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Inner Circle Library


For those of you new to the Inner Circle, Suzanne is temporarily allowing new members to listen to many of her previous recordings made specifically for this group. 

You should only be listening to these recordings if you've had a Distance Healing within the past month (otherwise you will be subject to the laws of karma:). You can sign up for Distance Healings here. Also, please do not share Suzanne's tips or recordings with anyone else.

You may also enjoy Suzanne's blog posts. They contain her personal experiences and artwork, along with practical advice and spiritual wisdom. Many of her blog post also include tips and tools to help enliven your inner guru and healer.

Tips for listening to the recordings

  • Listen as if Suzanne is speaking directly to you.
  • Some may seem to contain simple information or knowledge you already know, but it may be important for you to hear.
  • The recordings are much more than words and concepts. They are imbibed with healing energy. They help reboot your nervous system and restore balance and harmony on many levels.
  • If you listen to the recording while you're doing other things you may miss out on profound benefits. You can listen to the recording again later when you're not distracted and ideally in a quiet and settled place where you will not be disturbed.
  • People report they are relaxing, so if you’re having problems with winding down or insomnia, listen to them for a few minutes in the evening and as often as you like.
  • Each time you listen to the recordings your will receive some benefit. Listeners report many experiences such as greater inner peace, expansion of awareness, culturing of heart and increased intuition.
  • Some videos show images of Suzanne's paintings to help enliven love, bliss, enlightenment and other positive qualities. 

Technical tips

  • To access some audio links, you may be asked to enter your Microsoft account information.
  • If you click on a link and get a pop-up at the bottom of your screen, "Keep it safe in Dropbox, Sign Up/Sign In," simply close that pop up by clicking "X" and you will be able to listen to the recording.
  • After you click on a link for an audio recording, you may need to click on the Play Button (triangle) at the bottom of the screen.
  • Adjust the volume on your listening device and speakers as needed. If you have hearing issues you may need to use a good headset.



These webinars contain basic and advanced information about Distance Healings. 

March Webinar with Inner Circle – Suzanne answers questions about Distance Healings, karma and Maharishi calling her a catalyst. It ends with powerful healings and activations. 

Part 1 – Overview and answers to questions, mechanics of Distance Healings and factors that affect them, how to receive maximum benefit, how Suzanne does them, God’s helpers, etc.

Part 2 – Karma, karmic transformations, what Suzanne experience while doing your Distance Healings, your essence as a fabric of pure knowledge, Veda, and the concept of acoustic resonance. It ends with a powerful group healing for all areas of life.

Conference calls

  • These conference calls were given to a select group of advanced healers and long-term sidhas. (Sidhas practice specific techniques for realizing their full potential called the sidhis.) You can read a selection of their conference call experiences on the Testimonial Page.

  • To receive maximum benefit from the activations, close your eyes and listen to the recording in a quiet place.

  • After I introduce my writing exercise, pause the recording and ask yourself questions you want the answer to and then write without thinking, editing or stopping until you feel complete. Even people that don't like to write have found they get profound realizations and insights with this process.

  • The most recent conference call recording added to the Inner Circle Library is placed on the top of this conference call list. If you haven't listened to any of these calls, start at the bottom of the list with "Developing Inner Wisdom 3.27.12 Conference Call" and then work your way up the list.


Inner Teacher, Observe and Learn 7.3.12 Conference Call 

  • Honoring and invoking the power of all teachers
  • Brief review of ways to increase clarity and intuition
  • Clearings for impurities and blind spots
  • Activations for making better choices in life
  • Activations for enlivening inner wisdom in your body, mind and heart
  • Technique for increasing and refining perception

Divine Nourishment, Protection, Gifts 6.5.12 Conference Call
This 16-minute recording begins with invoking the much-needed healing power of Divine Mother. It includes activations for removing your tensions and worries, enlivening greater happiness and health, resting safely in the lap of Mother and enjoying Her divine protection. It also has activations for attuning your being to its original blueprint so your gifts are accessible and unfold, filling up with divine love and overflowing as a conduit to help others. It ends with a sacred ceremony to remove obstacles for complete fulfillment and some tips for nourishing yourself.

Activations for Original Blueprint, Grounding, Expansion and Silence 5.1.12 Conference Call 
This 13-minute audio starts out with a brief review of ways to improve intuition and then has several activations: waking up your original blueprint in its purity, grounding yourself to Mother Earth, reconnecting you to your inner wisdom, expanding your awareness, refining your subtle sensory perceptions and deepening inner silence so you have clear inner guidance.

Intuition, Transform Negativity and Communications 4.17.12 Conference Call
This 17-minute audio begins with a recap of the previous two recordings:  how to transform self-criticism and negativity into positivity and three ways to increase intuition. Please note Suzanne is not advocating being passive or weak in your relations with others. Of course, communicate or take action as is appropriate for the situation. This recording includes activations for increasing light and energy, softening tight areas and removing blocks for greater freedom, expanding awareness, increasing clarity, and enhancing your abilities. It ends with a technique for better communication and avoiding misunderstandings.

Transform Negativity and Intuition 4.3.12 Conference Call
This 34-minute audio includes tips for transforming negativity and understanding the different languages of intuition. It includes powerful clearings and activations for grounding, expansion of awareness and clairvoyance.

Develop Inner Wisdom Conference 3.27.12 Conference Call
This 25-minute talk includes tips and activations for developing inner wisdom. Please ignore the references to an old email address and signing up online as this is outdated information. In this talk, when Suzanne says "yagya" she means a "sacred ceremony for evolution." Also, when she says "Veda,"* she means "pure knowledge." 


Below are links to short audios Suzanne made for the Inner Circle. 

Ancestral Karma.
Includes scriptural quotes and a few tips on how to make our lives easier.

Family Karma.
Enjoy the invocation of the much-needed healing power of Divine Mother and a sacred ceremony to remove obstacles for complete fulfillment. This recording also includes activations for:

  • Removing your tensions and worries.
  • Enlivening greater happiness and health
  • Resting safely in the lap of Mother and enjoying her divine protection.
  • Attuning your being to its original blueprint so your gifts are accessible and unfold.
  • Filling up with divine love and overflowing as a conduit to help others

Cosmic Power Tools, Gems of Consciousness 
Helps enliven refined perception and abilities. It includes Suzanne's experiences of awareness so subtle and pure it sparkles like radiant jewels of light that are like cosmic power tools, as well as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's comments on her experiences. Also included are discussions of Wish-fulfilling gems, philosopher's stone, ratna, cintāmaṇi, sacred ceremony in the Self, Mother Divine's abode, sarvaloka, Shambhala and related references in various scriptures.

Topics in this 23-minute recording include: karma weeder, raw versus cooked foods, supplements, B12, a personal tingling story, folate, and conscious eating as a sacred ceremony. Suzanne mentions a way to improve your gut biome by and books about histamine intolerance by Dr. Janice Joneja. These things may not be perfect and aren't for everyone, but may help a few of you.

Mantra for the Moment
In this 15-minute talk, Suzanne shares a recent experience to help you attune to nature and enliven its calming, unifying and healing powers in you. She relates a listening technique the famous poet, Allen Ginsberg, taught her in 1971.

Relaxing Breathing Exercise
In this 17-minute talk, Suzanne explains how to do Ujjayi Pranayama, a breathing exercise to help quiet your mind and your emotions and reduce stress. Indeed, research shows it balances the autonomic nervous system through an enhanced activation of the parasympathetic system. The Zen Buddhist monk, Thích Nhất Hạnh, said, "Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor."

Benefits of a Crisis
Topics in this 7-minute talk include: the world as one body, fear and love, negative and positive forces at a heightened state, great transition, tremendous time for spiritual advancement, global purification, the bigger picture, poison in/poison out, and five positive effects of the pandemic. She asks you to ponder how your personal challenges have made you live your life differently and list eight good things you might find yourself doing. Suzanne ends with a beautiful poem by Father Richard Hendrix.

Guided Healing for Inner Circle Members
This 16-minute talk covers specific healings for Inner Circle members.

This 13-minute talk includes common kundalini experiences and misconceptions, information about kundalini that you may not be able to find in books, and stories of Suzanne’s personal kundalini experiences entitled "Introducing my Cosmic Chiropractor, Dr. Kundalini" and "Holding Hands with God."

Healings to Give You Additional Support 
Healings for various areas of life with enlivenments for support of God, truth, all teachers and ancestors.

Enlivenments are activations to help us become more powerful and effective in various ways. The following three enlivenments are elaborated in this recording:
    1. Mother nature/universal intelligence/God and all God's helpers
    2. Pure Knowledge and exponents/teachers
    3. Good aspects of our DNA/ancestors

Aerodynamic Living, Don’t Resist, Find Bliss
Topics include: rack up good karma points with love, find bliss in every moment and resistance takes energy. Underlying the spoken words are deep transmissions of healing work and enlivenments for greater love and bliss in your life.

Be Aware
In this recording Suzanne tells a story about how her car accident turned out to be a good thing. It contains transformations of negative karma to good karma.

Healing Others
This audio is more than words, it contains healing energy for you to enjoy whenever you want. It includes a healing with a focus on what Inner Circle members need. If you have problems falling asleep, you might find it helps you relax.

A Healing from Suzanne
Enjoy Suzanne guiding you through a special healing. 

Topics include dharma, courage, using the natural human tendency to want more to your advantage, connecting with others and taking action now on important matters. Suzanne shares a personal experience called, “I Wake up Happy, I Go to Sleep Happy, and I Giggle Throughout the Day.” 

Benefits from Challenges
Suzanne discusses: karmic cycles come and go, pleasing others and oversensitivity. 


These short YouTube videos, made specifically for the Inner Circle, are unlisted so they cannot be found or accessed by others:  

Laughing Dog and More
Suzanne reveals a personal experience she has never shared before. Also, she discusses how to transform negative situations and their effects on you, not feel other people’s pain and not take anything personally.  

Distance Healing Re-aligning with Love: Transform Toxic Thoughts and Feelings About Yourself for Inner/Outer Love and Harmony
Even the Mayo Clinic says, “Negative thoughts manifest into chemical reactions that can affect your body by bringing more stress into your system and decreasing your immunity. In contrast, positive thoughts can actually release neuropeptides that help fight stress and illness.” The video also shows two of Suzanne's paintings which enliven expansion of awareness and tranquility.

Fatigue Spoils Everything. Distance Healing Results Vary. Tips to Help Karma Dissolve
This video has helped many night owls go to bed earlier. They are reporting greater happiness, success and improved relationships.  

These videos are the only recordings you can share with others

In this 2-minute video, Suzanne responds to an audience question about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's proclamation that she would cognize the missing roots of the Age of Enlightenment and her progress in that regard.

How Maharishi Guided Suzanne's Cognitions of Pure Knowledge, Veda
In this video you will hear Suzanne's personal stories never released before about how Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation movement and guru to many celebrities, guided her cognitions of pure knowledge, Veda. Even though she tried to be anonymous, he kept putting her in the spotlight. Although she has many other types of experiences, this talk focuses on Veda because that was the conference topic. Note that you can share this video with others as it is available to the public on YouTube.

*This video is advanced to the section where Suzanne defines and discusses Veda and having her awareness stationed at the central switchboard of creation.

Suzanne B. Stryker does not endorse any products, books or procedures referenced herein. This information is provided as an educational service and is not intended to serve as medical or any other type of advice. Please consult the appropriate professional as needed.