday’s Phone Session with Suzanne during the silent healing time went something like this:

Layer upon layer of unfoldment within light. At some point energy came up from the earth up through the chakras which were bathed in light but each clear chakra was a bubble and the energy rose through them rendering an inaudible tone for each. The sequence continued – energy from earth, through each chakra, delivering a silent tone. The pace continued to accelerate then there was just a rush of that energy flowing unobstructed through the chakras and up and out of the top of my head to the environment. The whole internal subtle body was awake with white light flowing light from earth to heaven. Today during my Transcendental Meditation program that white light flow is now golden sparkling light – vibrant in itself."  Jim Rocca

"The doctors were very surprised at how quickly my mother's kidneys recovered for a 95-year-old. Her nausea is gone, she's eating well and she's walking well with her walker. She even beat me at Scrabble! I'm very grateful and lucky to know Suzanne."  June Oliver 


"No matter what your concerns, no matter what you are trying to solve, no matter what you are trying to accomplish, Suzanne is a precious resource.  When seeking an advisor or healer, the key ingredient to look for is Wisdom.  Without Wisdom, techniques and intellect are of little value.  The light that shines through Suzanne is golden, it is the golden light of true Wisdom.  On that you can rely.  And Suzanne is practical.  She brings that light of Wisdom right down to earth for those she speaks with.  I hope you have the chance to bask in that light with her sometime soon, and let your troubles be healed."  Erik Thompson


"I had first requested a Distance Healing a couple of months ago for some emotional issues that my son had been struggling with. He has experienced some relief and has begun reaching out for help on his own. Since that time, I have felt that we are connected. Sometimes thoughts of you come to me and I feel your energy and I notice that is one of your scheduled healing times; there is trust. During those times I just relax and allow the sensation of shifting and radiating energy, as it occurs. I feel I have an active role in my own healing and the healing of all beings, the planet, and beyond.

Please know, this message comes unassumingly with all humility to The Divine, from The Divine, Herself."  Diane Adele


"My health was deteriorating rapidly and Suzanne helped turn that around. I think she saved my life."  Mitchell Price

Hear what other people are saying

Win free session

It is time for another contest! The prize is either three Distance Healings or a 30 minute Phone Session with me, winner's choice.

  • The prize will be given for the best quote about oneness, unity, inner peace, being in the present – anything related to what is posted on this page. You can submit your own personal experience or you can quote someone else, reference a book, speech or scripture.
  • You can submit up to 10 quotes.
  • When you submit your quote, include the author and a reference such as the name of the book or scripture. If possible, also include an internet link so we can verify your reference and read more about the author.
  • Quotes should not contain anything offensive, profane or hurtful.
  • Please do not submit quotes that are already posted. If more than one person enters the same winning quote, whoever submitted it first wins.
  • The winner will allow us to use his/her name in an announcement of the winner. 
  • On September 1, 2019, the winner will be selected and notified by the email he/she provided when submitting the quote. The email addresses will not be used for other purposes.
  • Cartoons, pictures and attachments will not be accepted for the contest.
  • Quotes that are emailed will not be accepted for the contest.

To submit your quotes, type them in the "Leave a comment" section at the bottom of this page.


  • Day Before Spring

    “I like this winter sort of thing, for a while…
    Because snow makes soft corners, soft lines and curves, soft sounds…

    A quiet envelope to awaken in…
    Dementions…? BOUNDLESS!

    A cloak of silence, lightly covering all,
    And smooth lines, to place silent footsteps into.”

    I was attending my first ATR in South Fallsberg, in the Catskills. The silence was lovely and so rich. Snow a rare treat for me, being from the South. It flowed easily onto the paper.

    Jan May

    First Evening of Silence

    “Winter night walking, silent snow falls…
    Onto a blanket of itself.

    We come to what sounds to be a cricket,
    Small, gray-brown, chirping…
    But we are in a snowy land, no home for such a creature!

    The source? The occasional creak of a spinning motor, beneath a yellow- lighted window we are passing.

    Yet in that instant, I found myself,
    A barefoot dancer in deep, green grass,
    Moving lightly through summer air,
    First Star, crescent moon, cotton dress…

    We are arm in arm as we steady our course through the white snow….
    On this, the first night of the year.”

    South Fallsberg, Governor training.
    Maharishi was there for a few days and had just left. The whole atmosphere was rich, vibrant, delicate and sparkling with the beauty of his dharshan. It was January 1st and the beginning of SILENCE.

    Jan May

    “There is only one happiness in life.
    To love, and be loved. “

    Quote by George Sand, a woman writer.
    Submitted by Jan May

    It reminded me of hearing Suzanne speak of her communication with devas.
    Saying that it was very vibrant with love.

    “ Let noble thoughts come from every side”

    Vedic scripture.
    Submitted by Jan May


    November I am twelve years old, reading on the window sill in the fruit
    shed I am kneeling on a wicker hamper, and my knees are numb. The
    daylight is cold and cramped. Rubbing my hands I sniff the air …

    I have read myself out of existence. No such person inhabits the dark
    day; but suddenly I come awake with a rush of feeling. My crowded head
    feels suddenly clear, empty and airy as craning out of the window, I look
    hungrily around. This is real, I think, the colours, the brick, the ivy. It
    is as though something is going to be shown to me, once and forever.
    Things seem so clear, they seem to declare themselves aloud. My eyes
    have touch, my skin on which the air plays seems to be as glass through
    which I can look from every pore. Awake, awake to all, I know it is a
    rare moment, perhaps a beginning of a life separate from ordinary

    And yet what is there? The elm tree dropping leaves yellow golden
    all over, into the rainwater tank. They slide slowly downward on the
    point and settle with the faintest breath of sound on the
    olive surface…

    I lean out, sighing with the strange feeling in me. I can
    touch the cold
    sides of the tank, I feel as though I can touch with my mind the tree trunk,
    the hedge, the hurdle, even the farthest hill that I can see. What are all
    these familiar things saying so clearly? Why have I never
    seen them like
    this before? A moment ago they existed but quietly and
    without me.
    Now the leaves keep falling so queerly — queerly as though I had some-
    thing to do with their falling. Something is happening which
    makes me
    able to say and know that it is true: ’I shall remember this. I shall
    remember each vein on each leaf. I shall be able to see this
    whenever I want to,
    wherever I am!…

    Those are the eras, the visions,
    where the inner and outer meaning of the earth and sky and all that is in
    them, fit exactly the one over the other, when there is no slipping, no edge
    of obscurity, no groping. Ah, how impossible it is to keep
    those moments,
    to hold down for more than a single instant that joy of being oneself
    contained in all one sees! Feeling with the leaves, travelling with the
    clouds, seeing back from the star, into one’s own breast that is the very
    essence of perception. It is then that one can live for an
    instant in the
    million kinds of life which fumble for the sun, or in the stars which search
    through space for the earth to shine on, and on the earth, a spirit to enter.

    It is the strangest sensation for the mind to fix itself in the contemplation

    of one single natural thing; and one of its most singular
    phenomena is the
    amazing quality of universal perception which takes place in the thinker
    at the same time. Fixed on one, all things become supernaturally distinct
    and detailed. With the mind utterly rapt the eye becomes
    sensitive, but unconsciously, so that in recollection memory brings back a
    landscape where one seemed to see only a cloud’s broken suns. Yet not
    Sometimes I seem to know each separate thing while
    lost in the
    one, and then it is that I feel profoundly the almost
    palpable linking up
    of the universe. From life to life, from kind to kind,
    through the mind to
    the sky and out to each planet, the chain reaches. Ah, who
    can doubt it?
    Who that really feels what he sees can fail to be sure, if he thinks at all
    of what his senses tell him. The air itself is felt to be
    woven of threads of
    life. Even in the darkness they are there. Looking up to the moon as it
    seems to rush backwards across its own white hollow of light, looking
    at the sun s direct rays on the earth, looking at the stars
    whose presence
    reaches us through enormous darkness, who can deny the
    thought? Even in sleep it does not leave me—the least
    thrill in the cord recalls me, and
    in the morning it is there directly the day is felt on my eyelids. Yes, even
    before 1 wake. I come to it. And there are million of spirits like mine.
    To them I unite because we are still more closely connected I believe

    in it. But I have failed to describe it, because language cannot form the
    thought, because it is wordless and unimaginable and
    pictureless, an
    inhabitant unseen.

    One July night I went out to look at the sky before sleeping. The night
    compelled me, it was so strong! I walked along a path between two fields,
    hearing the corn, which was high above the ground, whisper down the
    length of its wall, hearing the invisible sheep tearing the grass over all the
    still hills. Each sound was distinct between the silences of the starlight,
    each syllable of movement, and (for it was not late) each voice. People

    were talking, men and women and children, in the cottage bedrooms.
    There was something quietened, yet immense, in their tones, as if they felt
    the sky in their rooms, touching them — as if the roofs were gone from
    over them, and the pale tingling blue of space came down to their being.
    Down to the valley, surging, seeking, rolled the sheep, past me and then
    there was left on the bare grass, on the horizon and the tree tops, the
    power of the stars. Their breath was in the air, a thrill, not cold but cool,
    like dew. I tasted the stars, I felt them in my lungs, in my throat, and on
    my eyes. They shone from star to star across all the sky and down to earth.
    I felt my way to them by listening and by touching what they touched
    The long grasses on a wall were each distinct and clear, clashing their
    feathered heads and the leaves on the bramble sprays were separate
    shapes. It was like a perpetual dawn. On a level with my feet the grass
    hill suddenly swerved to the valley. Before me shone a glow of purest
    light, paler than any tone, fainter than the faint thrilling blue above.
    It was the outermost ring of the sun, down below the earth, part of the
    curve of the sun’s furthest circle. Above it, in the very forehead of the

    east, showed a small star, as a separate speck, apart from all the rest. On
    it all the mystery in my thought and sight became fixed.

    At first it was as though it was beyond a moving transparency. I
    seemed to look at it through a clear current of water. It seemed to swell
    and shrink and to be misshapen by some intervening medium. And yet it
    was always the same … not splendid flashing, or placid, but soft and
    alone, and full of a gentle vibration. The depths about it were gray where
    the blue waned above the sun’s influence, unlike the infinite blue and
    violet around the great constellations in the zenith. It lay where the shadow

    of space lightened towards earth, closing finally around" the curve of my hill…

    I looked into it Behind me the south, shimmering with white
    fire, the grassy path, were cut off at my last stride.
    Though I could hear the breeze in the oats, and was conscious
    through and through of the long hills, like wings bearing the earth’s body through the air, and though the awed voices still sounded through the windows, yet there was only the star and myself meeting. I saw it with my heart, as I sometimes see my hills, and I knew myself in it, and it from space, in me. Deeper and deeper it touched me, so tight drew the cord
    between us it sang! The song gathered, the string, feeling
    the music hummed, but as the breath came down upon the note I was obliterated.
    from Autobiography by Margiad Evans, 1943

    Don Harkey
  • When the mind is at peace,
    The world too is at peace.
    Nothing real, nothing absent.
    Not holding on to reality,
    Not getting stuck in the void,
    You are neither holy nor wise, just
    An ordinary fellow who has completed his work.

    Layman F’Ang (740-808)

    Don Harkey
  • “If we dive deep enough into ourselves, we will find the one thread of universal love that ties all beings together.”

    “When we love one another without expectation, there is no need to go anywhere else in search of Heaven.”

    Don Harkey
  • 3. In that Silence
    Where everything abides,
    But nothing begins or ends
    Holding no place.

    Where the Devas reside,
    In quiet, enraptured with bliss.
    Leaving not a trace.

    Ever attentive, to your slightest wish.
    There, we wait upon you
    There, with bated breath,
    We look upon you.

    Creations’ Administrator

    All Pervading Illuminator
    In whom nothing is undone or begotten,
    Nothing is remembered or forgotten.

    In whom all Beings shimmer supernal,
    Barely holding their own

    Like reflections on water
    So ecstatic is that threshold
    Where they are neither Formed
    or Unformed,
    But eternal.

    There, we attend you,
    And so, amend separation.
    There is nothing near or far.
    Every creature, every star is attendant.
    All places reached at once,
    No spaces breached as only Resplendent Grace Is.

    Where the sheen of drizzling diversity,
    Ascends to attend the Transcendent Sea.

    We call up on you, in that Silence
    Paying homage to that Grace
    Who took form
    Though remaining unborn
    Moving that which is ever unmoved.

    But who approves praise.

    Yet whose speech, even as Ved
    Turns back, so Silence is the more pleased
    While Sound is appeased.

    Then, at your feet, we lay
    That Silence, you so Lovingly to all Life gave.

    We call up that Quiescence
    For Heaven on Earth
    And Devas,
    Seem to take birth

    Assuming the semblance of flurry
    And scurry
    Though they, too,
    Are yet unmoved.

    They simply wait
    upon you
    by highlighting or hiding
    there Self Reflections
    Alighting illusions that instantly
    fabricate our interjections.
    Our praise thus calls to the forefront,
    The Reality of which our world
    was unaware.
    Heaven on Earth, was always there.

    We call upon you, and
    we see as you see
    Who, by simply Being,
    Illumines in all beings your Supreme Reality.
    So in that Silence
    Where all Beings ascend,
    Enraptured with bliss.
    Ever attentive to your slightest wish.
    We reverently, unceasingly
    Attend your Holiness.
    —Susan Waterson

    Don Harkey

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