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Pashmina Earlobes

I am the texture of raw silk 
the coarseness of this California bedspread 
the softness of Pashmina earlobes 
the friendly ocean breeze whispering good morning.

I am the droning boats purring by
the children's screams of discovery
the gargling fountain splashing sounds. 

I am the opening and closing of squeaking gates
the slamming of hotel doors
the rushing helicopter chopping space. 

I am the warmth of the sunshine and its lack
I see beyond these three walls
far beyond these objects
palm tree paintings and chocolate furniture
melt into Me. 

I hear the depth of the sounds delivered to these ears
they originate and vibrate in Me
I am left with an infectious friendliness
pervasive peacefulness
unwound from the thoughts of my mind.

Tips and tools

  • Stop what you're doing right now and listen. Notice all the sounds that you can hear. If you like, write them down.
  • What am I hearing right now? I hear a car wooshing down the road. A dog talking about the car wooshing down the road. The furnace fuming. The refrigerator gurgling. The fly buzzing against the window pane. I hear the sounds of my own breath. I noticed the sounds of  my own thoughts. I can hear the words that I think. I can sense silence underneath it all.

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  • Big smile!

  • Into the River, That Which Is
    I float, I morph
    Into something else

    I am the lava trickling down
    The alligator docile no more
    I am a star torn apart
    By a force monumental but benign

    I am the bounded ephemeral
    When sticking to form
    And the eternal when
    Peace permeates the soul
    All atoms reside in me
    Gracefully oozing into shimmering light


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